It’s the time of the year to select the top fantasy football players because it’s the beginning of the new NFL season. Yes, the NFL season 2019 is right around the corner. Maybe it’s going to be another football fantasy year. Fantasy drafts venture has triggered and managers have started exploring the top fantasy football players. Probably, most of the NFL franchise owners trying their best to pick the top football players.

List of Top Fantasy Football Players in the World 

Surely, every fan has an opinion about the world’s best fantasy football players and it varies. However, fan’s opinion is nearly same about some of the top fantasy players. Many of these players are Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, and Antonio Brown. Real Madrid, Manchester and Barcelona players are prominent in the draft. Just like past years, top football players ranking has been issued by official ESPN.

Here is a list of world’s top 10 fantasy football players of 2017.

1. A.J. Green, Cin WR

top fantasy football players 10 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021We are starting down our list of top fantasy football players with A.J. Green. He is an American Football wide receiver for Cincinnati Bengals. He drafted by Bengals in 2011 NFL draft after his amazing performance at the University of Georgia. During his first six seasons, he was posted at 1,000 yards. However, his fame drives up when Green caught 66 passes for 964 yards in ten games in 2016. He successfully finished top-nine at the position in PPR during three of five seasons, but unfortunately, he just missed the total of nine games because of a serious injury.

2. Mike Evans, TB WR

top fantasy football players 8 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021Mike Evans is an American football wide receiver who played for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in National Football League. His name made its way to drafts as he scored a record of 1,394 receiving yards on 69 receptions. He was proved terrific during his first two years in NFL but suddenly in 2016, he takes his game to a new level. Mike Evans has ranked in top fantasy football players at the position in average depth of the target. The 6-foot-5 downfield weapon, Evans has 260 points in 2017 projections.

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3. LeSean McCoy, Buf RB

top fantasy football players 6 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021After introducing two American football wide receivers, a football running back player LeSean McCoy has won the 8th rank in the list of top fantasy football players. He first played for Buffalo Bills in National Football League. He turned 30 this summer, but his entire age carrying a hefty career. McCoy posted a top fantasy week with 53 percent which makes his sixth best player. He has also caught 50 to 55 targets which are quite incredible. He’s selected as an RB1 quality option. He has scored the maximum of 265 points in this NFL draft.

4. Jordy Nelson, GB WR

top fantasy football players 4 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021Jordy Nelson is also a Wide receiver who was first selected in 2008 National Football League Draft. He is the hero of Green Bay Packers as he grabbed All-America honor. He regarded as one of the few elite wide receivers in the NFL by sports analysts. Jordy Nelson has caught 1,257 yards and 14 touchdowns in fantasy points. He appeared in all his 16 games but he still considered a quality target at the age of 32.

5. Julio Jones, Atl WR

top fantasy football players 5 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021Next American Wide Receiver is from Atlanta Falcons. He was the sixth pick in 2011 National Football League draft. He has been at 6th position in NFL draft of this year. All thanks to his total of 283.8 points. He has not been on the ground for the last two games due to his toe injury, but the addiction insists him this year to ablaze the screens. Surely, the Atlanta offense made a comeback to earth this season.

6. Odell Beckham Jr.*, NYG WR

top fantasy football players 9 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021New York Giants offensive wide receiver has snatched the 5th position in the top fantasy football players. He was drafted in the Giants first time in the first round of 2014 National Football League draft. Odell Beckham Jr. has made many media headlines for his on and off playing fields. He is managing at least 91 receptions, 10 touchdown and 1,305 yards in each of his three pro seasons.

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7. Ezekiel Elliott, Dal RB

top fantasy football players 3 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021Ezekiel Elliott has engrossed many attentions for his unbelievable performance. From Ohio State, he selected for Dallas Cowboys in 2016 NFL Draft. In Ohio State, he also earned the All-American honor in 2015. He placed at 4th rank in top fantasy football players list because he paced the NFL with 322 carries. He also carried 1,631 cruising yards meanwhile finding the end zone. When his performance has taken under concern, Running back fantasy football player Elliot has faced an average of 8 in-box defenders.

8. Antonio Brown, Pit WR

top fantasy football players 1 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021Next up in our list of top fantasy football players is Antonio Brown. How much high expectations for Antonio Brown? He’s the player one can never ignore. He has been playing in the NFL for about six years. He is grabbing the record for 106 catches, 12 touchdown and 1,284 yards which are widely regarded. Brown turned 29 this year but he still has few years to make his record even better.

9. Le’Veon Bell, Pit RB

top fantasy football players 7 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021When it comes to fans opinion, Le’Veon Bell is the favorite player of everyone. Le’Veon has an interesting football career. He was first selected as running back player in 2013 NFL drafts. He served Pittsburgh Steelers for 3 years. You’ll be shocked to get it that Le’Veon Bell was suspended for four games in 2016. Yes, it’s true but doesn’t worry he still managed to finish fifth at the position in running yard. No doubt Le’Veon Bell is too good to pass the first round of the draft and if not, he is holding the 368.6 points.

10. David Johnson*, Ari RB

top fantasy football players 2 - Top Fantasy Football Players 2021What if you have David Johnson in your team? In top fantasy football players list, he’s on the top. A 6-foot-1 Arizona Cardinals offense, David Johnson has made enough highlights in a campaign. David Johnson is top scoring running back who secured the 2,118 yards, 373 touches, and 20 touchdown record.