When it comes to yachting, life must be filled with luxury, relaxation and even not compromise with the standard. Although, yachting life packed with entertainment. But with the advancement of technology, there are more gadgets and amenities like five-star hotels. On these expensive yachts, one can find swimming pools, bars, cinemas and much more. This is really a pleasure to own a yacht. It’s quite expensive. Because we have the most expensive yacht in this list.

Most Luxurious Yacht Ever in the World

It has now become normal for the wealthiest individuals in the world to spend millions or billions of dollar on the most expensive superyacht. There is a huge line-up of the most expensive yachts that are unique in its own creation. Such unique and luxurious expensive yachts built on order, mostly for oil sheiks and Russian tycoons as they like to spend their holidays on a massive most expensive superyacht. For those who have no problem with how costly the yacht is? And how much the daily maintenance cost of a yacht? Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive yachts in the world.

1. Dubai

Price: $350 Million

Dubai - Most Expensive Yacht in the World

Previously, the Dubai yacht known for numerous names. It was first commissioned by Jefri Bolkiah, Prince of Brunei. He names it “Golden Star”. Later it was acquired by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who was the ruler of Dubai. It was also known for the name “Platinum 525”. Currently, this one of the most expensive yachts is the possession of Sheikh of Dubai. Thus it’s called “Dubai”. It has a luxurious floating swimming pool, a glass staircase, a spa, and a helipad too. It has the capacity to host 115 people simultaneously.

2. Topaz

Price: $527 Million

topaz yacht photos 1 - Most Expensive Yacht in the World

Superyacht, Topaz was built in May 2012 by Lurssen Yacht in Germany. It came with a heavy price tag of $527, it came with 482 feet length and 70.5 feet beam long. Tim Heywood designed the exterior portion on the yacht and Terrance Disdale designed the interior part. The superyacht is equipped with 8 stunning decks to view the exotic environment in blue water waves. There are two landing pads of helicopters, a state of the art gymnasium, a large conference room and cinema hall. Sheikh Mansour, the member of the royal family owe this unmatchable yacht.

3. Azzam

Price: $650 Million

Azzam - Most Expensive Yacht in the World

At $650 million, Azzam Yacht grabs the eyeballs for being the member of most expensive yachts’ list. As UAE is the home for many wealthiest sheiks, Azzam owned by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al-Nayan. He is the President of the United Arab Emirates as well as the Emir of Abu Dhabi. The interior of the yacht designed by French decorator Christophe Leoni. With so many amenities, the also have the helipad on its surface.

4. Streets of Monaco

Price: $1.1 Billion

Streets of Monaco - Most Expensive Yacht in the World

This is what you never ever see. Streets of Monaco yacht is the replica of the city of Monaco. It seems the City of Monaco floating over oceans. There is almost each and everything that should be the part of a city, a go-kart track, a man-made lake, private beach, replication of Monaco Grand Prix track, 550 feet long tennis courts, swimming pool, café, and casinos. Personally, I have a craze to own this most expensive yacht even if its cost rises to some more dollars.

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5. Eclipse

Price: $1.5 Billion

Eclipse - Most Expensive Yacht in the World

The second most expensive yacht on our list is Eclipse. Although, we found price variation with Eclipse as it may have less price tag in different countries. Whatever the price, the second most expensive yacht can carry 70 people crew. It owned by a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It contains rooms for 24 guests, a private submarine and two helipads. Eclipse features another latest technology. If someone wants to take a picture, it launches the modern light technology that restricts the photographer to take its snap.

6. History Supreme

Price: $4.5 Billion

History Supreme - Most Expensive Yacht in the World

Finally, we’re going to introduce the most expensive yacht in the world, the History Supreme yacht. There is no worth of millions when you even think to buy History Supreme. You just fill your pockets with billions as it has whopping $4.5 billion price tag. History Supreme Yacht is the property of an anonymous Malaysian Businessman. The most significant feature of this yacht is the master bedroom. It features a wall made of meteorite rock and also a statue made from genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bones. The boat featuring an extremely rare 18.5-carat diamond that worth $45 million alone. An iPhone encrusted with 500 diamonds, two interchangeable diamond fitted buttons, a rare 8 carat diamond and a 7.4-carat pink diamond added in the features of History Supreme.


Yachts are quite expensive, very expensive and even very much expensive. These can only purchase by billionaires and the Kings of states. If you’re interested to get to know about some of the most expensive yachts, follow us for the detailed version.

Most Expensive Yacht in the World
#Yacht NameCost
1History Supreme$4.5 Billion
2Eclipse$1.5 Billion
3Streets of Monaco$1.1 Billion
4Azzam$650 Million
5Dubai$350 Million