Are you a speed lover? If yes, you must be familiar with Supra. Probably, many of you are exploring the Top Secret supra for months and anticipated to get the glimpse of newly modified fastest sports cars. Although there are thousands of searches of Toyota Supra it’s the toughest task to explore the Toyota Supra in mint condition. Therefore, if you’re expecting the exact copy of original, we hate to reveal that it’s probably not happening.

Top Secret Toyota Supra in the World

No doubt, we are the part of this planet but when it comes to Supra you have to consider that we are living in a completely different world that has no strict laws and regulations for car modifications. Only a handful of carmakers can refurbish the cars to even faster athletic cars. Luckily, the Toyota Supra is one of the Top Secret supra of this era. A car marker can add the countless amazing features to cross the marks with extraordinary speed.

We have listed down some of the Top Secret supra that are most popular for their performance.

1. Danny Aguirre’s Toyota Supra

top secret supra 2 - Top Secret Supra in the WorldLet me start the list of Top Secret supra with Danny Aguirre’s Toyota Supra. Originally, it is a Toyota Supra that is a grand tourer sports car and built with the dawn of the ’20s. However, every Toyota Supra is an enough wider and longer as it designed to provide the speed with comfort. A handful of car makers impressed the racer with enhanced 850 horsepower engine. It assembled with Bullseye Power S347R turbo, ProEFI’s standalone computer and forged internals. However, the replacement of ‘97’-‘98’ highlights makes it the Top Secret supra.

2. Hide-Ki Nagahama’s Toyota Supra

top secret supra 4 - Top Secret Supra in the WorldHide-Ki Nagahama’s Toyota Supra looks like the ordinary street driving car, but wait a minute.  This classical looking street driving car modified to be one of the Top Secret supra. The car modifiers tuned it to serve the dual purpose whether it has to go on street nicely or to set fire the roads with drifts. It has the custom design front lip, widened front fenders and side skirts.

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3. Tom Nguyen’s Toyota Supra

top secret supra 5 - Top Secret Supra in the WorldNext up in our list of Top Secret Supra is Tom Nguyen’s Toyota Supra. This is another insanely awesome Ridox-Kitted Supra. This awesomely modified monster car has the big power number that can go to as high as possible speed to a far long boundary. The owner of this Toyota Supra asked to fit the AirRex air shocks to speed-up the car but the drive of this Top Secret supra is a dangerous test too.

4. Brendan Taft’s Toyota Supra

top secret supra 1 - Top Secret Supra in the WorldSupra although has its roots back to the Toyota 2000G engine but it’s quite insufficient for the modern world. Brendan Taft’s Toyota Supra is Supercharged Twin Turbo that can leave a hundred miles in few minutes. Actually, the owner of Brendan Taft’s Toyota Supra is not a racer and not desired to have the monster engine with bigger power. He only modified his Top Secret supra by FSR who worked on 2JZ-GE’s head and set to tune on 260rwhp.

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5. Enrique Munoz’s 740hp Toyota Supra

top secret supra 3 - Top Secret Supra in the WorldNow we’re going to explore the Supra masterpieces in our list of Top Secret Supra. Enrique Munoz’s Toyota Supra has added the bigger twin turbo engine that makes it a masterpiece. Enrique has modified the whole body of his Toyota Supra with Ridox body kit from Max Orido. When there add some features, it becomes the challenging wheel. You might never ever see the full breakdown car as well as the undercarriage car. Even the arms are fully hand-furnished. Additionally, this Toyota supra fitted with new bearings and also painted to give it the charming look. However, each and every nut and bolt is cleaned before applying cadmium plating.

6. Top Secret’s Twin Turbo V12 Toyota Supra

top secret supra 6 - Top Secret Supra in the WorldTop Secret’s Twin Turbo V12 Toyota Supra has the owner to become the Top Secret supra because of its powerful modification. If we look back ten years, Kazuhiko Nagata who known as Smokey Nagata modified his baby without waiting for next Supra. This Top Secret supra is featuring one of the most polarized parts such as the Super G-Force Wangan kit. It modified with the GTR headlights so most of the newcomer imagined it the original GTR. It’s equipped with the V12 motor engine that can be produced as possible as 1,000hp. When it goes to ride, viewer stunned with its unique look and fastest speed.

Final Thoughts

For those who are exploring the World’s Top Secret supra, we gathered a list of it for you. It’s all according to peoples and you may surprise to get them. Follow our list of Top Secret Supra for more updates.