The Modern Playground Phenomenon — Fidget Spinner

Before moving towards most expensive fidget spinner, let’s see what the fidget spinner is? Unless you have a busy routine life, you already well aware of fidget spinner. The latest craze of the world is fidget spinner. Yes, fidget spinners are not only taking in the UK but the whole planet by storm at the moment, as it is a great resource of entertainment for the people.

They were popular before but now in 2017, the fidget spinners make a huge comeback that this is officially out of control in the market. These small, modern and ingeniously simple accessory in your hand will not only attract the attention of others but also relieve stress by devoting all that nervous energy you normally spent on twiddling pen or other activites.

People with ADHD

The new craze of fidget spinner is attracting not only the kids but also the people having ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). ADHD is the most common mental disorder in which children and adults unable to control their pulse. Fidget Spinner helps to focus attention and give you a better relief when you feel nervous, anxious, stressed and frustrated.

List of the Most Expensive Fidget Spinner

Whatever the reason, it has been causing quite a huge stir in news, homes, schools and stores. In the UK, it becomes the latest modern playground phenomenon where children interested to have the deluxe version that needs to have a lot of bunches of money to afford it. Take a look at the most expensive and awesome fidget spinners you can get your hands on.

Price List of the Most Expensive Fidget Spinner
SNFidget SpinnerPrice
10Crusader Spinner$260
09Turbine Version 3$399
07Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver$445
06Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver Fidget Spinner$459
059 Gear Fidget Spinner$600
04Rotablade Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand$665
03Bathgate Artifact Spinner$700
02Steel Flame Ring$500 to $1500
01Caviar Full Gold Spinner£13,000 ($1680)

1. Crusader Spinner

most expensive fidget spinner 6 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

The Crusader Spinner manufactured by KASFLY and sold to a closed Facebook group. The Crusader Spinner although come in two varieties bronze and titanium but limited due to the religious motif. The spinner has two Christian cross symbols. The titanium version is the 10th most expensive fidget spinner has a price tag of $260. However, the bronze version has greater spin time as it has the length of 66mm and the total weight is 58-60 grams.

2. Turbine Version 3

most expensive fidget spinner 11 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

For those who plan to attract others with the coolest gadget, Turbine Version 3 is the most awesome spinner all the time. It’s made of grade 2 pure titanium and its body is around 12 mm thick while the thickness expands to 18 mm at buttons. Turbine Version 3 is specially designed fidget spinner for spinning as smooth as possible.

3. Pepyakka-S

most expensive fidget spinner 7 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

Pepyakka-S is the most expensive and complicated spinner that comes with the company name FromRussiaWithKnives. Surprisingly, the awesome looking Pepyakka-S spinner looks like it’s going to cut your finger off in a moment. The beautifully designed spinner amazingly has 20 parts and interlocking pieces as well as featuring two bearings for super speedy gyro stability. From its design, spinner lover loves to call it the “mechanical puzzle”.

4. Lotus Tri Sterling Silver

most expensive fidget spinner 4 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

The 7th rank of our most expensive fidget spinner assigned to Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver. It’s handsomely constructed by Sintered stainless steel that infused in bronze. Firstly, the latest 3D printer molded on the wax manufactured spinner and then poured into silver to create the body. R188, 6.35 mm ID x 12.7 mm OD x 4.736 mm thick, hybrid ceramic bearings are used for a faster spin and enough stability.

5. Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver Fidget Spinner

most expensive fidget spinner 10 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

The Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver Fidget Spinner is the fantastic spinner of all the times as it has the longest spinning time. Exclusively, the spinning time of Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver Weighing widget is as much as 6 minute spinning time. Silicon nitride oil-free bearing allows it to spin faster while the 925 Sterling Silver is used in its construction. It’s is the most recommended spinner to ADHD sufferers.

6. 9 Gear Fidget Spinner

most expensive fidget spinner 1 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

If you’re looking to make a comeback from your dark-ages with the special spinner, there is not a better option than 9 Gear Fidget Spinner. The popularity of 9 Gear Fidget Spinner grabs millions of eyes that’s the reason people started throwing fake 9 Gear Fidget Spinner but the real version can only be ordered from their website. Just like its name, the 9 Gear spinner has 9 interlocked gears. The handmade spinner is entire of brass that resists corroding without any maintenance.

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7. Rotablade Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand

most expensive fidget spinner 8 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

With Rotablade Superconductor Stubby Spinner’s most beautiful design taking it to the new level of elegance. There are a ton of knock-off varieties but the most expensive one Rotablade Superconductor Stubby Spinner is purely made of titanium and super stylish superconductor finish. The 4th most expensive fidget spinner has a patterned body and also features with cigar stand functionality. Ceramic hybrid bearings improve the spinning time and stability but it may cause fluttering due to imbalance on one hand.

8. Bathgate Artifact Spinner

most expensive fidget spinner 2 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

The 3rd most expensive spinner is quite uniquely designed by Chris Bathgate who is on a continuous foray of making the hand-machined gorgeous fidgets. Though it isn’t cheap, the quality includes the material Stainless Steel and Brass and Ceramic Hybrid R188 bearings. The distinct design spinner although has the hefty price tag of $700 but it looks cool enough that anyone agrees to burn cash over it.

9. Steel Flame Ring

most expensive fidget spinner 9 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

Next and the second most expensive spinner is Steel Flame Ring. It’s a hand-made of a custom Jewelry maker “Derrick Obatake”. This is no longer available in markets as it’s sold out early of the fidget spinner ear. The uniquely ornate design introduced in the early phase when the world has adopted the spinner craze. This was available in $500 but the rarity factor throws fuel to fire and once it was sold for $1500.

10. Caviar Full Gold Spinner

most expensive fidget spinner 5 - Most Expensive Fidget Spinner, making People Crazy

The deluxe version of Caviar Full Gold Spinner was created by the Russian Luxury Jewelry firm Caviar. The limited-edition Caviar Fidget Spinner, reportedly the top most expensive spinner that stocked to stores to sell over £13,000. The firm that was previously known for electric range adding the fidget spinner in their collection. All thanks go to 100-gram gold-coated exterior that increases its price. However, the less expensive options are available too with minor changed products.


Well, what you need in a good fidget spinner? How it looks and how long you want to spin your gadget? If you’re going to get the awesome designed cool spinner you must have deep pockets to get it in your hands. If you’re the new user or planning to do some tricks, it’s the better choice to get the cheaper one. However, the spinner “Crusader Spinner” with better spinning time may drag you inexpensive fidget spinners’ zone.