Children are always searching for the source of joys and enjoyment in their early ages. Do you know about the best toys for 5 year old boy? Tillage of 10 years nobody else but the toys is their best companions and friends. So leaving the preschool years behinds, 5-year-old boy is getting just ready to take on the ground of Kindergarten.

Best Toys to Buy for 5 Year Old Boys

At this age, they are naturally eager to learn and enjoy to play, they love to explore and create different milestones. So there is the great bulk of such toys that help them to do all this and much more. So we are presenting you with an amazing array of toys to meet their needs of enjoyment.

Here we have an awesome list of best toys for 5 year old boy.

1. Super Sound Soccer by Fisher-Price

Super Sound Soccer by Fisher Price - Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boy | Buy Favorite Toys for your Kids

To be the next soccer star, your kid needs constant practice for hitting the goal target. So with the help of this awesome super sound soccer, little kid is able to practice their shots at the goal. The goal size 2 feet by 3.5 feet and comes with a fully functional and adjustable goal target. The goal emits a very beautiful and fantastic sound goal when hit spot on by the soccer ball.


What are the main benefits of this toy? The set of toy teaches your children to cooperate with a team. This can be fun for learning to aim at the goal by him. It is also a source of great joy when they make a goal on target. They can learn how to focus on the target.


Super sound soccer is a great toy for the practice of kids on how to work awesomely with their legs. The work takes skills and patience as well as healthy muscles strength of the leg. It keeps the child fit and healthy.

  • Manual dexterity
  • Keep the child physically active
  • Target the goal
  • Two-player game

  • Consume more batteries
  • Needs motivations

2. IQ Challenge Set by GamieTM

IQ Challenge Set by GamieTM - Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boy | Buy Favorite Toys for your Kids

Five years is the age to develop an interest in studies and shape the minds of kids. IQ challenge set is able to enhance the capabilities and their cognitive development. The beautiful set includes 7 toys with 5 pieces of puzzle balls, a mental puzzle, and a wooden puzzle cube.

All these designed to shape and stimulate the brain activities of the child. The set comes with playful colors for making the interest of children. So it is one of the best toys for 5 year old boy.


The toy set of games and puzzles will delight your 5-year child. They can learn different problem-solving techniques to survive in this world.


With the help of puzzle and games, it is a unique and excellent way to stimulate brain development. So we have tried some puzzles and got positive results in its return. You children will surely like these colorful games and puzzles.

  • Endorses abstract learning
  • Learn how to solve different problems
  • Different colors to work with
  • Manual dexterity

  • It may lose interest very soon
  • Too much difficult puzzles

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3. A Kick Scooter by Razor

A Kick Scooter by Razor - Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boy | Buy Favorite Toys for your Kids

We think there is no better gift to give a 5-year old child a beautiful and stylish scooter. What is the purpose of this scooter? With the help of Kick Scooter, your kid will simply be voyaging along with the neighborhood in heroic style. The scooter comes with a very sturdy frame made of very high-quality aluminum.

The material often used in the manufacturing of aircraft. The ABEC-5-integrated urethane wheel bearings allow for the very smooth and unstoppable rise but with unique braking system. So it one of the best toys for 5 year old boy.


With Kick Scooter, your child will love getting around the yard. The main benefit of the scooter that it promotes balance, physical activity, and agility.


The scooter is durable enough to benefit riders with the weight up to 142 lbs. It is an awesome balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Here, we don’t have mentioned the tons of pleasure and joys of kids.

  • Lightweight
  • Teachers balance
  • Durable
  • Physical fitness

  • Only for 5-year old children
  • Can cause incidents

4. Kids Army Camouflage Combat Vest by KAS

Kids Army Camouflage Combat Vest by KAS - Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boy | Buy Favorite Toys for your Kids

Kids of early always try to mimic the role of others such as Superman, heroes, and most important army soldier. So this gift can fulfill their desire to become a specialist in the Army or an operator of an elite unit. Kids Army Camouflage Combat Vest comes with the 4 front pockets to carry magazines of ammunition.

Despite, it also includes 5 smaller pockets for another kind of military items. Don’t worry! Comes with the adjustable straps on both sides for a perfect fit. Therefore, considered in best toys for 5 year old boy.


The happiness and joy of your kid are awesome to see to be an Army soldier. Whether your child is playing the role of a hunter or Army man, your little love will have lots of secret compartments to store his or her gem.


Play with the army vest is an important activity for boys of 5-year old boys. The toy allows them to act out their fantasies. If they are fond of FPS games on game consoles and computers, then, they can wear to act like a soldier.

  • More pockets for large storage
  • Dress up fun
  • Inspiration

  • Only for children
  • Available in an only single size
  • May becomes boring

5. Cargo Vest by Backyard Safari

Cargo Vest by Backyard Safari - Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boy | Buy Favorite Toys for your Kids

Children of 5-year are born to be adventurous and they can explore more things from this age. Gift them a beautiful toy like Cargo Vest by Backyard Safari, so they can play the role of Indiana Jones. Comes with a realistic poly-twill fabric that provides a very rugged appeal. It has quite a large number of pockets as well as binocular and camping lantern as additional accessories. Considered in one of the Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boy.


How is Cargo Vest benefited for adventurous kids? The toy will help your kid in exploration, discovery and hands-on approach to learning more about the world around them.


This is an awesome addition to the wardrobe of your child, dress-up and is ready for playing activities. Helps your child in imagination and creativity.

  • Explore nature
  • Good for trips
  • Inspiration for children
  • A great addition to the wardrobe

  • Comes in a single size
  • Can be boring
  • Needs motivations

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6. LEGO Juniors Construction Set by LEGO

LEGO Juniors Construction Set by LEGO - Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boy | Buy Favorite Toys for your Kids

LEGO Juniors Construction Set comes with the bulk of toys for building blocks. Your child can is able to build his own construction truck, the full length of bricks to smash, fully functioning crane complete with the wrecking ball with the help of these 160 pieces of building blocks. Comes with the variety of accessories including instruction guide. Instructions including how to build a LEGO SUV.


With the help of LEGO Juniors Construction Set, your child will love to create different buildings. They can build walls to knock down with the crane, haul around blocks, and build a dump truck. Pieces of toys a little cute construction man. The toy promotes finger dexterity and creative play.


It is able to enhance the critical thinking that can be the basis for more complex thought processes in later life. The toy is also best for stimulating creativity.

  • 160 different pieces
  • Easy to construct
  • Easy to clean
  • Creativity
  • LEGO designed container

  • The set falls apart easily
  • Too much small pieces
  • One car setup
  • Need proper supervision

7. Animalogic

Animalogic - Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boy | Buy Favorite Toys for your Kids

Are you looking for a high-quality educational toy? Then, Animalogic is the best answer to your question. This is, no doubt, a very smart as well as a great choice because made of very high-quality material. Consist of 60 puzzles for the intellectual work and practice of your children. This is the best toy for your kid to play alone or with any other friend. Consist of total of 16 wooden educational animals.


It tells your children how to benefit from images to make specific patterns and sequences with wooden figures. The toy is also able to spark the interest of your child.


All pieces are made such high-quality material and paint, all these pieces are either green, yellow, red or blue. So this is a great introduction to primary colors for your child.

  • Intro to Primary Colors
  • Easy concept
  • High-quality material
  • 60 wooden pieces to work

  • Consumers would like more instructions