Before heading towards the Top Secret K-pop, let’s have a bird’s eye view on the top K-pop. The K-pop is a music genre that originated from South Korea. The music is characterized by audiovisual effects. All of the genres are equally popular and draw inspiration from music genres and style from the rest of the world. Hip-hop, Latin, Classical, Folk, Gospel, Electronic Dance, Jazz, Rock, Experimental, Country, R&B, Western Pop Music, Reggae, and the traditional Korean music is all merged in the  Top Secret K-pop. The modern K-pop emerged from the Seo Taiji Boys in 1992, after a series of integrated experiments.

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Top Secret K-Pop Band

Top Secret is a Korean band started by a boy formed by JSL. The band was debuted with Time’s Up In 2017, January 4. Members of the  Band are:

  • Ain (아인)
  • K (케이)
  • Yohan (요한)
  • Wooyoung (우영)
  • Junghoon(정훈)
  • Yonghyun (용현)
  • Kyungha (경하)

Top Secret K pop - Top Secret K-pop --A music genre of South Korea

These are the game-changer of the K-pop Music and influenced the other band to for the latest Korean pop genre.