intro 8 300x184 - Markiplier Net WorthMarkiplier is an American YouTube personality who won the award for the top gaming influencer. He came to prominence with hundreds of silly and interesting videos on YouTube. Markiplier net worth is about $24 million. It looks very simple but very hard to accumulate over 17 million subscribers and more than 7 billion views. So, how much is the worth of YouTube legend?

Net Worth – $12.5 Million
FullnameMark Edward Fischbach
Date of Birth28th June 1989
Birth PlaceHonolulu, Hawaii, United States
Work AsYouTube, Video Game Commentator

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Markiplier Career, Biography, Awards and Nominations


Mark Edward Fischbach is also known as Markiplier, who is an American actor, comedian, voice actor and YouTube personality. He was born on 28th June 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii, the United States. His father is from American while the mother is from Korea. Markiplier initially went to the University of Cincinnati to study biomedical engineer. But the American YouTuber later dropped out of the engineering to pursue his YouTube career.

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At the same time, he has to face the backlash from his family as well as friends. To pursue his career, he has to break up with his girlfriend because of his soul-searching. Markiplier joined YouTube on 26th May 2012 and created his channel ‘Markiplier’. He was banned from the YouTube AdSense in 2012, then, he created another channel of the name Markiplier Game.

Then, he started his professional career on YouTube playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Later, he extended this to dead Space and Penumbra. After that his YouTube channel picked up the final gear and gained a lot of attention from the audience. He reached to 1.4 million subscribers in the platform in a very short span of time.

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Fischbach also collaborated with many other YouTube stars such as PewDiePie, Jack Black, Game Grumps, Jimmy Kimmel and much more. He has a very successful career so he joined Red Giant Entertainment in November 2014. He also made his appearance as an actor in two movies named ‘Changing the World’ and ‘Smosh: TheMovie’.

Despite, he was also the face of many TV shows and channels associated with YouTube. So the channel of Markiplier has more than 7 billion plus views with 18 million plus subscribers.

Income Sources

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Mark Edward is a famous actor, YouTube Personality, and comedian. Markiplier net worth is estimated $12.5 million. The YouTuber earned more than millions of dollars annually from YouTube. His income sources mostly depend upon his awesome work on YouTube while he also appeared in few movies and TV shows.

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With over 7 billion view and more than 18 million subscribers, he received a handsome amount of money from YouTube.

Awards & Nominations

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Markiplier is one of the famous YouTubers and video producer all over the world. The star has made millions of dollars and followers with his work. He succeeded to receive 4 nominations and won 2 of these. He won his first award in the category of the celebrity of the Year at Make-A-Wish Foundation Award Ceremony. After that succeeded to receive Best Streamers/Broadcaster at Golden Joystick Awards.

House & Car

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Markiplier has a large net worth as he owns a beautiful house of the worth $1 million. Now, he is residing in Los Angeles, California, the United States. The YouTuber has a small collection of luxury cars as well. He owns beautiful cars including Nissan and Audi.