Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

If you’re a die-hard lover of the 3DS and Wii U video gaming platforms, you must have plenty of Nintendo’s range of amiibo. It looks very cool to have a huge collection of amiibo but to look for a large range of amiibo can be proved a quite daunting process. Nintendo, one of the largest video gaming companies has dropped almost 100 toys to enhance the gaming experience and also to invite the world to shake hands with new technology. Amiibo is usually defined as a toy for a famous game but hardcore amiibo fans must know that amiibo is the wireless communication and storage protocol that is compatible with toys and the gaming platforms like Nintendo’s 3DS, Nintendo’s Switch, and Wii U.

Top Rarest Amiibo in the World

How amiable work? This question beautifully can be answered after selecting a game, tap amiibo on the touch point in the lower-left corner of the controller. A single amiibo may have the functionality to have compatibility with multiple games. Whether the amiibo is from the list of top 10 rarest amiibo in the world or not it has the functionality to unlock new outfits, fun bonuses, and power-ups. Take a look at the rarest amiibo in the world in 2017.

1. Rosalina

rarest amiibo in the world 5 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

Excited Nintendo amiibo fans and hardcore gamers couldn’t wait to get their favorite powerful amiibo but because of extraordinary demand, certain figures appear to be short in the stock. Rosalina is one of the rarest amiibo for which you have to line up for hours to order. Prettiest Rosalina initially emerged in the Super Mario series and was released on 4th November 2016. Her functionality includes her guarding the cosmos against every threat. Her cutest smile even in danger makes her beautiful as compared to Princess Peach.

2. Wii Fit Trainer

rarest amiibo in the world 9 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

The Wii Fit Trainer is a well-known character in the amiibo lineup but probably it is somewhat tough to get it from stores. It’s also found in history, the Original Wii Fit video game grab the best-selling video game title as it sold out over 22 million copies. Super Smash Bros. series’ Wii Fit Trainer is helpful in the Wii Fit™ series and in fitness exercises. Her main focus is on how to maintain your center of balance. How to tone up? And how to burn calories? Wii Fit Trainer has enough significance that you must have to burn some cash to get this.

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3. Meta Knight

rarest amiibo in the world 3 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

It couldn’t be wrong to say Warrior King to Meta Knight for having mysterious battle powers. Although Meta Knight is the hard one to discover it didn’t even affect Meta Knight’s popularity. Meta Knight is also a mysterious rival, masked on his face, sword in his hand, and aggressiveness in his eyes showing him a captain of a giant battleship. One of the mysterious attacks is the transformation of the giant cap into wings which empowered him to fly like a bat. The 8th rarest amiibo in the world 2017 has briefly shown his face but his relationship with Kirby is still kept secret.

4. Villager

rarest amiibo in the world 8 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

If you’re the craziest one towards collecting amiibo, finding the energetic young man of Animal Crossing unveils your eagerness. Whatever the reason but it’s very hard to dislike the little peaceful guy that has some coolest moves in Super Smash Bros. His hobbies include planting trees, digging for fossils, fishing, catching insects, and sitting back to enjoy the scenery.

5. Shulk

rarest amiibo in the world 7 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

Shulk, the Xenoblade series’ character launched as a fraction of amiibo’s 3rd wave. All the Shulk stock ran up for sale at Gamestop which put him into a rarity. Visually, the Golden-haired guy is looking extraordinarily handsome in the adorable stylish outfit. However, his cool innovative sword attracts a lot of collectors. The 6th Rarest amiibo in the world has curious powers that allow him to effortlessly slice the Mechon armor.

6. Little Mac 

rarest amiibo in the world 2 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

Probably, Little Mac is the main protagonist in Nintendo’s Punch-Out! Series and was launched during the infamous Wave 2. The amiable collectors love to get Little Mac for their collection but declared him a “unicorn” because of his rarity. No matter, who is the opponent? Little Mac always fists forward to put his best as well as his short height never halted him in the way to win championship belts.

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7. Pit

rarest amiibo in the world 4 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

Next up in our top 10 rarest amiibo in the world list is Pit. The handsome-looking brown-haired Kid Icarus series hero turned out to be rare because of its heavy sale. The pit is not only the hero of Kid Icarus’s game but also the captain of Palutena’s royal guard. Despite having beautiful wings on his back, Pit needs the power to fly. The Palutena’s aid and the goddess of light empowered him to fend off the resurrection of Medusa and the underworld army.

8. Fox McCloud

rarest amiibo in the world 1 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

To be fair and extraordinarily active, Fox McCloud is the Star Fox unit commander. It’s not the pet’s rarest amiibo in the world list. Possibly, Fox McCloud is easily available at your near high street shop but we found less number of Fox McCloud than Mario and Pikachu. Her attacks include his piloting skills but he didn’t only rely on this, he also speed up himself and fast attack in the battle of hand-to-hand combat. His two unique skills, the Great Fox and personal Arwing fighting skill challenge the evil scientist Andross.

9. Samus Aran

rarest amiibo in the world 6 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

The Metroid’s famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran released on 21st November 2014. The intergalactic bounty hunter can fight a huge variety of planets in the Metroid Series. Before the arrival of Zelda this year, Samus Aran was the top rarest amiibo in the world. She was taken by alien Chozo after being orphaned at an early age. Her variety of unique combat skills is entirely due to the alien technology suit, she wears. The power suit, athleticism skills, and the powerful arm cannon combined to win countless missions.

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10. Zelda

rarest amiibo in the world 10 - Top 10 Rarest Amiibo in the world – Too Hard to Find

Zelda is the newest entry in the amiibo lineup. On the way to amiibo hunt, I found Zelda the rarest amiibo in the world in 2017. The rareness is possible because this is the new Nintendo stock that has not yet been restocked. Surely, there’ll be people having Zelda in their hand but for most of the world, she’s rare. Zelda is from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series and opens for sale on 3rd March 2017. Zelda is carrying the most important item “The Sheikah Slate”. However, the fate of the princess is yet shrouded in mystery.


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