Newborn or small babies need the “all-time attention” of their parents particularly the mother. But due to the daily routine work, a mom cannot keep his newborn in front of her eyes every time. So what is the solution to this problem? To solve this critical problem different brands have made a baby monitor cameras.

Baby Monitor Cameras Watch from Anywhere

These cameras enable you to keep your eyes on the child while you are working in another room. As baby monitor cameras allow the mother to hear or see sleeping baby from another place in the house. There is a variety of these cameras available in the market in which some have video as well as audio while others have only audio.

Just take a look at the list of best baby monitor cameras.

6 Withings Smart Baby Monitor ($225.79)

Withings Smart Baby Monitor - Best Baby Monitor Cameras

Withings Smart Baby Monitor more often sold in the Apple Store than that of Mothercare. The camera and monitor have been officially sanctioned by Apple. The company has released its luxurious monitor in 2009 and since its release, some parents have loved it much and others have entirely knocked out. Withing Smart Monitor Camera has the ability to connect directly to your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Features with LED night vision mode, crystal clear picture, 4x video zoom, customizable alerts, multicolored, remote nightlight, easy to use and remote talk-back. The only problem with this product is that it cannot move remotely.

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5 Angelcare AC1100 Video, Movement and Sound Monitor ($212.56)

Angelcare AC1100 Video Movement and Sound Monitor - Best Baby Monitor Cameras

The famous brand has one of the biggest names in baby monitor camera because they have award-winning Angel AC1100. The camera featured with a temperature monitor, rotate and zoom function, nightlight mode, and 2.4 GHz digital sound transmission microphone. It is interesting to know that the parent unit has a lot of similarities with the iPhone. It has a control center for all these actions as well as a neat color touchscreen. The camera is also featured with talk-back and zoom picture functions. It will also give an alert if there is no movement detected within the time of 20 seconds. That’s why Angelcare AC1100 is one of the best baby monitor cameras.

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4 BT Digital Baby Monitor 300 ($41)

BT Digital Baby Monitor 300 - Best Baby Monitor Cameras

BT Digital Baby Monitor 300 is one of the latest picks in the market. It was launched by the company in 2014 and also received a silver gong 2015 at the occasion of Prima Baby Awards. According to the reviews by the parents, the quality of sound in this monitor is just great. Despite, BT Digital has also impressed the people with its affordable price range. The Monitor is featured with 2-way talkback, an adjustable nightlight, HD Digital sound, and a built-in thermometer. The HD sound quality has made easy to listen to the sound of your baby. Despite, you can also mute the parent’s unit for your convenience, therefore, it has made its place in the best baby monitor cameras.

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3 Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitoring Camera Kit ($199.28)

Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitoring Camera Kit - Best Baby Monitor Cameras

The Panasonic has created this monitor and camera kit for smartphone technology. It is also the winner of the bronze award because it uses the power of the latest digital technology to connect your lovely angel with your handy devices like smartphone and tablets. The product includes a smart hub and indoor camera, it uses ultra-low energy wireless which will give more protection from hacking as compare to regular Wi-Fi devices. Feature with HD sound quality, motion, night vision mode, 2-way talk option, temperature detection as well as 5 lullabies. All these features are easily accessible on your phone or tablet with a free app. Despite, you can also add Smart Home Kits later, just like an outdoor camera for the garden.

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2 Angelcare AC1300 Video, Movement and Sound Monitor ($293.21)

Angelcare AC1300 Video Movement and Sound Monitor - Best Baby Monitor Cameras

Angelcare AC1300 Video, Movement, and Sound Monitor is a silver award-winning product. They came in the market because they have everything that gives parents a healthy piece of mind which their baby sleeps. The biggest LCD video screen of Angelcare also combined with the under-mattress sensor pad. The sensor pad alerts dad and mom if no movement detected after every 20 seconds. It is featured with high-quality sound and video transmission. The camera angle are also adjustable that can zoom and pan, therefore, you can see your child from far away and close up. Keep your worries off with one of the leading baby monitor cameras.

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1 Babble Band Audio Digital Monitor ($48.21)

Babble Band Audio Digital Monitor - Best Baby Monitor Cameras

Babble Band Audio Digital is the first and only wearable monitor from the baby summer brand. It has not only impressed the people with its modern styling and also judges to receive a gold award. One of the breathtaking features of this product is that it comes with a handy EU Travel Adaptor. The travel adaptor has made it easy to use this on holidays because it has a range of 240m. it also comes with three different monitoring option including audio mode, sound-activated LED lights and vibration with audio switched off mode. The leading of baby monitor cameras has an adjustable silicone strap which suitable for dads and mums and comes with healthy 8-hour continuous use rechargeable battery.

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Final Thoughts

That’s all here from our list of best baby monitor cameras. All these cameras also not as much expensive as other security cameras. On the other hand, these are easy to use as well as easy to handle because you easily connect these monitor cameras with smart devices like tablets and smartphones. So we hope that our list of best baby monitor cameras will help you to choose monitor cameras for your baby. If you like this, then share it with your friends and comment below in the comment box.