Have you ever wondered how intelligent your country is as compared to the rest of the world? There is a lot of searches acquiring the ranking of smartest countries. However, ranking the countries as smartest countries in the world by intelligence is quite a daunting process. It is just like comparing apples with oranges. Although, there are different types of scales defined by many organizations to measure the intelligence of a country, the most common methods either to get the IQ level of a country or to compare the math and science scores of school students.

Most Intelligent and Smartest Countries in the World

This article will follow the IQ level test. When it comes to IQ? It’s often asked what is the average IQ level is? IQ is for measuring the cognitive abilities of the people in relation to their age. An average person has an IQ of 90 to 110. If IQ over 120, is considered superior. Statistic Brain Research Institute did a survey last year and revealed the average IQ of more than 80 countries.

From the chunk of more than 80 countries, here we are going to list down the top 10 smartest countries in the world.

10. Sweden – Average IQ: 101

Sweden - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

No wonder Sweden rank at tenth in the list of smartest countries in the world. It’s because the Scandinavian nation is shining brightly in the socio-economic categories around the globe. There is a good education system in the country which is easily accessible to anyone with the mental aptitude. Sweden is also a 2nd country in the world in terms of usage of the computer because more than 75 of employees of the country use the computer during their job. With the IQ score of 101, Sweden is one of the smartest countries in the world.

9. Netherlands – Average IQ: 102

Netherlands - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

Netherland is just reflecting the prosperity and high quality of life. Therefore, it is also in the happiest countries of the world. The people of the country are not only wealthy and happy but also very smart and intelligent. Netherland has a very impressive education system even for the children. School going children are very sharp in mathematics and science. So the IQ is also all about quickness and problem-solving. No school in this taught these things. With the average IQ score of 102, Holland is placed in the smartest counties in the world.

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8. Italy – Average IQ: 102

Italy - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

Italy has many enormous contributions in different areas ranging from technology to arts and science. Therefore, there is no surprise that the country has made its place in the list of most intelligent and smartest countries of the world. As, when we think about Italy, then, we lead to the brilliant thoughts of the Italian Renaissance or the Roman Empire. The country has produced many greatest painters, poets, writers, and sculptors. But they are carrying high success in the fields of physics, math, science and many other fields. The average IQ level of Italians is 102.

7. Germany – Average IQ: 102

Germany - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

Germany is the home of more than 82 million people, this means that 82 million intelligent and smartest people. It is a highly developed country in the world with outstanding standards of living. They have a very strong history and the percentage of great thinkers. The Germans have very influential minds in the fields of science, philosophy, arts and many other fields. They also have the highest percentage of citizens with graduate degrees in math, technology, science, and engineering. Despite they have some most prestigious universities. They have made their place in the intelligent and smartest countries with an average IQ of 102.

6. Austria – Average IQ: 102

Austria - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

Austria is one of the smallest but happiest and prosperous countries of the world. The country is bordered by Italy and Germany. Therefore, they have similar cultural influences and this makes very similar IQ level too. Very strange but true, these countries have a very similar education system. So it is the country with a high standard of the education system, that’s why they have a 2nd highest number of PhDs. According to numbers, for every thousand people around nine males and seven females are Ph.D. So the average IQ of Austrians is 102, therefore, they have made their place in the smartest countries in the world.

5. Singapore – Average IQ: 103

Singapore - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

Beautiful Singapore is little city-state at the southern part of Malaysia. The country is an important hub business, technology, and finance. When it comes to the fields of science and math, their students are always at the top of the world. Student’s test score is now number one in the world. They have a high standard education system which is due to the high GDP and they also provide tons of money funds for education. One of the smartest countries in the world has an IQ score of 102.

4. Taiwan – Average IQ: 104

Taiwan - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

One of the most densely populated countries in the World, Taiwan, is also officially known as the Republic of China. The country has made its place in advanced technology because of its devotion to the public education system. So, many people in the country are bilingual. Due to their foremost relations with the United States, many young in Taiwan learn English to give themselves increased career prospect. They have high skills in education and learning that’s why it has made its place in the smartest countries and technological superpower in Asian countries. The average IQ of Taiwan is 104.

3. Japan – Average IQ: 105

Japan - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

Japan is one of the leading countries in the world in technologies and scientific research. The country is also boasting highest life expectancy in the world. They worked with difficult childhood education, therefore, students have to study long hours for preparation of difficult exams. The University of Tokyo is not only the best university in Asia but also comes in the list of best universities in the world. Interesting to know that the literacy rate in Japan is more than 99% percent which is also the highest in the world. One of the smartest countries in the world have average IQ is 105.

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2. South Korea – Average IQ: 106


South Korea - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

According to research, South Korea is one of the most innovative countries in the world. They have a very strong education system, therefore, they spent a lot of money on development and research projects. They also have the most reliable and fastest internet which helps them a lot in its commitment to research and science. Therefore, they are highly progressing in technology and scientific fields. Shocking to hear that South Korea has the highest suicide rate due to long school hours, difficult testing and competitive schools. Despite, the average IQ in the country is 106.

1. Hong Kong – Average IQ: 107

Hong Kong - Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

It is always in debate whether they have to include Hong Kong as a country in this list or not because it is a special administrative region of China. But ignoring this region means ignoring millions of people with the highest IQ. They have a second-best education system, just behind Finland, therefore, their students received second-best scores in science and math. Students of the country also enrolled in extra classes outside the regular school hours to improve their future prospects. Hong Kong is also considered as the hub for all the b business-minded people. One of the intelligent and smartest countries have an average IQ of 107.

Final Thoughts

So that’s our take on the most intelligent and smartest countries in the world. IQ is most dependent on the standard education system and more practical work during the early years of education. So do you agree with our list or not? If so, then, let us know in the comments section.