Simon Konecki Net Worth

Simon Konecki Net Worth – $2 Million
Fullname Simon Christopher Konecki
Date of Birth April 17, 1974
Age 48 Years old
Birth Place New York, USA
Nationality American
Work As British Banker and Entrepreneur

As a British banker and an entrepreneur, Simon Konecki’s net worth has reached up to $2 Million in 2023.

He has introduced Drop4Drop, a charity organization. Amazingly, the motto of this organization was to ensure the availability of clean water in poor countries around the globe. 

That’s awesome! 

As a result of his charity, Simon Konecki has made his name too famous. In addition, he was the ex-husband of Adele, a famous singer of her time!

The statistics say that Simon Konecki’s net worth is increasing continuously over the past few years.


There are chances that it will increase in the upcoming years.

Early Life, Career, Person Life, Wealth independency

1. The early life of Simon Konecki

Simon Konecki was born in the city of New York, USA on April 17, 1974. 

No doubt, his birthplace was the city of New York. But he spent his early time in England. 

Are you wondering about his parents? 

Yeah! He is the son of Rosemary Konecki and Andrew Konecki. With his early growth in England, he spent his childhood in London.

Besides, this amazing personality has two siblings including Alexandra Konecki and Victoria Konecki. 

For schooling, he was part of a Prestigious Boys’ school. After that, he got his college degree from Elton college. 

What’s more! 

Later, he developed a sense of business and started it shortly.

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2. Career of Simon Konecki

As a teenager of just 17, he started to work as a trader. At Lehman Brothers, he arranged a team of expert brokers and explored the digital market as the director of EBS.

Furthermore, he was the contemporary of Bear Grylls and Tom Parker Bowles.

Do you know? 

He left his job in 2005 and the key reason for this decision was humanity. In fact, he had a strong desire to do better for the world at that time.

To assist his goal, he met with his batchmate of college, Lucas White.

Collectively, the duo managed to raise enough money to start a company Drop4Drop


It was a charity organization to manage clean water for poor countries.

Working on the same aim, he introduced Life Water, a water brand.

As a result, he and Lucas run that brand successfully.

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3. Simon Konecki Personal life

Simon has a nickname, Swampy. His first wife was Clary Fisher and they were in a relationship in 2002.

Later, they tied the knot in 2003. They lived together as husband and wife for four years. 

Sadly, they separated in the fifth year. 

How sad! 

Furthermore, in 2011, Simon Konecki started to date Adele, a songwriter. In the very next year, the couple said welcome to their first baby, Angelo Atkins.

Moreover, the reports say that the couple tied the knot in 2017 secretly.

Note that, 

The lovebirds did not expose the accurate date of their marriage. Later, a lot of rumors were told about their break up and separation. 

In 2020, the duo filed for divorce and they separated officially in 2021.

What about 2023? 

Now, Simon Konecki is not in a relationship with anyone but focusing on his career with full might.

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4. Simon Konecki Wealth independency

Simon Konecki is a well-known name in the business world. According to reports, his net worth has touched the figure of $2 million.

As far as his income source is concerned, he earns from a personal charity organization. 

Moreover, he has made deals with multiple brands. 

Wait! More income sources are about to be explored. 

This successful business personality is an investment banker and earns a lot from this side too.

He has taken steps to support countries through his organization. As a result, people around the globe support and appreciate him extremely.


Simon Konecki’s net worth is $2 million in 2023. He earns primarily from Drop4Drop, a charity organization.

He became famous while separated from his wife, Adele, a renounced singer. This emerging personality has earned a bundle of appreciation and limelight due to his project on providing clean water around the globe. 


His ex-wife, Adele, has told the audience about his strong support behind her success.

Simon Konecki is worth $2 million, according to thelistli.

Frequently asked questions 

1- What is the primary income source of Simon Konecki? 

The primary income source of Simon Konecki is Drop4Drop as he is working as CEO. In addition, he is an investment banker and earns from it too. 

2- Why is Simon Konecki too famous? 

Simon Konecki is famous because he is making a way to offer clean water to the world. Moreover, his second wife, Adele, has highlighted his support in her success.

3- Why did Simon Konecki and Adele divorce?

The couple has not exposed the reason for their separation. But, Adele told that the divorce has affected her badly and shaken her confidence too. 

4- Is Simon Konecki married in 2023? 

Simon Konecki is neither married nor dating anyone in 2023. Alternatively, his full focus is the business. 

5- Who is the favorite footballer of Simon Konecki? 

Their favorite footballer of Simon Konecki is Neymar.

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