Other than gold, people are unaware of the most expensive metal present all around the world. Have you ever thought why people keep their gold ornaments in lockers? Or why keep the silver or brass utensils well preserved? The answer is exactly that, what is popping in your mind, these are expensive and rare too. These metals are very common, thus known to you, other than this there are metals that are the part of the human industry but mostly unknown to the people, these metals are discussed below

List of Most Expensive Metals

Where the Most Expensive Metals are found?
SNMetalsLargest Producers
10RhodiumRussia, South Africa, and other countries
09PlatinumCanada, Russia, South Africa
08GoldThe United States, China, Australia, South Africa
07RutheniumRussia, North and South America, Canada
06IridiumSouth Africa
05OsmiumNorth and South America, Some parts of Russia.
04PalladiumSouth Africa, Russia, the United States, and Canada
03RheniumKazakhstan, Chile, the United States
02IndiumJapan, South Korea, China

1. Rhodium

most expensive metal 9 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
Rhodium Ring

Rhodium is an expensive metal most commonly known for its reflecting properties. It has a high melting point and it can withstand with corrosion to a remarkable extent. The metal is really valuable due to its rarity and shiny silver color. The metal has vast usage in the automotive industry, finishing jewelry, mirror and in searchlights.

2. Platinum

most expensive metal 7 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
Jewelry made from Platinum

As Palladium, platinum can withstand a large amount of hydrogen. The most highlighters properties of metal that make it expensive are its density, malleability, and non-corrosiveness. The main fields that deal with this metal are aeronautics, dentistry, and weaponry. Jewelry is another products of this metal due to its lustrous look.

3. Gold

most expensive metal 2 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
Gold Bengals

Gold is not only the most expensive metal but also the most famous metal due to its durability, malleability, and desirability. To separate the other substance and metal from gold, gold mining techniques like panning are used. Gold has vast uses, that is dentistry, jewelry, electronic, office windows and so on.

4. Ruthenium

most expensive metal 11 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
Fidget Spinner made form Rhuteium

Ruthenium is a member of the family of platinum, the properties of both metals are quite similar. It can withstand with the other metals, as well as rare hard and durable. The metal is not used in a pure form, but rather as an alloy of platinum, and palladium to enhance the hardness and resistance of the metal. It is also used in electronic fields.

5. Iridium

most expensive metal 4 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
The electronic component of Iridium

Iridium is the metal with a high melting point, about 2,447 degrees Celsius. This indicates the strong chemical bonding in the iridium metal. The metal is whitish in its tint and the dense one. The metal is highly resistant to corrosion. We get iridium while processing the platinum ore and mining of nickel. Iridium is used in the advancement of medicine, automobiles, and electronics. Pen, watches, compasses, and products of this most expensive metal.

6. Osmium

most expensive metal 5 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
Osmium Balls

Like, iridium, osmium also has a super high melting point. That is 3,033 degree Celsius. The shade of the metal is bluish-silver, giving it an attracting texture. The metal is extremely hard and brittle solid. Osmium is mainly used to harden the platinum alloys for filaments and electric contacts.

7. Palladium

most expensive metal 6 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
Electrical Usage of Palladium

You often have heard about white gold, is it? What about white gold alloys? Yes, they are made from palladium. Not only this, it is mainly used by the automobile producers to make the catalytic conversions done. Palladium has vast usage due to its malleability, stability under high temperature, the capability to dissolve a large amount of hydrogen at room temperature and rarity. This is the best option for electronic manufacturers for platting.

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8. Rhenium

most expensive metal 8 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
Turbine made of Rhenium

Rhenium is rarely found in isolated form, mostly we get it from the mining process of molybdenum, which is a by-product of copper mining. This metal comes with the third-highest melting point, 3,182 degree Celsius. It is one of the most expensive metal due to its vast uses in thermocouples, turbines equines of high temperature and electrical contact material.

9. Indium

most expensive metal 3 - Most Expensive Metal in the World
Semi-Conductor made from Indium

The second most expensive metal in the list is indium. The metal is expensive due to its rarity and produced as a byproduct from the ore processing of zinc, lead, iron, and copper. Indium is extremely shiny and white in color when in pure form. The metal is used for making corrosive-resistant mirrors, semiconductors, electric conductivity and alloy.

10. Californium

most expensive metal 1 - Most Expensive Metal in the World

The man-made metal is the most expensive metal that cost for nearly $3million/gram. The metal is highly expensive due to its rarity and durability. The metal was discovered in 1950, in California. Californium is the rarest one, not found on the earth naturally. It is useful for the detection of platinum and gold.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the most expensive metal are the best as they are helpful for the betterment of mankind. We can not neglect the usage of metal in any field of science and technology. Merely, this fact makes the metals the price worthy products and making these expensive.