Tamar Braxton Net Worth

Net Worth – $3 Million
Full name
Tamar Estine Braxton
Date of Birth March 17, 1977
Age 45 years old
Birth Place Severn, Maryland, United States
Nationality American
Work As
Producer And Actress

As an American singer, reality TV star, and actress, Tamar Braxton’s net worth has touched the border of $3 Million in 2023.

Braxton is her surname which tells us about her relationship with a very famous singer, named “Toni Braxton.” 


Toni Braxton is her elder sister. As the founding member of The Braxtons, Tamar Braxton started her career. In fact, “The Braxtons” was an R&B singing group of all these sisters. 


This group boosted its career to albums too. Their debut album was “So Many Ways,” which hit the public in 1996.

In addition, the year of 2011 made her appearance in the reality TV show, “We TV.”

Early Life, Career, Personal Life, and Cars

1. The early life of Tamar Braxton

On March 17, 1977, Tamar Estine Braxton was born in Severn, Maryland. Among her six siblings, she is the youngest one and belongs to a musical family. 


She is the daughter of Michael and Evelyn Braxton. Her father was a pastor in a church that provided Braxton’s children a chance to sing there. What a chance they got!

2. Tamar Braxton’s Career

1989 made Braxton’s family deal with Arista Records, the first sign. In this deal, Tamar and her four sisters took part. 

You look interested in knowing their names. 

In addition to Tamar, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Toni were the top names. 1990 was lucky for them as The Braxton introduced the first single, “Good Life.” 

On the sad side,

At the time of the single launch, a business issue arose. As a result, Arista Records removed The Braxton name.

1991 was the lucky year as a couple of star makers and mega producers, L.A. Reid and Edmonds, recognized Braxton’s talent. 

At last, they recruited Tamar as the backing singer with her sisters. But Toni got the key seat. 

A point to be noted is that The Braxton group was not approved at that time.


In 1996, The Braxton introduced its first album followed by an independent album in 2000.

But the album was a flop that made Dismiss her through Dreamworks.

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Besides, she offered her services as a background vocal for her sister’s album.

In 2010, she was part of “Tiny and Toya.” from the following year, she appeared in a reality TV show, “Braxton Family Values.” In addition, 2012 made Tamar to be a part of “Tamar & Vincent.” 

The story does not end here, 

In 2014, Braxton introduced the Tamar Collection, an article on clothing, and shoe lines. The very next year, she appeared in “Dancing With the Stars.” 

Moreover, her second studio album, “Love and War”, hit the public in 2013. 

Furthermore, “Calling All Lovers” was the gift of 2015 from Tamar. In addition, she introduced “Bluebird of Happiness.” to the audience in 2017. 

What do past years say? 

Her struggle for success took more steps and she introduced “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2019, “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2020, and multiple others.

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3. Tamar Braxton Personal life

In 2000, Tamar met Darrell Allamby, a music producer, and introduced their first album.

They fell in love which resulted in their marriage the following year. To be honest, it was not a successful marriage and both separated in 2003. 

Moreover, her next date was with Vincent Herbert and they married in 2008. In 2013, they welcomed their first son Logan Vincent Herbert. 

Last, the marriage ended in 2019. 

So sad!

While working for “The Real,” she got vitiligo. Later, she was suffering from pulmonary emboli in the lungs.

As a result, her physical condition was the key reason that she said goodbye to “Dancing with the Stars.”

4. Tamar Braxton cars

Tamar Braxton has bought a Ferrari F8 that is worth USD 590,000.

In addition, she also has a Porsche Cayenne that has a current cost of USD 260,000.

Other cars that Sheol has in her garage are; Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, BMW X7, and Audi A6.

A thelistli study determined that Tamar Braxton is worth $3 million.

 Frequently asked questions 

1- What is the monthly income of Tamar Braxton?

The monthly income of Tamar Braxton is $730,000. 

2- Name the sister of Tamar Braxton that is no more in 2022. 

Traci is no more and her death was confirmed by Tamar and Toni

3- Which Tamar’s sister is the richest?

Toni Braxton is the richest and has reached a net worth of $10 Million. 

4- Is Tamar Braxton married in 2022?

No, Tamar Braxton is not married in 2022. Actually, she is divorced and has not had a successful married life. 

5- What is the age difference between Toni and Tamar?

The age difference between these two sisters is 10 years.

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