What is Glenn Howerton Net Worth?

As an American producer, actor, screenwriter, and director, Glenn Howerton’s net worth is $25 million in 2023.

In addition, he performed as a writer, director, and producer of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

In addition, he performed a key role in various series. Yeah, he acted in more than 35 films and made a good name in this industry.

Of course, his fans started to know him due to his role as Dennis Reynolds.

Glenn Howerton’s Net Worth – $25 Million
Full name Glenn Franklin Howerton III
Date of Birth Apr 13, 1976
Age 47 years old
Birth Place Japan
Nationality United States, Japanese
Profession Actor, Screenwriter, Television
Education Bachelor in fine and arts
Marital status Married
Children 2 Children

Few facts of Glenn Howerton 

  • The full name of Glenn Howerton is Glenn Franklin Howerton III. 
  • Despite his residence in America, Glenn Howerton was born in Japan as his father was a military servant. 
  • As a child, he traveled a lot due to his father’s profession. Therefore, he could not develop long-lasting friendships with anyone. 
  • In addition, he spends his early life in South Korea and London. 
  • His debut in television was in 2002 with the TNT movie Monday Night Mayhem. 
  • Furthermore, in 2019, IGN Summer Movie Awards nominated him for Best TV Ensemble. 
  • Moreover, International Online Cinema Awards (INOCA) nominated him in 2015 for Best Writing for a Comedy Series Episode: “Charlie Work.” 
  • Moreover, his screen debut was in 2002 in Monday Night Mayhem.

Early Life, Education, and Career

1. Early Life 

Glenn Howerton was born in Japan on April 13, 1976. His full name is Glenn Franklin Howerton III.

In addition,

His father’s name was Glenn Jr. He was a fighter pilot. Obviously, due to his profession, he continued traveling throughout the state in his early childhood. 

On the other hand, his mother was Janice. She was American. 


After his birth, his parents were housed in Arizona, New Mexico, Felixstowe, and Suffolk, respectively.

Of course,

He was just three years old at that time. Moreover, their next journey was to Virginia, South Korea, and Alabama. 

As far as his siblings are concerned, Courtney is his single sister.

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2. Education 

First of all, he joined Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery. Later, he was the part of New World School of the Arts of Miami Dade College.

There, he spends two years. 

Besides, in 2000, Juilliard presented him Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Do you know? 

He was one from the Group 29 of the Drama Division.


He was a part of productions with Morena Baccarin.

3. Career 

In 2002, he started his career with an appearance in Monday Night Mayhem.

Following the minor role in various projects, he got a leading role in That ’80s Show.

In 2003, he was part of ER, an NBC medical drama. 

After that, he continued to be part of different projects including, “Must Love Dogs” and “Serenity” (2005), “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Two Weeks” and “Crank,” (2006), “Crank: High Voltage” (2009). 


He presented “The Strangers” (2008), and “Happy Wednesday” (2009), Besides, he offered his voice to “American Dad!”, “Glenn Martin, DDS,” “The Cleveland Show,” and “Family Guy” in different parts of his professional journey. 

From 2010 until now, he performed his services in various projects including, “Everything Must Go”, “Vietnam in HD”, “Unsupervised,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “The Mindy Project,” “Fargo”, “Coffee Town,” “Officer Downe”, “Archenemy” and various others.

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4. Career Earnings 

Starting from a very small income, Glenn Howerton has boosted his net worth up to $25 million.

He has gathered a huge sum due to his profession as an actor, screenwriter, and television producer. 

Despite the multiple faces of his profession, his key source of earning is acting. 

Obviously, he attended various projects throughout his professional journey.


“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” offered him a huge income.

Of course,

it was a serial-based project that continued for multiple years.


Glenn Howerton’s net worth is $25 million in 2023.

He is an actor, producer, and screenwriter.

In addition,

His television debut was in 2002. Later, he attended diverse projects. 

But, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is the key project that boosted his net worth.

Furthermore, he married Jill Latiano in 2009 and still living with each other.

They have two sons that were born in 2011 and 2014, respectively. 

Moreover, he is still working and his net worth is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

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Frequently asked questions  

Who is the wife of Glenn Howerton? 

Glenn Howerton married Jill Latiano in 2009. His wife is an actress. In addition, they produced two children and still lived together. 

What is the zodiac sign of Glenn Howerton? 

Glenn Howerton was born on April 13, 1976. So, his Zoadic sign is Aries.

What are the names of Glenn Howerton’s sons? 

The name of his sons is Isley Ray and Miles Howerton. Furthermore, they were born in 2011 and 2014. 

What is the ethnicity of Glenn Howerton? 

The ethnicity of Glenn is English, Ashkenazi Jewish, Scottish, German, and Irish.

Is Glenn Howerton Japanese? 

His parents were fighter pilots from America. But, Glenn Howerton was born in Tokyo, Japan due to his parents’ move during their services.

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