Enrique Iglesias Net Worth

Net Worth – $100 Million
Full name Enrique Iglesias
Date of Birth 8 May 1975
Birth Place Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Work As Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actor

Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor.

When it comes to Enrique Iglesias’s net worth, he is running a successful career since 1990 and earn $100 Million.

Enrique has been hugely popular in both the English and Latin language music industry as he has sold over 159 million records worldwide. This led Iglesias to the top rank and turned him into the best-selling Spanish Artist ever.

Enrique Iglesias’s Income Sources, Salary, Music Career, Biography, and Filmography

Income Sources and Salary

It’s not surprising that Enrique Iglesias’s net worth reaches to the massive sum of $100 million. It is because Enrique comes from a sound Spanish family as well as his father Julio Iglesias is a prominent Spanish singer. But it’s not enough to push the net worth to such a sky-high sum.

Enrique successfully inherited his father’s singing skills and was interested to pursue a singing career, but with his own abilities.

He didn’t want his dad to know that he has geared up a recording career.

Enrique successfully has proven himself. Its reflection can be widely visible when you get a salary of Enrique which is around $5.3 million per annum.

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Enrique Iglesias, full name Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, was born in Madrid, Spain. He is the youngest of three, and grew up with two elder brothers Julio Jr. and Chabeli.

He inherited his singing abilities from his father Julio Iglesias and his acting jeans transferred from his mother’s side who was the first wife of Steve McQueen.

In 1979, Enrique’s parents divorced. At first two siblings stayed with their mother but after the kidnap of their grandfather, Enrique, and Julio stayed with their father.

Enrique attended the Gulliver Preparatory School and later got admission in the University of Miami for business studies.

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Musical Career

Aside from business studies, Enrique wants to pursue a musical career but with he didn’t want to become famous with his surname. He borrowed some money from his nanny and recorded a demo of one Spanish and two English songs.

Later, Enrique becomes an unknown singer as he released his stage name “Enrique Martínez”. He signed a contract with “Fonovisa Records” and traveled to Toronto for his first album, after dropping from college.

In 1995, Iglesias released a collection of light rock ballads which includes the hit singles such as “Experiencia Religiosa” and “Si Tú Te Vas”.

One of the albums got a record-breaking figure of half a million sales in its first week which guarantees Enrique’s successful career.

If we get a glimpse at the list of Enrique Iglesias studio albums, you’ll want every of one to listen. The list contains the hit studio albums such as “Vivir”, “Cosas del Amor”, “Enrique”, “Quizás”, “7”, “Insomniac”, “Euphoria” and “Sex and Love”.


The 42-years old handsome hunk not only proves lucky in their music career alone but in their acting career as well. He worked in more than 15 films including “Fools Rush In”, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, “The X Factor (U.S.)” and “So You Think You Can Dance (U.S.)”.

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Awards and Nominations

No doubt, Enrique Iglesias has enjoyed a successful career. It’s enough to explain the stardom that his name was nominated over 465 times for various awards.

However, the total number of awards that he won is 200 including 23 Billboard Music Awards, 36 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 5 Latin Grammy, 6 MTV Awards, and 8 American Music Awards.

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