Most Expensive Truck Ever Built – The Best Heavy Duty Engines

Have you ever seen a person that belongs to a transportation business? Yes, many of us have seen it. In addition, you might know someone who agrees to shell out a lot of coins for the very luxurious and fancy truck, despite having a hefty price tag. At this point, the question arises why do they need the most expensive truck ever built?

Has this fact surprised you?

Actually, trucks are manufactured to transport many tons daily. Right? As a result, low-quality vehicles may disappoint you. If you’re in the wide import-export business and need to have a powerful engine that can transport hundreds of tons daily, you have to think about the most expensive trucks.

Wait! What does expensive mean here? Simply, that one is the perfect heavy-duty partner for your business.

In addition, expensive trucks are ideal as these can carry loads and bring the best heavy-duty engines. Do you know? The market is too competitive in this scenario. Multiple brands are struggling to highlight their products. So, we have prepared a list of the most expensive trucks ever built to wash out your confusion.

Hurry! We can’t wait to explore it for your sake. Let’s jump to the next part.

List of Most Expensive Truck in the World

When you pay a lot for expensive trucks, only the engine is not enough to satisfy the buyer. Do you agree or not? Yes, of course. There’s also the demand to have additional impressive features in it. Sure! But what are those features? Everyone shouts about them. Keep in mind that a truck with a comfortable interior, advanced technology, and a non-polluting engine drives up the sky. Indeed, these trucks are categorized in the most expensive truck list.

Is that clear to you? All right.

Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive trucks summarised on their price tags

7. International Lonestar 

most expensive truck 1 - Most Expensive Truck Ever Built – The Best Heavy Duty Engines

International Lonestar is no doubt a beast under the hood. We know you are keen to dig out the reason. WHY is knocking your mind continuously?

Is that right?

Beauty on the surface, the International Lonestar frequently gets feedback on fuel economy which is enlisted in the most expensive truck. Wow! In addition, the classy glamorous external look directly affects the price of this truck.

Not only the external design, but the comfortable interior is also specially designed with better materials than previous models.

Don’t forget to know what is new in this version.

Please note that its maximum version of 600 hp can transport tons of heavy luggage in no time. Are you ready to have it? The price of this most expensive truck is $155,000. So, go and get this glamorous truck from the market.


6. Scania R730 V8 

most expensive truck 6 - Most Expensive Truck Ever Built – The Best Heavy Duty Engines

Probably, Scania R730 V8 is the widely preferred heavy-duty engine. What do you think? Well! The next line will surprise you. This isn’t a truck, it’s the home away from home due to its specially designed interior.

Wow! That’s awesome.

Currently, truck drivers are completely in love with the Scania R730 V8 for its powerful engine. Are you feeling the love too?

Amazingly, the 750 hp engine is the most reliable vehicle capable of moving hundred tons in a day. We like it. In addition, it’s the precious design of a Swedish-origin Europe-based company. Moreover, its heavy-duty largely depends on 8-cylinder engine characteristics that sufficiently facilitate the work of load.

That’s great! Do you think the Scania R730 V8 truck should be your last choice?

5. Mack Titan 

most expensive truck 4 - Most Expensive Truck Ever Built – The Best Heavy Duty Engines

Next up in our list of most expensive trucks emerges the name Mack Titan. Have you ever heard this name before? Yes, it’s too famous. As its name suggests, the Mack Titan truck is a heavy-duty vehicle of Mack Titan. It’s the special design of an American company.

Actually, built for the heaviest burden, the extremely stylish production of the most commonly known Mack Titan.

Are you excited to know its features deeply? See what the next line says?

This Mack Titan is a useful truck to load heavy machinery, logs, mining, and others. Wow, we are impressed. Although it’s available in different versions of 515 hp; 565 hp and 605 hp are regarded best for their ventilation technology.

Oh! We forgot to tell you about the interior of this amazing truck.

Yes, its interior is fully packed with leather to enhance the driver’s comfort. Are you going to get it right now?

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4. Volvo FH16 

most expensive truck 7 - Most Expensive Truck Ever Built – The Best Heavy Duty Engines

Volvo, the luxurious vehicle company, dropped another giant technology truck on the market. Are you happy to hear it? Well! The Volvo FH16 also grabs the 4th rank in our list of most expensive trucks.

You can say it’s our fourth love. Lolxxx…

As discussed earlier, trucks are specifically imported or manufactured for shifting the hundred tons of heavyweight from company to company or dealer to dealer.

We can feel you are getting in love with this Volvo model.

However, it’s been the first choice to have the best vehicle that will not resist their transportation. For this reason, they are ready to buy one of the most expensive trucks which is packed with a power pack heavy engine.

The Volvo FH16 is featuring brand-new technology to accommodate a 750-horsepower engine. So, if you can afford it, you must go for Volvo FH16. What is your decision now? Do you?

3. Kenworth W900 

most expensive truck 2 - Most Expensive Truck Ever Built – The Best Heavy Duty Engines

The next choice in the list of the most expensive truck ever built is the W900 model of Kenworth. Yes, Kenworth is a well-known and famous name.

When you’re on the way to getting the heavy-duty engine, you can blindly trust the Kenworth W900. The worthy truck of $180,000 is best known for its long nose style.

What about the profile?

Traditional style and design undergo the terms of the United States of America. There’s no problem at all to move the heaviest burdens that may impose respect and surprise the people. Yeah, it’s too exciting.


It’s available in a 635 hp engine with a power box. Its long nose is not only a part of traditional design but also impresses the driver with better ventilation.

Last but not least, the deep comfortable leather interior makes drivers fall in love with it. But the point is; what is the reason? Actually, it offers two bunk beds and also room for refrigerators and a television.

Is it cool?

As a result, it attracts a large number of buyers from America. Are you planning to have it in the near future? Yes, in our opinion, you must go for it.

2. Mercedes-Benz Actros 

most expensive truck 5 - Most Expensive Truck Ever Built – The Best Heavy Duty Engines

After owning the first rank in the list of most expensive cars in the world, Mercedes-Benz is ready to clutch the first rank in most expensive trucks.

Who is not aware of Mercedes? Everyone, professional and non-professional, admires Mercedes. But, what about Mercedes-Benz? What makes it different? Why should one get it? We are here to explore these questions.

Keep in mind, after owning the first rank in the list of the most expensive cars in the world, Mercedes-Benz is ready to clutch the first rank in the most expensive trucks.

Hurry! It’s grooming very fast.

But this time, Mercedes-Benz just missed the top rank with a slight edge. Oh! No… Which truck stands higher than this robust, sturdy, and strong Mercedes-Benz? Before the launch of Mack Truck, Mercedes-Benz Actor was known to be the most expensive truck. Okay.

Is there any unique feature in this unit?

Actually, the Mercedes-Benz Actors trigger a new dimension of comfort. Mercedes-Benz has been captivated by people and the is the highest priority of large dealers. Our question is; why? In fact, it has the best, both, interior and exterior. The high-level 625 horsepower engine and the luxurious stylish interior will not disappoint you with the price of $190,000.

Yes, we can get over it. 

Its interior is deluxe enough that no hotel room can be compared with it. Really? This is an honor to be one of the first vehicles which meet the requirement of modern quality, technology, and Euro VI Standards.

Are you going to get it? We recommend you to have this truck. So, you can feel the comfort. Are you ready?

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1. Mack Super-Liner for Malaysia’s Sultan 

most expensive truck 3 - Most Expensive Truck Ever Built – The Best Heavy Duty Engines

We proudly announce that Mack Super-Liner has got the status of rank first on our list. We are always a hardcore lover of Australian engineering as the Wacol headquarters in Australia customized the Volo-owned US-manufactured truck. Where does this idea arise?

The Mack Super-Liner truck was unveiled in King George Square in the city of Brisbane’s CBD on a particular day of 15 October.

Let us show you its external look.

It’s painted in white, blue and red colors. Do you know? It is a special production for the Malaysian Sultan of Johor, Ibrahim Ismail. Its powerful engine can throw a powerboat. What does its price say? The Mack Super-Liner was previously handed over for $481,000, but now this customized US-built truck is sold for a record price. However, the price has been kept secret for this heavy-duty rig.

Are you willing to place this Mack Super-Liner truck at first rank? I think you should place it at the top due to its excellent performance.


Now, you have a list of the most expensive truck ever built with the best heavy duty engines. Many of these trucks have extremely amazing interior and exterior materials but their prices vary according to the production company.

If you love to be famous among friends by having a power packed engine, luxurious interior, and hard quality exterior, you have to burn an extremely high price.

Are you ready to invest big?

Great! Which truck have you decided to purchase? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

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