Without stumbling too far from your own doorstep you’ll be presented with the numerous Top Secret adventures possibilities. You must be willing to explore all these options one after one. Actually, an adventure is an exciting and unusual experience of your whole life packed with many usual routines. Usually, it proves risky and bold as it has an uncertain outcome. In fact, Adventures is something or activity which ignite your potential for physical danger such as exploring the world, skydiving, traveling, mountain climbing and much more.

Top Secret Adventures

Those who love to have new adventures are always ready for something new and even more risky than the last one. However, most of the people have only the craze to explore the world which tends them to do all these skydiving, traveling and mountain climbing tasks. Preferably, an adventure not a lot of folks already know about but if you’re going to do something surprising, then your Top Secret adventures will grab many eyeballs.

We offered a list of adventures in most beautiful places. Let’s check out the list of Top Secret Adventures all over the world.

7 Wintergreen Resort

top secret adventures 6 - Top Secret AdventuresIn our list of Top Secret Adventures, Wintergreen Resort that is located in the Nelson County, Virginia has appeared. Undoubtedly, Wintergreen Resort is the most beautiful and the best place for four-season adventures. If you have a wish to live in the mountains with luxury, Wintergreen is the perfect place for those ambitious people. It’s the four-season mountain resort situated on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s been serving since 1975 and currently under the possession of EPR Group, but management has given to Pacific Group Resorts. However. Unlike other Ski-Resorts, Wintergreen is on the top of mountains with all amenities.

6 The Deserted Beaches – Koh Samui

top secret adventures 1 - Top Secret AdventuresWhen it comes to exploring adventures, it’s the toughest task to ignore Thailand. Yes, if you have a crush on someone and wish to purpose your love on a beach, the Deserted Beaches in Thailand will be your right place. Koh Samui is widely known for gorgeous beaches and pristine waters. Thailand is the place of tourists and number of tourist love to visit the beautiful beach that developed with the delightful resorts, Koh Samui is becoming popular for being the beautifully developed beach. Personally, it’s one of the Top Secret Adventures to explore the fantastic beaches.

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5 Sydney Harbour

top secret adventures 5 - Top Secret AdventuresIt’s the unforgettable adventures to ride your own motorboat under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Port Jackson is consisting of the waters of Sydney Harbour, North Harbour, Parramatta Rivers, and Lane Cove. In our list of Top Secret Adventures, it’s the most amusing adventure as you’d assume that you are driving a motorboat and collecting the most beautiful moments of your life. However, Sydney Harbour Escapes are also as your fun facilitators. They can travel no faster than 10 knots and need to bring along with your mates. This the truly a unique adventure to experience the nooks and crannies of the harbor.

4 Resolute Beach

top secret adventures 4 - Top Secret AdventuresNext up in our list of Top Secret Adventures is Resolute Beach. It’s the beach in Australia located in the state of New South Wales in the Southeastern part of the country. With the hundreds of beaches of Sydney, Resolute Beach gain prominence for its ancient caves, landscapes, and rainbows. There have been long treks in Resolute Beach. If you plan to enjoy the picnic, you have to drive to West Head Road and to follow the walking trail through ancient caves, lush green grounds, and memorable landscapes. Then you get the final glimpse of Rainbow. If you need a suggestion, it’s wild and the beautiful Paradise on earth.

3 New River Trail State Park

top secret adventures 2 - Top Secret AdventuresNew River Trail State Park is another place of Virginia for Top Secret Adventures. If you’re a biker and love to ride on challenging downhills, New River Trail State Park will give the long-off pavement bike rides because this is nearly all downhills. 98 percent of folks visit the New River Trail State Park for only their biking craze. It has a total of 57.7 miles (92.9 km) rail trail which is especially for bikers. In the rail trail of New River Trail State Park, it covers a total of five oldest rivers in the world. Additionally, you’ll see a nice mix of science and be cycling with brushes and rural living.

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2 Devil’s Marbleyard

top secret adventures 7 - Top Secret AdventuresHiking trend is going viral around the globe and a large territory of young blood love to hike mountains and patchy surfaces. Devil’s Marbleyard is just the weirdest place for hiking. Although, this is the challenging adventure the view turned beautiful when a hiker gets the view of beautiful lush Blue Ridge Mountains. Devil’s Marbleyard is the greatest place for hiking as a hiker can do all technical climbing as he can. There are everywhere boulders galore. You can hike for a mile then scrambled up to the mountain.

1 Prasat Hin Phimai Khmer Shrine

top secret adventures 3 - Top Secret AdventuresPrasat Hin Phimai Khmer Shrine is the place for Top Secret Adventures. Yes, but in a sense of history and culture. The Prasat Hin Phimai Khmer Shrine located in Thailand. There are a lot of Khmer Temples in Thailand and most of them located in the town of Phimai. Most of the Buildings or temples are there dates back to the 11th or 12th century that was built in the Bayon and Angkor Wat style. If we look back at the history of Khmer, they were Hindus at that time but the temples were built as the Buddhist temple. If you’re a curious history explorer or an architecture buff, you must hire a bike and deeply observe all the temples and their regions.