Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Most Expensive Pokemon Card — Make your Tournament More Interesting

Are you illogically fond of the Pokemon Trading Card Game? If so, then you will be finding the most expensive Pokemon card like a crazy dog.

That’s a great hobby to spend your leisure time. Pokemon Cards have become very popular since 1999.

In the beginning, nearly in 1996, about 11 years before, the Pokemon trading card game become famous among the people.

But still, it has many devoted players that pass their whole free time playing cards. The Pokemon cards are worth the game like oxygen for living things. So, go and grab the best and most expensive Pokemon card today.

Most Expensive Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards especially come with a wide range of edition which is specially designed for special events and tournaments.

This makes the Pokemon cards very expensive collector items to win the match. The players are trying to reach the best cards that make their game thrilling and fun to make.

Also, PTCD which is a Pokemon Trading Card Game without cards is like a car without fuel. Some of the best and tournament-winning cards are discussed below

1. Pokemon Snap Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 8 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Pokemon Snap Cards are featured with a unique origin. Because of their uniqueness, some of the cards came into existence. Originally, these cards came into origin along with the Pokemon Snap Nintendo 64 DD game.

The main aim of the game is to make snapshots of Pokemon. In the end, the judges select the best of the snapshots and ultimately the unbeatable snapshots were used for printing. Each of the cards is a tribute to the artist who took the snapshot.

2. Pokemon Gold Star Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 7 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Gold Star cards are the most expensive Pokemon card, as these cards feature the artwork of the famous Masakazu Fukuda.

The giant mortal limbs that are bulging out of the character window, make it look like it is bouncing into action which is the feature of Fukuda’s illustrations.

These are the very first shining Pokemon cards that are worth $30 to $80. In the days of high demand, these are also sold for $150. Due to their limited existence, these are the most expensive Pokemon card.

3. Pokemon Full Art EX Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 6 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Pokemon Full Art EX cards are hard to find and also these cards are a bit more worthy than the other ones.

Due to the vibrant artwork of the traditional Pokemon trading cards, these cards are sold like hotcakes.

Initially, these cards came in black and white versions but now, the colors of the cards make them more attractive and also expensive Pokemon cards.

The set of Mew EX and Lugia EX are more affluent than others that are worth for $26. Even the cards Diox EX has sold for $37.

4. Pokemon Shining Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 1 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

These are the most expensive Pokemon cards indeed, as they were worth for $300 in the beginning when these were rarely available in the United States. After the Gold and Silver cards, these cards were released with Gen 2.

As these cards introduced the Neo Revelation Series for the first time, thus these are worth a gem for the players.

The multiple energy type attacks make these cards more powerful but you can use these cards once in a deck. The cards are difficult to find and purchase because of their scarcity.

5. Southern Islands Card Set

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 9 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Southern Islands Card Set is very valuable for the crazy player of Pokemon cards game. But, before collecting your card set make sure that they are the original ones. The promo cards are not as worthy as the original.

In a pack of this set, there are two subsets having 9 cards in each and consequently having 18 cards in the set overall.

The two subsets are divided into Rainbow and Tropical Islands sets. The sets must overcome their collectible folder.

The price for these cards ranges from $150 to $300 per card making these the most expensive Pokemon cards.

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6. Charizard First Edition Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 3 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

It is the most demanded and first edition of Pokemon cards. These cards are famous due to the Charizard character which is the most famous one in Pokemon.

The cards are quite valuable as these are the old ones released in 1998. The cards may be worth as high as $800. Also, these cards can be the reason for you to win a tournament.

7. Tropical Mega Battle Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 10 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Tropical Mega Battle cards are the most expensive Pokemon card on my list. These cards were introduced in Hawaii at the special tournament “Tropical Mega Battle”.

These cards are found very few in number and few of the lucky winners got these as the price of the tournament.

The cards are sold for $10,000 for the maximum and $5,000 for the minimum. The event continued for 2 years, making the Pokemon card game more worthy.

8. Pre-Release Raichu Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 2 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Pre-Release Raichu Cards are only a few in circulation. The cards are extremely rare. A single card worth $10,000 is due to the lack of cards.

The Pikachu character is the favorite one of Pokemon lovers so everyone tries to catch the golden chance to get the card.

If you find any chance don’t miss to grab the Pre-Release Raichu card.

9. Number Trainer Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 4 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Trainer cards can help you to become a participant in the yearly World Championship. The card was released during the World’s Championship of Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Every year, a new card is released thus the cards are available in little amounts. So if you find this card anywhere try to make a hefty purchase to become a finalist or at least a member of the World’s Championship.

10. Pikachu Illustrators Cards

Most Expensive Pokemon Card 5 - Most Expensive Pokemon Card

The card is actually the winning price of the Pokemon Card Game Illustration Contest thus only five are now in circulation.

The card was made by Japan in 1998 with none of the English counterparts, that worth $100,00 making it the most expensive Pokemon card.

The set of cards is known as the “Holy Grail of Pokemon”. Having this card is really an honor for the owner.

It is the only card on which “illustrator” is printed instead of a trainer which makes the card well-intentioned.


The Pokemon cards are worth great in the Card Game without the cards the game is useless.

Even having the above cards are like the icing on the cake. So you must try to get the most expensive Pokemon cards to make your game more thrilling, exciting, and interesting! Share your favorite set of Pokemon cards with us, to make it a more popular one.


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