Stock and shares are the most valuable and one of the most opted investment rather invest with cash. There are thousands of methods that allow you to earn money and double it. But the preferable way to is the investment. If investors interested to buy a share of a company by spending hundreds and thousands of money. This is the most recommended and useful way to increase one’s wealth. A single share’s price may be from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars but there are the company from all over the globe that wishes to but the most expensive stocks in the world.

most expensive stocks 10 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

List of Most Expensive Stock

With the passage of time, different Stats proves that investing in stocks is more suitable and profitable over a long time. Companies can win handsome profits by investing in stocks but there is also the warning board as well. This is not the pet rule, if you invest in the stock, you always get profit. There are also the highest risks to bear the loss. That’s why it is advised not to invest your full money in an order you’ll not have to borrow from others. Here is the Top List of 10 most expensive stocks in the world that summarized after the expertise evaluation.

Most Expensive Stock — Price List Based on the Worth
#Stock NamesPrice
1Berkshire Hathaway$247,160.00
5Markel Corporation$963.48
8White Mountains$865.00
9Intuitive Surgical$840.79

1. AutoZone

Most Expensive Stocks 3 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

AutoZone Inc. is one of the leading retailers that operates the chain of automotive parts and accessories. Although the company’s share down to 10 percent this year but still the top player in the field. The total of AutoZone Market cap is about $20.2 billion. The company was launched in 1979 and its head office located in Memphis. Currently, one of the most expensive stock’s company has 5,200 retailer shops. AutoZone was previously known as Auto Shack as it was the wholesale grocery dealers as well but the company divested the grocery business and put the entire focus on automotive parts and now proudly known as AutoZone.

2. Intuitive Surgical

Most Expensive Stocks 5 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

Intuitive Surgical Inc. trades on NASDAQ. Its shares price rise over 32 percent this year that has gained much investor’s investment. The founder of Intuitive Surgical Inc. was founded by Frederic Moll in 1995. This American Intuitive company is best known for designing, manufacturing and marketing the da Vinci robotic surgical system. Not only this, the company has gained a lot of profit for designing and manufacturing robotic surgical system’s instruments and accessories. The 9th most expensive stock’s company may give you the jackpot by investing in it as its value is going higher and higher.

3. White Mountains

Most Expensive Stocks 1 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

While Mountains fully defined as White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd. The White Mountains is the domiciled financial services holding company that ensures the property and casualty. In 2017, the Insurance company shares surge by over 3.6 percent and there are high chances to improve its share price. The White Mountains spread all over the United States and offering the insurance services for multiple industries and the individual entities.

4. Amazon

most expensive item on amazon 3 1 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

Next up in our list of most expensive stocks warmly welcomes the widely searched largest online shopping store Amazon Inc. has the honor to have one of the largest e-commerce shopping websites that not only famous in the United States but internationally as well. The company has continued to raise its shares prices as Amazon shares have risen to 26.6 percent this year. If history is to be revised, started off as an online bookstore but now its revenue exceeded from $107 billion.

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5. Alphabet

Most Expensive Stocks 2 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

The alphabet is the new name of Google Inc. after being restricted in August of 2015. The Alphabet Inc. started selling C shares trade in NASDAQ but now it’s roughly up over 21 percent. Everyone knows Google is today’s viral fever. It operates the largest search engine that operates YouTube and so on. While there are also endless advertisements to earn from them. The Founder of Google are Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 and now the Larry Page is the current CEO of Alphabet Inc.

6. Markel Corporation

Most Expensive Stocks 6 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

The 1930’s based financial holding company Markel Corporation is the entry in our list of most expensive stocks in the world. The company is well known for marketing and underwriting the special insurance products internationally. The Markel Corporation Inc. was although founded by Samuel Market in Virginia but this has worked hard to raise the stocks up to 6.5 percent this year.

7. Priceline

Most Expensive Stocks 8 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

Priceline’s shares were traded between $1,148.06 and $1,927.13 in 2016 but the Priceline Group Inc. has raised its shares to rise up about 30 percent this year that has worked as a pump for grabbing market cap of $93.6 billion. Priceline Group Inc. offers online traveling, hotel booking or other related services through different brands like,, and OpenTable. This company is providing its best services in more than 200 countries and in almost 40 different languages.

8. NVR

Most Expensive Stocks 7 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

NVR Inc. was founded by Ryan Homes in 1940. Over more than 50 years, the NVR Inc. has constructed over more than 365,000 in the United States. The Home Builder Company has its major focus in constructing homes in Mid-Atlantic, North East, and Mid East and in the South East market. The NVR Inc. has made a solid gain in 2017 as its stock up 29.6 percent.

9. Seaboard

Most Expensive Stocks 9 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

The Second most expensive stocks in the world are of Seaboard Corporation. Shares of Seaboard relatively become flat this year and only observe the gain of 1.5 percent. The company is known for being the commodity traders and the worldwide marine shipper but this does not end here. The Seaboard Corp. is also the widely viral pork production and processing company that is also involved in electrical power generation. The company has a heavy net worth that can be calculated from the net sale of $6.67 billion of 2013.

10. Berkshire Hathaway

Most Expensive Stocks 4 - Most Expensive Stocks in the Business World

The top member of most expensive stocks in the world’s list is Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The most expensive stock’s company traded its A-class share in $190,499.50 per share. The rising curve of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. become flat to about 1.2 percent in 2017. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is a multinational company that wholly owns FlightSafety International, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds, Dairy Queen, BNSF, Lubrizol, GEICO, and NetJets. Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. His name is the shrewd investor and the estimated net worth of Buffett of 2015 is a$63.1 billion that makes him the third richest man in the world as well.


From the list of most expensive stocks in the world, the only reason is to unleash awareness while investing in the business. You’ve to taste the risk of investing in stocks by getting one of the most expensive or user choice shares.