Immediately after the launch of MTV Music Videos, the music videos took the music industry by storm and instantly integrated as the vital part of the industry. From a huge list of hundreds, rarely a song grabs eyeballs by accompanying with the visual representation. Now the music videos are more conscious about the effective visual music stimulations that relate the song with the video effects. The value of the music video can be highlighted with the awards that were given to honor for the various video aspects.

Top Most Expensive Music Videos in the World 

It’s more common these days that the music videos are the effective platform for promoting the singer and the song. Most of the artist usually sought the best outfits to grabs the millions of viewers. From the Popstar Madonna to legendary star Michael Jackson, many stars landed in the ground to compete. We are going to list down some of the expensive music videos that may have million-dollar blockbuster movies.

Top 10 Most Expensive Music Videos
#Video TitlePrice
1“Scream” Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson$7 million
2“Die Another Day” by Madonna$6.1 million
3“Express Yourself” by Madonna$5 Million
4“Bedtime Story” by Madonna$5 million
5“Black or White” by Michael Jackson$4 million
6“Estranged” by Guns N’ Roses$4 million
7“Victory” by Puff Daddy$2.7 million

1.  “Victory” by Puff Daddy

Experienced director Marcus Nispel directed the almost eight-minute long-running video. The most expensive music videos list is featuring the “Victory” by Puff Daddy on the 7th rank. This music video features the cameo appearance of Dennis Hopper as New World Order Dictator – President Victor Castiglione. The music video also features Danny DeVito as Tamara Beckwith as a live-action reporter in the eight minutes long video. The Puff Daddy reconciled with the Notorious B.I.G and Rhymes to through the massive sum of $2.7 million. Most of the music video cost is for the construction and the destruction of helicopter, fireworks and stuntmen fees.

2. “Estranged” by Guns N’ Roses

Next up in our list of most expensive music videos is Estranged. “Estranged” is manufactured by the American Hard rock band Guns N’ Roses that is the second entry on their two-part albums. Guns N’ Roses released the official video in 1993 that was directed by Andy Morahan. The song is about separation which becomes the focal point of the music video. The total cost of this music video is $4 million. The expensive scenes are leaping off the deck, slash emerging from the sea and an oil tanker scene.

3. “Black or White” by Michael Jackson

When it comes to most expensive videos, “Black or White” is one of the most famous songs of Michael Jackson’s collection. It’s the masterpiece video directed by straight at modern racism while surrounding the sensitive subject. It’s the outcome when Michael Jackson and his team vows to do great stuff. The video is among the most expensive videos in the world of all time. The Computer-generated appearances of equally popular people, transformation and turning Michael Jackson into a Black Panther uplifts the production cost to $4 million. This music video was released in 1991.

4. “Bedtime Story” by Madonna

Ever applauded “Bedtime Story” is the first one of three Madonna music videos. However, Madonna and her team have not any issue to spend $5 million on even a music video as Madonna has made it to promote the singer’s greatest successes. Mark Romanek preserved the direction seat that’s one of the biggest reason behind the success of this one of the most expensive music videos. At the reputed cost of $5 million, “Bedtime Story” has popped up the eyeballs with music video effects.

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5. “Express Yourself” by Madonna

There is none other than Madonna and Michael Jackson who earned the two-time appearance in the list of most expensive music videos on different ranks. Madonna’s another track “Express Yourself” released in 1989 at Culver Studios in California. This music video was directed by David Fincher who has taken inspiration from the 1927 classic film “Metropolis”. At the end of the video, it shows an epigraph that expresses that there is no understanding between the mind and the hand without the power of the heart.

6. “Die Another Day” by Madonna

Surely, you’ll be shocked to get one more hit music video by “Madonna”. “Die Another Day” is holding the 2nd rank in our list of most expensive music videos. Actually, this song was the theme song of one of the James Bond hit movies with the same name. Although, the song has received mixed reviews from critics the song also elected for the best-selling dance song in 2002. The music video of $6.1 million features the legendary pop star fighting in the mixture of a green screen and expensive special effects. She gets the honor back when Billboard ranked this song at 6th place.

7. “Scream” Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

The “Scream” is topping the list of most expensive music videos that cost around $7 million. It based on space-theme Scream featuring the legendary pop icon Michael Jackson and sister Janet Jackson. At the total cost of $7 million, the black and white themed music video is to dominate on Madonna’s music videos. The collaborative single with the sister become the most expensive music video of all time as it features the insanely expensive effects.