Kesha, formerly stylized as Kesha, is a versatile American singer, songwriter, rapper and actress. She is one of the self-made Women Singer who established herself in the music industry. She is also among the widely-talked about entertainers of the music industry. The American singer gains worldwide recognition after featuring in the Flo Rida’s hit number one single “Right Round”. These all combine to drives up Kesha net worth to $5 Million.

Kesha Net Worth

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Kesha Net Worth – $5 Million
Full nameKesha
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1987
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Work AsSinger, Songwriter, Rapper, and Actress

Income Sources

Kesha net worth should be on the staggering sum of $185 million, it dropped to around Kesha net worth last year. The lawsuit battle between the pop star Kesha and her producer Dr. Luke’s is ongoing and consuming millions from both sides. However, if we go into details about how Kesha collects her million dollars fortune? It can easily be cleared just by declaring albums and concert as key sources of incomes.kesha net worth 4 - Kesha Net Worth - How much Wealthy She is in 2020?
Kesha Sold out 152,000 copies of her first album Animal in a week. Her single Boots and Boys peaked at Billboard 200 list. The gorgeous singer’s second album “Cannibal” sold out a total of 150,000 copies in the first week.

Kesha has slowly grown her figure since 2009. However, Kesha’s net worth experienced a sharp decrease after filing a lawsuit against Dr. Luke. It might be the reason too that she has not released any newer album.

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Kesha Rose Sebert, professionally known as Kesha, was born in Los Angeles. Kasha’s mother is a singer and songwriter who is popular for being the country music artist. Kasha and her older brother relied on welfare payments. She has the craze from childhood to perform on stage. Kasha stated that she has no knowledge of her father and jokingly she used to say Mick Jagger is her father.kesha net worth 5 - Kesha Net Worth - How much Wealthy She is in 2020?

When her family moved to Tennessee, she secured a publishing deal for her songwriting. Often, Pebe took Kesha and her older brother to recording studios to encourage Kesha to pursue the singing career.

Career & History

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At the age of 16, Kasha tracked down a producer David Gamson. She was dropped out from college at the age of 17 then Dr. Luke and Max Martin convinced her to gear up the singing career. In 2005, Kasha signed Dr. Luke’s label Kemosabe Entertainment and start publishing the prescription songs. Later, Kesha begins singing background vocals for “Paris Hilton” single. She stylized her name as Kasha, the dollar sign to show the ironic gesture.

The 30-years old American singer shared her first glimpse by appearing it the music video of her friend “Katy Perry”. In 2009, Kasha realized to gear up her own music career. Soon, she comes with the “Animal” that has grossed huge attention.kesha net worth 6 - Kesha Net Worth - How much Wealthy She is in 2020?

She has released a total of three hit albums. The first one is “Animal”, the second one is “Warrior” and the last one is “Rainbow”. She recently released “Rainbow” after a long-term break of five years.

Awards and Nominations

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The most beautiful music diva has received as much as 56 nominations from which she successfully bagged 16 Awards. The award list is featuring five MTV Music Awards, MTV Music Award for Best New Act and three American Music Awards.

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