What is Ne-Yo Net Worth

As an American dancer, record producer, and actor, Ne-Yo net worth is 9 million dollars in 2023.

Apart from it,

He is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter.

Yeah, he took a good start in the music industry. At that point, his songwriting skills supported him a lot. 

An impressive fact, 

He has developed a solo career as an excellent artist. That’s not all, he has sharpened his skills as an actor and the part of reality TV shows.

Ne-Yo’s Net worth and biography

Ne-Yo’s Net Worth – $9 Million
Full name Shaffer Chimere Smith
Date of Birth Oct 18, 1979
Age (43 years old)
Birth Place Camden, Arkansas, United States
Nationality United States
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Music artist, 
Education Graduation
Marital status Married (Just divorced in 2023)
Spouse Crystal Renay Williams From 2016 to 2023
Children 5 Childrens

Few facts about Ne-Yo 

  • The original name of Ne-Yo is Shaffer Chimere Smith. 
  • He started with songwriting at a very young age. Obviously, his mother was the supporter in this scenario.
  • After leaving Las Vegas Academy, he was part of “GoGo,” an R&B group.
  • Big D Evans, an excellent producer, gave him the nickname, Ne-Yo.
  • His career started with the membership of Envy, a Romford-based band.
  • In 2007, he introduced his first album “In My Own Words.” At this time, he worked with Def Jam Recordings. Amazingly, this album was the winner of platinum certification. In addition, it successfully sold 4 million copies.
  • In 2008, his album, ‘Because of You’ was the winner of the Grammy Award.
  • In 2009, he won two Grammy Awards including Best R&B Song ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards, and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. 
  • The same year was announced as the 57th artist of 2000.

Early Life, Education, and Career

Early Life 

Ne-Yo was born on 18 October 1979 in Camden. His original name was Shaffer Chimere Smith.


His parents were attached to the music industry. Therefore, it was the same reason that dragged him toward the same industry. 

Later, his father left his family. So, his mother was the sole parent to bring him up.

As a result, he spends most of his childhood with his mother. 

So you know? 

In the search of better work and earning opportunities, his mother made him travel to Las Vegas.


Ne-Yo was too young at that time.

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Ne-Yo was the part of Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.

In fact, it was a Magnet school based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moreover, he graduated from Rancho High School which was present in North Las Vegas, Nevada.


He started his career as the part of Las Vegas Academy for the Arts.

At that point, he got the identity of GoGo. During that time, he became joined Envy, an R&B group.

Sadly, Envy dispersed in 2000 before its multiple appearances on MTV. 

Furthermore, songwriting was his key focus after graduation.


He got the name “Ne-Yo” because he “sees songwriting like Neo sees the matrix.”

That was just a start. 

In 2003, he had enough songs to introduce his first album. 

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Career Earnings 

He re-record “That Girl” and the public realized he was an excellent songwriter.

Suddenly, he was the point of attraction for multiple musicians.


He worked with Teedra Moses, Youngstown, Christina Milan, Faith Evans, B2K, and various others. 

Apart from it, 

His album, “Let Me Love You” became a hot favorite in 2008. In addition, it was the eighth most successful hit of that decade.

In 2007, “In My Own Words” was another hit that attracted a lot of appreciation toward Ne-Yo. 

Obviously, this album was the winner of the platinum certificate that boosted its sale up to 4 million copies. 


His next work was with Def Jam Recordings with the title “So Sick.” Do you know? This album made business by selling up to 301,000 copies in just one week.

In Japan, he released ‘The Collection in 2009. 

Amazingly, this album confidently made placed at number four on Japan’s Oricon weekly albums chart.


In just one week, the total sold copies was 55,625.


With the original name of Shaffer Chimere Smith, he got Ne-Yo as the stage name.

He started his career as a songwriter and made a good name in this field.

In addition, he made excellent earnings with his profession and boosted his net worth up to 9 million dollars.

He made his recognition suddenly enough and attracted a lot of artists.

Therefore, very famous names in the music industry worked with him multiple times.

Ne-Yo has a $4 million net worth, according to thelistli.

Frequently asked questions 

1-What is Ne-Yo’s net worth? 

According to the latest update, Ne-Yo’s net worth is 9 million dollars.

2-How many babies does Ne-Yo have? 

Ne-Yo has five children. Two of them are from Monyetta Shaw, his ex-wife. In addition, three children are from Crystal Smith, his estranged wife. 

3-How long have Ne-Yo and his wife been together? 

Ne-Yo made Renay his first wife in 2016. The couple produced three children; one daughter and two sons. Last, his wife filed for divorce in 2020. Therefore, the couple separated in 2023. 

4-Who is Ne-Yo’s first wife? 

The first wife of Ne-Yo was Crystal Renay Williams. They married in 2016 and divorced in 2023. 

5-What ethnicity is Ne-Yo? 

The father of Ne-Yo was of African American and Chinese descent. However, his mother was African American.

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