Most Strongest Acids in the World

Which one is the strongest acid in the world? It is interesting that the only word acid enough for a person to know that it is dangerous for people. We will tell you about the strongest acids because they can harm a person in some way. These chemicals have very strong properties they can turn litmus papers read and are able to dissolve many metals in them.

Most Powerful and Strongest Acids

They are also able to neutralize any alkalis or chemicals that have a sour taste. But how to determine the strength of an acid? No. of ions released for every molecule can tell you about the strength of acids. We are surrounded by acid because even our stomach has hydrochloric acid while vinegar and milk are also acids.

Here we will tell you about the strongest acids.

1. Chloric Acid

Chloric Acid - Most Strongest Acids in the World

Chloric Acid is an oxidizing agent as well as one of the strongest acids. This acid has Hclo3 as its chemical composition. Chloric Acid is just stable in chilled aqueous solution up to 3- percent of concentration. While you can get 40% concentrated solution under reduced pressure with careful evaporation. The acid is also most flammable and strong when in contact with deflagrate. How to form this acid? You can produce this acid by reacting sulphuric acid with barium chlorate or by heating hypochlorous acid.

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2. Perchloric Acid

Perchloric Acid - Most Strongest Acids in the World

Perchloric Acid is also one of the strongest acids even than that sulphuric and nitric acid. Colorless mineral acid has a chemical formula of HClO4. It is the most powerful oxidizer when it is hot while safe at 70% of an aqueous solution at room temperature. It is interesting to know that perchloric acid has no properties of oxidizer at room temperature but is a strong acid. You can produce this acid by two industrial methods, one is exploiting the solubility of sodium perchlorate and then treating it with strong hydrochloric acid. Millions of kilograms of Perchloric acid are produced yearly because mainly used in rocket fuels.

3. Hydroiodic Acid

Hydroiodic Acid - Most Strongest Acids in the World

Hydroiodic Acid is also called as hydriodic acid, as it is an aqueous solution of Hydrogen Iodide in a highly acidic form. It is the most powerful acid among all hydrohalic acids. Hydroiodic acid ionizes completely in the aqueous form, as the pH of this acid in pure form is always less than 0. Despite this, the acids also react with oxygen and form deep colors. Also used as a reducing agent. Hydroiodic acid is very rare because it is restricted in many areas. Therefore, produced by using red phosphorus and iodine.

4. Hydrobromic Acid

Hydrobromic Acid - Most Strongest Acids in the World

How to get hydrobromic acid? When you dissolve hydrogen bromide in water then this acid is formed. Therefore, it is a natural aqueous solution when you boil it constantly and distill it at 124.3C temperature with 47.6% of hydrogen bromide. As it is less strong than hydroiodic acid and stronger as compared to hydrochloric acid. Majorly used to form inorganic bromides such as zinc, sodium, and calcium bromide. Despite this, it is also used as a catalyst in the alkaline reaction because many ores are also extracted using this. Therefore, considered one of the strongest acids.

5. Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid - Most Strongest Acids in the World

Nitric Acid is also called the Aqua Fortis and spirit of niter, the chemical formula of this acid is HNO3. So far called a mineral acid and therefore highly corrosive. Nitric acid is colorless in pure form while the old chemical is just yellowish. This yellowish color is due to the decaying of water and nitrogen oxides. Common nitric acid is available at 68% concentration while this concentration goes up to 86%. As we know that it is prone to decomposition by light, therefore, it is normally stored in brown bottles. Used in fertilizer production and produces ammonium nitrate when neutralized. Despite this, also used in the production of nylon precursors, organic compound as well as explosives.

6. Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid 1 - Most Strongest Acids in the World

The most common but strongest acid in the world. Hydrochloric acid is just a hydrogen chloride solution in the water, therefore, it is highly pungent. HCL is its chemical formula. HCL is commonly used in the industrial sector, naturally found in gastric acid. Called the spirit of salt in older times because of its production using rock salt as well as green vitriol. You can also produce this by using common salt and sulphuric acid. The major usage of this acid is the refining of steel and the removal of rust before its further processing. Despite this, also used as a cleaning agent in the household, food additives, gelatin production, descaling, and leather processing. That’s it is one of the strongest acids in the world.

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7. Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric Acid - Most Strongest Acids in the World

Sulphuric Acid or the king of acids is a highly corrosive and strongest mineral acid. The chemical formula of this acid is H2SO4. Sulphuric acid is a pungent-ethereal liquid that is able to dissolve into water and is transparent to yellowish color. You can Produce this acid by using a conventional method using water, oxygen, and sulfur. It is the most important acid because the production of sulphuric acid indicates the strength of the industry in any country. As 60% of its production is used in the manufacture of fertilizers while 20% is in the production of dyestuff, detergents, petroleum catalysts, and synthetic resins. Also used in printing inks, paints, and enamels. Therefore, it has made its place in the strongest acids.

Final Thoughts

It is true that all these chemicals can be hazardous under some right conditions. Most of the chemicals suffer from a bad reputation. But we cannot forget the wide benefits of acids in the lives of people. Therefore, we have made a list of the strongest acids. We also hope that this article will help you in the best way of your knowledge about acids. If you like this then share it with your friends and comment below.

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