The notorious greenhouse gases are one of the hot topics when we talk about global warming. What is the working of these gases on the surface of Earth? As these greenhouse gases absorb heat energy emitted from the surface of the earth and re-radiate it back to the ground. Therefore, with this method, they take part in the greenhouse effect, which keeps the surface of the Earth from losing all of its energy from the planet at night.

List of Notorious Greenhouse Gases and Their Sources

How to measure the concentration of these gases on the surface of the earth? The attention of various notorious greenhouse gases in the atmosphere control how much heat is fascinated by the atmosphere and re-radiated back to the ground. Human activities like using the combustion engine and fossil fuel increase the concentration of these at an alarming point. So here we have a list of notorious greenhouse gases in the surface of the earth.

1. Nitrous Oxides

Nitrous Oxides - Top 5 Notorious Greenhouse Gases

If you know well about greenhouse gases, then you must be conscious of the most damaging gases of the lot, mainly Nitrous Oxides and Halocarbons. These gases formed commonly from the industrial areas and usages. You can find Nitrous Oxide in smidgeons in water, soil, and atmosphere while on the other hand, Halocarbons are a consequence of industrial affairs. These two notorious greenhouse gases are possibly the most poisonous ones and have the ability to ruin the whole ecological balance of the society in no time. These Fluorinated gases are also produced from ACs and our very own refrigerators as well.

2. Surface Level Ozone

Ozone - Top 5 Notorious Greenhouse Gases

Now, at this point, we have got a gas that is a straight result of air pollution of the surface. Though, while commerce with ozone, do not mistake it with the ozone present in the stratosphere for it has different importance and usage. As the principal source of this gas is the photochemical reactions with or involving, dangerous Carbon Monoxide. But, unlike the above notorious greenhouse gases, this gas doesn’t have any ordinary plummeting option, making it one of the most malicious gases around the surface of the earth. Ozone is also the most significant greenhouse gas is surface, or low-level, ozone.

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3. Methane

Methane - Top 5 Notorious Greenhouse Gases

Now, another one of the very dangerous and notorious greenhouse gases is Methane. It also sometimes demonstrates to be more hazardous than carbon dioxide. But, found in much slighter concentration as compared to carbon dioxide. It is also blowouts around the surface for a far lesser ratio than Carbon dioxide. What are the sources of this gas in the atmosphere? As on the surface of the earth, you can get methane from plenty of sources, including wetlands, volcanic eruptions, and the methane-oxidizing bacteria. These bacteria consume on the dead bodies awful by termites. Absolute, there are ordinary descends present for absorbing methane to0 in the atmosphere of earth and soil. But the keen production of this gas is due to burning and globalization. This proves a bit too much for the natural sinks to work on!

4. Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide - Top 5 Notorious Greenhouse Gases

The most intense and important notorious greenhouse gases are none other than carbon dioxide. As all of us know that carbon dioxide is one of the most originate gases on the surface of the earth. The gas is present around 0.03% of the earth atmosphere. Conversely, due to the abundant emitting of this gas from the vehicles, burning of fuels and trees, breathing and other issues, the ordinary ways of “dipping” or absorbing the superfluous gas aren’t proving to be much worthy sufficient. So generally, the excess gas sinks in by the plant during the process of photosynthesis or by the marine life. But on the other hand, globalization on a gigantic scale is primary to a disruption in this important natural spectacle.

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5. Water Vapors

Water Vapors - Top 5 Notorious Greenhouse Gases

Last but not least, water vapor is the most powerful of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the Earth. It is sort of an exclusive player among the greenhouse gases. As the quantity of water vapor in the atmosphere cannot, in universal, be directly altered by human behavior. But it is properly set by air temperatures. In the summer season, the warmer the surface of Earth, the greater ration of the evaporation rate of water from the surface. Therefore, as a result, enlarged evaporation pointers to a greater concentration of water vapor in the lower atmosphere. Which is also capable of absorbing infrared radiation and emitting it downward to the surface.

Final Thoughts

Although, we have presented you with a list of top 5 notorious greenhouse gases. There is a new damaging and dangerous greenhouse gas that has been discovered called Sulfuryl Fluoride. As it was first used as a fumigant to kill termites. The new chemical can last for up to 40 years and tricks healthy amounts more heat as compared to CO2. We hope that this article will help you in the best way to increase your knowledge.