Kirk Acevedo Net Worth

Net Worth – $4 Million
Fullname Kirk M. Acevedo
Date of Birth November 27, 1971
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York, U.S
Nationality American
Work As Actor

Starting his career in 1996, Kirk is a leading American actor, famous for his performances in "Band of Brothers", as Miguel Alvarez in the HBO series Oz, as an FBI agent in the science fiction movie "Fringe", and in 12 Monkeys as " Jose Rames".

You must know him.

His best-known movies are "Down of the planets of the Apes" and "The Thin Red Line", He appeared in "Arrow" as Richard Dragon in 2017. Kirk Acevedo’s Net Worth has been estimated to be $6 Million.

Television Shows, Awards, and, Nominations

Life History

50 years old Kirk was born on 27 November 1971 in New York City. Looking towards his family, Kirk’s parents were Puerto Rican in origin, and both of them were born in New York.

Yeah, his family was settled very well. His parents later moved to Brooklyn, where Kirk and his brother Richard Aevecedo were born.

However, both kids were raised in the Bronx. Kirk has shown interest in acting since his childhood.

Yes, it’s amazing.

He often performed impromptu shows in front of his family. In high school, he was a Drama major because of his interest.

In addition, he graduated from LaGuardia High School of Music and Art & Performing Arts. Later on, Kirk enrolled in SUNY Purchase School of Acting.

In the 1990’s he got his degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts and landed the audition of Oz with some of his classmates.

At the very start of his career, Kirk does not get any role.

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Of course,

The initial days of his career were not easy. Subsequently, he was selected for the role of half-crazed gang leader prisoner Miguel Alvarez. As a new actor, he received a minor role. Yet, Kirk Acevedo boosted his talent and continued hard work.

Clap for his struggle. At last, he started to recover major roles.

Apart from it,

A lot of television shows made him a guest including; NYPD Blue and 24. Plus, his role in The Black Donnellys show is also very good.

His presence in other shows is also unforgettable. Some of these shows include New York Undercover, The New York Undercover, Sunshine Boys, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

You can say, his progress and performance in successive movies took a key part to increase his net worth.

Career Background

In 1994, Kirk Acevedo took the very first step toward his career. New York Undercover was his first television show in which he portrayed Joey Claudio.

After landing in the Oz, Kirk also appeared in some series of season 2.

His other notable credits include "Law and Order". Apart from it, his role in HBO’s "Band of Brothers" as Miguel Alvarez gave a sharp curve to his success and fame.

We must accept,

That time was of fame and appreciation from the public. Other than these, he has guest-starred roles in television shows including NYPD Blue and 24.

His recurring role in the Television Shows in The Black Donnellys is also noteworthy.

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He is also famous for miniseries and other movies including "The Thin Red Line", "Invincible", "Boiler Room" and "Dinner Rush".

In 2008, he got a chance to perform in a horror movie. Yeah, at the beginning of the Fox Science fiction series "Fringe", he landed in the role of Charlie Francis; he carried on for three seasons of the same show afterward.

O great!

He performed in "The Walking Dead" in November 2014. In 2015, he appeared in "12 Monkeys"', and in 2017 he performed in the sixth CW television series “Arrow” as Richard Dragon.

Neglecting his age, his career still continues in 2022. You can say, he is getting a future more bright day by day.

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14 movies are enlisted with the name of Kirk Acevedo, appearing most frequently in 2000. However, there is a gap of four years from 2001 to 2004. Although Kirk continued his television career without any break.

His films include "Kirk and Kerry" in 1997, "Arresting Gena" in 1998, "The Thin Red Line" in 1998, "Boiler Room", "In the Weeds", "The Visit", "Bait", "Dinner Rush" in 2000, "The New World" in 2005, "5up 2down", "Invincible" in 2006, "Collision Earth" in 2011, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" in 2014.

Apart from it,

In 2018, he appeared in another horror movie; Insidious: The Last Key under the direction of Adam Robitel. His movies of 2020 include;

"Exit Package Nick Bell", and "Stumptown Volkers". Currently, he appeared in a mini-series; "The Offer" which is going to make him more famous.

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Television Shows

His television series has a long time span till now. He is working in television series from 1994 till the present year.

Do you know?

His famous television series include; The Black Donnellys, Fringe, Prime Suspect, Law & Order, Oz, Third Watch, Band of Brothers, NYPD Blue,

Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Cold Case, The Walking Dead, Legends, Blue Bloods, 12 Monkeys, and Arrow: Hitting the Bullseye.

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Kirk has been nominated for ALMA Awards in 1999, for his performance in "The Thin Red Line", and for his role in Oz, four four-time in 1997, 1998, 2000, and 2001.

He has also participated with Shea Whigham, in the co-foundation of The Rorschach Group, the theater company.1434092369 KirkAcevedo71412 1 1 - Kirk Acevedo Net Worth

Frequently asked questions

1- What is the age of Kirk Acevedo in 2022?

In 2022, Kirk Acevedo is 50 years old.

2- Who is the wife of Kirk Acevedo?

His wife is Kiersten Warren.

3- When did Kirk Acevedo got married?

Kirk Acevedo got married in 2005.

4- What is the date of birth of Kirk Acevedo?

Kirk Acevedo was born on 27 November 1971.

5- What is the nationality of Kirk Acevedo?

Kirk Acevedo has American nationality.

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