Suri Cruise Net Worth

Suri Cruise Net Worth – $0.5 Million
Full name Deborah Jeanne Rowe
Date of Birth April 18, 2006
16 years old
Birth Place Santa Monica, California, USA
Nationality United States
Work As Actress

As a famous social media personality and American kid celebrity, Suri Cruise’s net worth is $0.5 million in 2023.


Her main source of income is performance and acting. 

In addition, she grew her net worth with the courtesy of company endorsements, media promotions, and commercials. 

Another amazing fact, 

Suri Cruise belongs to a well-settled family as the net worth of her father is $600 million and that of her mother is $25 million.


She had been a part of a Catholic Girls’ School. Now, she is part of a school in Manhattan.

Biography, Family, and Relationship of Suri Cruise

Biography of Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise was born on 18 April 2006 in Santa Monica, California, New York.

Her full name is Suri Holmes Cruise. Besides, she had spent some time at St. John Health Center.

Obviously, It is located in Santa Monica. 

According to her date of birth, her Zodiac sign is Aries. Moreover, she lived with Christian ideologies in the shape of Scientology. 

Do you know? 

She had her early education at a local elementary school. Later, she joined Catholic Girls’ School.


Her studies continue in high school. Her school fee is $40K annually and is located in Manhattan. 

On the other hand, she actively takes part in extracurricular activities and dancing.

That’s not all, 

Yeah, she is taking Ballet Classes at the local training center.

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Family and relationship of Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Obviously, both of her parents were famous celebrities of their time. 

Apart from being an actor, her father is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and producer too.


Her father had been part of famous films of the time including, Top Gun, Mission Impossible, and Top Gun Maverik. 

You look curious to find out more about this cute celebrity. 

Well, her mother was also a famous actress and took part in multiple movies including, Dear Dictator, Logan Lucky, Brahms: The Boy II, A Happening of Monumental Proportions, Alone Together, and All We Had. 

Of course, she is not the single child of her parents. Yet, she has two siblings; Connor Cruise as her brother and Isabella Jane Cruise as her sister. 


All these children got early brought up under the customs of Scientology.

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Frequently asked questions 

1- What is the ethnicity of Suri Cruise? 

The ethnicity of Suri Cruise is German, Irish, and English-Welsh Descent.

2- How much does Tom Cruise pay Suri Cruises? 

Tom Cruise divorced her wife, Katie Holmes. Following their divorce, Katie got no heavy amount from her husband. Alternatively, Tom Cruise used to pay $400,000 annually to her daughter who was six years old at her parent’s separation. 

3- Does Tom Cruise communicate with Suri? 

The public has not seen Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise together since 2012. But some photographs show a strained relationship between this daughter and father duo. 

4- Who is Suri’s biological father? 

Tom Cruise is the biological father of Suri Cruise. He is a famous American actor. In addition, he has two more children. 

5- In which school Suri Cruise took part?

Suri Cruise attended Avenues The World School, in New York; and New Village Leadership Academy, in California.

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