Pollution is increasing in the world every day. The world is increasing in technology with rapid speed. It has made our lives very comfortable but on the other hand, they are also damaging the environment. Humans have made quite mess on the planet Earth. We are able to overcome these problems and the solution is only the best green technologies. These technologies are able to benefit the environment and all human.

List of best green technologies in the World

So here we have a list of best green technologies that can save our Earth planet.

1. Composting Toilets

Composting Toilets 300x200 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

As it is an alternative type of toilet that is able to compost human waste similar to food. Composting is technically a dry-toilet. These toilets have reduced the amount of water used by the household and are a viable option to bring efficient and clean toilets. As the compost is also used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for crops and trees.

2. Solar Towers

Solar Towers 300x169 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

Solar towers are another emerging technology; as they reflect the high beams of sunlight at the top of the receiver tower. The resultant light can be used to heat the fluid and other things like molten salt. Also, use to boil water to turn a steam turbine. It is also able to generate electricity long after the light of the sun has gone down. But it can threat wildlife such as bats and birds.

3. Wave Energy

Wave Energy 300x169 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

Wave Energy is another one of the best green technologies that can save our planet. It is one of a different kind of energy than that of tidal waves. It is a form of electrical energy generated from the rise and fall of ocean swells. There is extensive usage of this energy so far in the world. But according to the EPRI has estimated the recoverable wave energy resources around the US that is equal to the third of the annual energy use in the country.

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4. Clean Concrete

Clean Concrete 300x208 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

It is an eco-friendly concrete that contains titanium dioxide. It is a substance that is able to destroy and absorb pollution, smog and other kinds of air impurities. Mostly used in Holland. You can use this technology in building, roads and other kinds of construction. Moreover, it is also self-cleaning as well.

5. Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium ion Batteries 300x224 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

Lithium-ion is the successor of nickel-metal and nickel cadmium hybrid batteries. These are rechargeable batteries, therefore, mostly used in electronics and mobile devices. So far considered as a game changer in the manufacturing of new and best technology. Moreover, these are also lighter, smaller and also safer.

6. WTE Plants

WTE Plants 300x150 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

As the constant release of methane gas contributes very high to the accumulation of greenhouse gases. So in this context, many Northern European countries have found a very different destination for their trash in Waster-to-Energy plants. So by burning of garbage instead of fossil fuels, these plants can clean cities on the trash. Therefore considered as one of the best green technologies.

7. Desalination

Desalination 300x200 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

Do you know the process of Desalination? As it is the process of removing salt and other materials from water to make it safer for humans. The process is used in place such as the Middle East. So it can convert ocean water into suitable for drinking. The United States is providing this water to more than 300,000 houses.

8. Electric Cars

Electric Cars 300x150 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

Vehicles are highly contributing to global warming because they are making one-fifth of the greenhouse gases. How to overcome this problem? Use of electric cars is one of the best solutions to this problem. These cars are also becoming less and less expensive. We hope that slowly but they can cover the global market.

9. Green Burial

Green Burial 300x200 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

As human burial practices can have a very bad effect on the ecosystem of the Earth. As they release harmful chemicals which can contaminate the air, water, and earth. So in this context, new technology has given many funeral and cemeteries to meet this problem.

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10. Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion 300x169 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

It is totally a nuclear reaction that occurs near or at the room temperature. It is interesting to know that cold fusion is not producing any harmful or toxic waste. They are able to produce electricity using hydrogen. Still, it is far away from the human attainability as it will revolutionize the world of energy generation.

11. Mycelium

Mycelium 300x225 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

The mycelium is a root-like fungus that grows in decomposing plant matter of in moist soil. Interesting to know that it is a source of one of the most surprising construction material. So far able to grow effectively complete green building material which will be used in furniture and even houses. Therefore, it is one of the best green technologies.

12. Artificial Photosynthesis

Artificial Photosynthesis 300x200 - Best Green Technologies that Can Save Our Earth

Last but not least, the artificial photosynthesis has caught the attention of scientist around the world due to its wide range of technological and scientific capabilities. As the current goal of this technology is to create a system that converts sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into chemical fuel. Then, the fuel is could create power the aforementioned hydrogen fuel cells.

Final Thoughts

Here we have all from the list of best green technologies that can save our little planet. Our earth is facing a huge problem of pollution. They pollution has a very bad effect on the health of humanity. So, we can overcome this by using our technology. We hope that you will like this article. If you like this, then, share with your friends and comment below in the comment section.

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