Do you love to see magic tricks? It is true that magic tricks have been a strong tool of entertainment for centuries as well. These are able to awe the adults as well as children with complete excitement and showmanship. So, the joy will be doubled when we talk about the unexplained magic tricks. It is an amazing experience to sit in the crowd and watching one of these magical tricks. As regular folks have no idea behind the illusion of these tricks. We know that these things are not real, do you?

Top Unexplained Magic Tricks Ever Performed in the World

There are plenty of magic experts who are familiar with these tricks. They are most familiar with the simple ones and famous tricks. But here, we are going to explain you about those tricks which are still unexplained by the famous magicians as well. The secrets of these tricks are still hidden.

Here, we have a list of 10 unexplained magic tricks in the world.

1. David Copperfield – Portal

As teleporting is one of the impossible things in the world. Scientists have given a lot of theories on how it could be done but still, it is a pure feat of magic. But in this magic trick, David Copperfield seeks to demonstrate the latter of two as the man goes onstage. The magician prepared to awe the audience by pulling up a live video from Hawaii and asked that he will attempt to teleport himself there. Do you believe that the magician appears on a beautiful beach in Hawaii and also showed signed arm as well as a picture of the audience? Do you want to this one of the unexplained magic tricks?

2. The Indian Rope Tricks

Indian is much famous in this field as well. In this famous rope trick, the magician commands the rope to do his bidding. The man showed the rope to every person which is gathered there. After that, the man proceeds to place the rope in the basket as well. He commands it to come alive. It is interesting to know that the rope rises from the basket just like a snake. Do you want to watch this whole tricks? Don’t worry, the video is also here.

3. Penn & Teller – Shadows

This is one of the most entertaining pairs in the field of magic tricks. They are constantly amazing the audience with their new tricks. At this time, they have shown us the trick of shadows. In this trick, the man attempts to cut the flower off the shadow and these flowers were actually beginning to fall in real as well. After this magic, blood also begins to drip from the hand of the teller. It was first only visible on the shadow but when he moved his hand closer to the canvas, it appears to be real blood. This was one of the most memorable and unexplained magic tricks.

4. Berglas Effect

The magic was originally created by David Berglas. The trick looks very simple on the paper. As it is the trick of the cards. All the cards were still visible before the beginning of the trick. After that, any person from the spectators named one of these 52 cards. Another person from the audience also picked up a number between these cards. We are just unable to explain the whole trick here but we can provide you with the video of this trick below.

5. Richard Osterlind – Penny Bender

This is one of the simplest and most interesting tricks in our list. In the trick, the performer asks for a regular penny which was also confirmed by the audience as well. He then places the penny in the palm of his hand and then pressed it with one finger. After some time, you can see the penny magically bends. The man released the bent coin and showed to the audience. After he repeated the magic to back the penny to its normal state.

6. Reza – Switchblade

It is another wonderful card’s trick from the young man named as Reza. The man asked a girl to pick any card and then signed it with a marker. The magician placed his hand on the hand of the girl and now they are holding the card together. When they let go, the card was not there at all. This was the funny trick. After that, he took a switchblade and proceeds to stick it into the nearby door. Do you think that the knife hits the door and card appears? So, you can say that it is one of the unexplained magic tricks.

7. Cyril Takayama – Lacoste

The man is commonly known in his country, Japan, from his excellent showmanship. His tricks are so much complicated that there is no person who can judge these. Once, he enters the clothes shop and picks up a plain orange shirt from there. He then placed it on a glass counter. The man puts his hand on the shirt, what happened when he lifts his hand? When he lifts his hand, a small alligator appears on the shirt. If you want to see this magic, then, follow our guide.

8. David Blaine – Teeth

There is no doubt this is one of the most unexplained magic tricks I have ever seen in my life. As the man approaches a random girl from the audience and asked her to pull out her two teeth. After sometime, the girl feels that two of her front teeth are missing. The man takes the teeth of that girl and placed them in his own mouth. After that, he spits the teeth back in the mouth of the girl with the same perfection. So, what you can say about this trick?

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9. Liu Qian – Coins

This is the second trick of coins in our list. The man is one of the famous Taiwanese magicians. As the man sits near the plexiglass table and also placed a black mat on the top of it. He, then, dropped some ordinary coins on the mat. He was looking for an opportunity to show his trick to the audience. The magician did the trick again. What happened next, you can see in the video with much ease.

10. Penn & Teller – Magic Trick

As we have described that Penn & Teller are the best in this field. This time, they have shown the audience one of the most unexplained magic tricks. They called two men from the audience and asked them to sign bullets. After that, they fired each other and we can see their protective helmets fall off and they are absolutely fine. And most interesting, the bullets were in their mouth as well. So, this was also one of the most dangerous tricks as well.

Final Thoughts

It is still unclear how these magicians are able to make these amazing tricks. From where they have got such training? But it is also recommended you guys, not to try all of these tricks, especially, the last one in your house. The reason is that you can easily make your life in great danger. They are experts in their field.

Here we have all from the list of unexplained magic tricks in the world. We hope that you will really enjoy this. If you have any query regarding this topic, then, you can put on us in the comments below.

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