If you ever mess with laws, you very well know the importance of a stamp. For legal purposes, some top security department uses top secret stamps. Some information is too important that it can’t be sent without the security classification. Usually, a stamp containing the official rank details about the stamp holder. With just the stamp on any document, your document will go smoothly from table to table. Although, the stamps are for state security individuals some of the private firms uses the stamps for clarification for a specific department.

List of Top Secret Stamps in the World

Probably, the stamps were first used as postage stamps that are made of a small piece of paper but with the advancements, stamps are available in different materials and many varieties such as rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, vinyl stamps are much more. In early times, one should have to dip the stamp in ink but with the breaking of new technologies, stamps came in different shapes with self-inking properties.

However, if the quality is the focus point we gathered a list of top secret stamps.

6. TOP SECRET Self Inking Rubber Stamp

Price: $7.99

top secret stamps 5 - Top Secret Stamps in the WorldWe are starting off our list of Top Secret stamps, Top Secret Self Ranking Rubber Stamp has gained the last rank. When you have to get rid of the classical wax and ink stamps, Top Secret Self Inking Rubber Stamp is the great option that will provide you ease. It comes with the self-inking features. This stamp features a two-sided ink pad that will double the number of impression in less time. However, the Top Secret Self Inking Rubber Stamp is attractive, Re-inkable and make its impression in red color. While its impression area is exactly 9/16” x 1-1/2”.

5. Vintage wooden Stamp

Price: $17.00

top secret stamps 6 - Top Secret Stamps in the WorldHave you ever visited the old branch of any administration department? You may know the stamp which is made of wood. Vintage Wooden Stamp is most commonly known as Bookkeepers stamp as well. Soviet Latvia Marine Company is still the proud user of Vintage Wooden Stamp. It is becoming the collector’s items because these are too rare to find in this century. However, it occupies 3″ x 2 1/2″ area.

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4. Top Secret Self Inking Rubber Stamp- StampMojo

Price: $12.99

top secret stamps 3 - Top Secret Stamps in the WorldNext up in our list of Top Secret Stamps is StampMojo. It’s the fully handmade item in the list and has a number of good reviews. This Top Secret Self Inking Rubber Stamp will perfect for very confidential documents. If you’re working in CIA and FBI, StampMojo is the perfect one for making your nerdy and geeky style documents in desirable style. As its name mentioned, it has the self-inking feature which means you don’t need to carry the stamp pad separately. It is professionally manufactured for business firms as it guarantees it will not leak ink. Although, it can also be applied on the skin for getting the best results, use it on paper.

3. Custom Word Stamp

Price: $20.99+

top secret stamps 2 - Top Secret Stamps in the WorldIf the price is not the issue so far, Custom Word Stamp is an important accessory of your well-settled business. If you have to deal with the number of customers, it’s an exhausting process to stamp on chunks of documents with the stamp that has no self-inking feature. Therefore, Custom Word Stamp comes in rubber material and self-inking feature. This is available in different round shapes, styles and ink range. It occupies the approximate impression area of 30 mm OR 40 mm. An extra feature in this one of the top secret stamps is, it carries rubber which can usefully absorb ink and provide the good result with leaking. Although it comes with the built-in self-inking feature in a typical situation you can fill it by yourself.

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2. Top Secret Rubber Stamp – packaging stamp

Price: $10.29

top secret stamps 4 - Top Secret Stamps in the WorldIn our list of Top Secret stamps, packaging stamp has won the second rank. It’s not only for his design but for extraordinary materials as well. Yes, Top Secret Rubber Stamp – Packaging Stamp contains a variety of material like image light and gel. Actually, this is not for either government department or private firms, but for parcels. The Packaging stamp specialized to make your ongoing parcels jazzed up. It also makes sure the sender that nobody will open it, who shouldn’t.

1. Custom Portrait Rubber Stamp

Price: $26.46

top secret stamps 1 - Top Secret Stamps in the WorldHave you ever gifted your bestie or your family individual that contain your face on it? It becomes a reality through Custom Portrait Rubber Stamp. It’s the widely famous stamp with names like Stamplifier Personalized gift, face stamps, and Secret Santa Present. In our list of Top Secret stamps, this is an incredible Custom Portrait Rubber Stamp. Once you grab it for yourself, it will go viral in your friend’s territory. Wood, Rubber, and Laser combined to create the favorite stamp. You can get it online from your Down Town store in $26.46.

Final Thoughts

What comes to your mind when you listen to the word Stamp! Surely, the official docs. But this is the world of twisty trends. Nowadays, stamps are also used for different purposes that I’ve already mentioned in details in our list of Top Secret stamps. It’s upon you, whether you need a stamp for your business or to impress your friends. Stay tuned with us for more updates.