We all love most adorable pets, these pets share their love with us. Pets are loyal, they are best stress-busters as well as great companions of a person. When it comes to being a true lover of pets, then, no matter how costly these animals are. People mostly choose cats, dogs and other kinds of birds as their pets. But every person has its own choice and preferences. If you are also part of such population that loves animals more than a human, then, the article is especially for you. But these may be the most expensive pets.

Top Most Expensive Pets in the World 

So here we will tell you about the most expensive pets in the world.

Top Most Expensive Pets in the World 
1Green Monkey$16 Million
2Miss Missy$1.2 Million
3Tibetan Mastiff$582,000
4White Bengal Tiger$100,000 – $200,000
5White Lion Cubs$140,000
6Arabian Horse$100,000
7Hyacinth Macaw$14,000

7. Hyacinth Macaw – Price: $14,000

Hyacinth Macaw - Top Most Expensive Pets in the World: Most Adorable Pets

Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot in the world, also the biggest one from the species of macaw. These parrots also include immensely forceful beaks because they usually love to eat hard fruits and seeds. These parrots are native to the eastern and central South America. They are about 3.3 feet longer and more than 3.5 kilograms in weight. So the average price of this South American prime bird is just over than $14,000.

6. Arabian Horse – Price: $100,000

Arabian Horse - Top Most Expensive Pets in the World: Most Adorable Pets

I think every person wished to ride on the Arabian horse. As it is regarded as one of the most beautiful and powerful breeds of horses all the time in history. Despite, one of the oldest breeds because it’s historical origins is dating back to the Middle East. Best known for their speed, endurance, and strong skeletal structure. These are the reason why these horses are preferred on other horses. With the high price of $100,000, the Arabian horse is one of the most expensive pets.

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5. White Lion Cubs – Price: $140,000

White Lion Cubs - Top Most Expensive Pets in the World: Most Adorable Pets

The white lion is one of the most beautiful and rarest species ever found on the surface of Earth. Why are they white in color? According to researchers, the white color of these lions is the result of exceptional mutation of the gene. As they are rarest, therefore, they also hold high values among the lovers of the pets. White lion cubs have a large price in the market for a pet. Therefore, a single white lion cub will cost you about $140,000.

4. White Bengal Tiger – Price: $200,000

White Bengal Tiger - Top Most Expensive Pets in the World: Most Adorable Pets

As the domestication of wild animals such as white Bengal tiger is not legal but they are still in most expensive pets as well as animals. Just like a white lion, white Bengal tiger is also rarest species in the world. They are beautiful and adorable because of blue eyes and creamy white furry skin. However, it is illegal to keep this kind of animals as a pet but they can cost over $100,000 and higher. Therefore, these are included in the most expensive pets in the world.

3. Tibetan Mastiff – Price: $582,000

Tibetan Mastiff - Top Most Expensive Pets in the World: Most Adorable Pets

Tibetan is the largest dog in the world, dog version of a ferocious lion. These were basically worked as guard dogs because trained to protect places, livestock, and monasteries back in the day. Original Tibetan Mastiff is very rare, therefore, they can fetch a handsome amount which is out of our bounds. According to reports, a very Tibetan Mastiff was sold in 2011 for a whopping with a price tag of $582,000.

2. Miss Missy – Price: $1.2 Million

Miss Missy - Top Most Expensive Pets in the World: Most Adorable Pets

Missy is a beautiful Holstein cow that is one of the most expensive pets and cows in the world. As the Missy is a three-year-old black and white Holstein cow from Canada. They sold for 1.2 million dollars at the Morsan Road to the Royal Sale in Uxbridge, Ontario in 2009. The cow has won many titles and awards as well. According to reports, she gives 50% more milk than that of an average cow. Therefore, she is most productive in the world.

1. Green Monkey – Price: $16 Million

Green Monkey - Top Most Expensive Pets in the World: Most Adorable Pets

Do you know Green Monkey? No, it not a monkey but a beautiful horse. The horse is a thoroughbred American horse, fathered by another thoroughbred American Horse. According, it is also the fastest horse in the world, as he ran an eighth of a mile in just 9.8 seconds. So, he is superfast American horse. Unfortunately, the horse suffered a serious injury and not able to duplicate its own speed ever since. Do you know the price of this horse? Not less but more than $16 million.

Final Thoughts

So are you willing to spend such a high money on one of these pets? As these are rare and most expensive pets ever in the world because of their extraordinary qualities. So, we have all from the list of most expensive pets. We hope that you will like this article. If you like it, then, share it with your friends and comment below in the comment box.