Either it’s about Ronaldo Golden Boots, or the magical sandal of Cinderella, the most expensive shoes are always a matter of attraction among the world audience. Fashion trend is revolutionizing the world, transforming the sense of style and allowing individuals to build an inspiring personality. No one can style up with a perfect pair of shoes. The styles of shoes are ever-changing and every newly launched model is hitting the high fashion standards too, adding a positive number to the dazzling in-line pairs.

Five Reasons to Buy the most expensive shoes

  • The Reason to Fame
  • Style and elegance
  • Comfort and Luxury
  • Durable
  • A large variety

1. Stuart Weitzman Shoes $1 Million

Most Expensive Stuart Weitzman Shoes - A comprehensive list of most expensive shoes

These shoes cost a million dollars, but obviously, the price is due to its value and not the actual production. A reliable resource claimed that Regina King wore these shoes to the 2005 Oscars. Stuart Weitzman, the designer of this shoe has crafted it at an excellent level, fabricated these elegant nude shoes that are stuffed with shimmering crystals sit atop a satin rose. You can imagine its glory, beauty and shine in lifestyle.

2. Air Jordan Silver Shoes $60,000

Most expensive Air Jordan Silver Shoes 300x150 - A comprehensive list of most expensive shoes

The rare Air Jordan shoes are always on the list of most expensive shoes. These are like vintage collection and the value-added product includes the signature of Michael Jordan himself. As the name suggests, these are silver made shoes that are triggering the fond level of shoe lovers and they can’t refuse to buy these super-stylish shoes. Apart from the silver fabrication, you find them highly comfortable and excellent to wear.

3. Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes $30,000

Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes 300x150 - A comprehensive list of most expensive shoes

When it comes to real style and class, Testoni Men’s Dress Shoes are the most appropriate choice among every footwear. You find the quality at a holistic level, along with excellent manufacturing and a perfect finish. The company holds pride to fabricate long life shoes, highly durable, competitive and compact in structure – be the matter of attraction. These boots are internationally recognized as the epitome of modern Italian style. Their class, unbeatable design and ultimate comfort collectively make it a perfect product to buy. The prices are comparatively higher just because these are made by goatskin, stuffed with diamond and gold buckle. You can’t resist its priceless properties and value-added features.

4. Aubercy Diamond shoes $4,510

Aubercy Diamond shoes 300x218 - A comprehensive list of most expensive shoes

Everyone loves a bit of luxury in their lives. The Aubercy Diamond shoes are an icon of class, meeting a certain level of leisure, deluxe, comfort and luxurious. The Aubercy is well-famed and reputed in the shoe industry for producing top-notch and prime quality luxurious shoes. Well, you just find the shoes perfect value against money and their footwear is so luxurious, you going to enjoy every step. Why these shoes are expensive? Well, the added diamonds to products will connect it to a dazzling luxury and ultimate you owe a magnificent and inspiring product – impeccable and matchless!

5. Gucci Fur Slippers Approximately $2,250

most expensive Gucci Fur Slippers 300x170 - A comprehensive list of most expensive shoes

When it comes to the most expensive shoes in the world, you can’t miss Gucci Fur Slippers. The super luxury style and comfort to wear attitude of this expensive slipper is a prominent feature of this luxury shoe! Obviously, Gucci itself marks excellence in the fashion industry and when it comes to footwear, this customer-oriented shoe brand will surprise the audience through the most stylish shoes ever created on the planet.

Don’t Hurt Your feet — Wear Something luxury!

You have to walk and run during daily routine works. If the footwear is not compatible, it will hurt your feet and it’s really a height of discomfort – Why you suffer from all these troubles when the most luxury shoes are available on the floor? Rush towards your nearest shoe store and get the perfectly matching pair of shoes to enjoy every foot walk!

Variety of Shoes for every season

Either its winter and time to Hibernate or its springs and time to blossom, a large variety of luxury shoes are available in the market, you guys to trade-off between low quality and discounted shoes with the high-quality shoes available at comparatively much higher prices.

  1. The sports shoes are the love for hikers, adventurers, tourists and especially sports lovers! Their comfort and durability are at the maximum level, assuring a sense of comfort, a compact feel, and reliability. These shoes are quite expensive too, but you find your walk goes more comfortable and easier.
  2. Sneakers are the top priority shoes for every individual either male or female! The sneaker shoes are routine life wearing an accessory and that’s why they must meet the highest level of the comfort zone. You may have tried out basketball shoes too! Never buy these sneakers as low standards, go for expensive shoes so it will ease your daily life, foot walks and never hurt the feet.
  3. When it comes to summer, sandals always win the heart of buyers. Fabricated with prime quality leather and other stuff, these open wearing styles will math every informal dressing and you walk up to leisure. Made with genuine leather and cork, they will take you anywhere. Step-up towards any destination with style and convenience.


So this is it, we have few of the world’s most expensive shoes. Mainly these shoes are for showcasing but if you want to use it casually you must have a gigantic wealth. Choose any pair of shoes and find the perfect classy, competitive footwear for every occasion and enjoy your every walking step.



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