Nowadays the trend of the paid apps is coming to decline but some of the people are in search of qualitative apps. For the best features in an app, they are ready to pay through the nose for that. Not a big deal for those that are thirsty for excellence and distinct work. Mostly the most expensive app hit the iPhone play store and the iPhone users can get a huge advantage out of it. Contrary to it, the android users don’t get that much qualitative work, but still, some of the android apps hit the list of the most expensive app. Below list is neither inclined towards the android apps nor iPhone apps, however a blend of both of these. The list below summarizes the most expensive app for Android and iPhone as well.

List of Most Expensive App on the World

Most Expensive App in the World
1Abu Moo Collection$2,400
2MobiGage NDI$999.99
4Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery 11th Edition$147.99
55-Minute Sports Medicine$99.99

1. 5-Minute Sports Medicine

Most Expensive App 1 - Most Expensive App in the World -- Paid Apps

As the name suggests, the app directly relates to medical benefits. The app is informational as well as educational, the genuine doctors contributed to making this app making it the most expensive app. The app format is however out of date but the information is updated time to time. It was last updated in 2013 that supports the app for Nexus 7 now.

2. Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery 11th Edition

Most Expensive App 3 - Most Expensive App in the World -- Paid Apps

Like the 5-Minute Sports Medicine, it is an educational app. The app focuses the gynecology surgery methods, suggested by the authentic doctors. This makes the app worthy that it comes with the price tag of $147.49. The info is represented in the form of images, descriptions, and information about the craft. Victor Bonney mainly contributed to this app to make it useful for mankind.

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3. Argo

Most Expensive App 5 - Most Expensive App in the World -- Paid Apps

If you are an agronomist but don’t love to fill the paperwork, then, in my opinion, this app is really for you. This app lets you fill the paperwork and share it with the colleagues or shareholders. This app makes you work and life a little easier but to gain such ease you have to pay $300 so that you can get the app. With the help of the app, you can make a report of the crops and analyze it to work ahead. You can share it with the field workers to make them aware of what is going on with the crops.

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4. MobiGage NDI

Most Expensive App 4 - Most Expensive App in the World -- Paid Apps

The people that deal with manufacturing and assembling of the automobile spare parts, will defiantly love this app. The app is although the most expensive app for iPhone users but it comes with uncountable advantages. You don’t need to hire an inspection team for the creation, editing, or running of manufacturing plans of automobiles, all it is done by MobiGage.

5. Abu Moo Collection

Most Expensive App 2 - Most Expensive App in the World -- Paid Apps

The developer of six most expensive apps, Abu Moo has taken the word “expensive” to entirely a different level.  He has introduced six application for the worth of $2,400, each for $400 reaching the upper limit to the Google play’s price range. The app comes with the name of gemstones of any kind, each gemstone will be the part of your widget list with one by one size and displayed on your home screen. The app does not deserve to be the most expensive app in my opinion but unbelievingly many people are supporting this app.

Final Thoughts

iPhone apps are leading the list of the most expensive app, Abu Moo Collection is although as costly as $2,400 but the single app cost for $400. Therefore the award of the most expensive app goes to Mobigage NDI, which is an iPhone app. Anyhow, the price of the apps may fluctuate time to time according to the demand and modifications. But in my opinion, these apps will hit the list of the most expensive apps in all ages.