Roddy Ricch Net Worth

Roddy Ricch Net Worth – $20 Million
Full name Rodrick Wayne Moore, Jr.
Date of Birth October 22, 1998
Age 24 years old
Birth Place Compton, California, USA
Nationality American
Work As  Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter

As American singer, rapper, record producer, and songwriter Roddy Ricch Net Worth have reached up to $20 Million.

Do you know? “Die Young ” is the hit of 2018 that has made him too famous.

Furthermore, his next journey to “Racks in the Middle” was awesome in 2019. 

We know you are wondering about the outcome. 

Of course, he got a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for appreciation.

In 2019, he offered a gift to his fans which was his debut album with the title; “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial.” 

Amazingly, it made its way to position 1 on the Billboard 200 and made way for another single “The Box.”

Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Real Estate

1. The early life of Roddy Ricch

Born in Compton, California; Roddy Ricch’s date of birth is October 22, 1998.

In addition,

His original name is Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr. and he adopted the stage name, Roddy Ricch, in his professional life. 

During his early education, he joined Carson Senior High School.

Later, he attended Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets. 

The question is when he exhibited singing talent? 

Spotted at different places with his family, the music influenced him deeply.


He used to make beats at the age of 16 and started rapping. 


Furthermore, he spent some time in Park Village Compton Crips. As a result, the county jail was his temporary stay of 2 weeks.

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2. Career of Roddy Ricch

As a teenager, Roddy Ricch introduced the song “Rich N***a.” Obviously, it was the key reason for his fame in the music world.

Later, he made a gap from the music and turned his attention to the streets. 

In 2018, Roddy Ricch introduced “Be 4 Tha Fame,” an EP. 

He gifted a production of London on da Track, “Die Young,” to his fans.


He wrote a song for XXXTentacion, a night rapper. In mid-2018, he attended a concert named; “PowerHouse.” Held in Los Angeles, he attended the concert as the guest of Nipsey Hussle. 

So, do you know? He was a classic Compton rapper that died in March 2019.

In fact, 

A&R Keefa Black introduced Roddy to Nipsey. So, as time went on, the relationship got stronger between Roddy and Keefa.

Yeah, it was the key reason that made Roddy closer to Nipsey, too. 

Later, Roddy and Nipsey introduced a track together that was famous under the title; “Racks in the Middle.” 


This track hit the Billboard Hot 100 at number 26. As a result, in late 2018, Meek Mill invited Roddy to “PowerHouse,” which was held in Philadelphia. He gave him a “Dreamchasers” chain. 

With the non-stop success, 2023 has made Roddy Ricch’s net worth up to $20 Million.

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3. Roddy Ricch Personal life

Roddy Ricch had a son with Allie Minati. She is a model and businesswoman.

In 2021, he got arrested for felony domestic violence. The reason was assaulting his girlfriend in Los Angeles at his home. 

At last, he spend a $50,000 bond to be released. 

But, the proofs were inadequate which made the charges dropped.

4. Roddy Ricch Real Estate

In December 2021, Roddy Ricch got home in Beverly Hills. It is worth $5.6 million. Later, he made his home for sale for $5.995 million.

Roddy Ricch has a net worth of $20 million, per thelistli study.

 Frequently asked questions 

1- What is the age of Roddy Ricch in 2023?

Roddy Ricch will be 25 years old in 2023. 

2- How much Roddy Ricch earns per year?

In one year, the average earnings of Roddy Ricch are $2 Million

3- Is Roddy Ricch in a relationship?

Yeah, Roddy Ricch is in a strong relationship with Allie Minati. They have been in love for the last four years. Now, the couple has a baby boy. 

4- Why did Roddy Ricch leave social media?

Roddy was deactivated on social media due to negative feedback he received on a song he uncovered on Saturday. 

5- Name the album of Roddy Ricch that was released in 2022.

In 2022, Roddy Ricch gifted the audience with an album “Feed Tha Streets III.”

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