Most Expensive Diets in the World – Effective Weight Loss Diet

Who doesn’t love eating? Yes, of course. Everyone likes eating. But! wait. The results are never tolerable like obesity. Actually, eating healthy and staying smart with a sound diet plan is very difficult. On the other hand, you can say it is a challenging task. Isn’t it? As a result, there is a need to introduce the most expensive diet in the world. You can consider them an effective weight loss diet.

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When you’re setting out a plan to lose weight you’ll have to keep in mind your budget. Why not?  Even if you have a handsome income but due to some problems you can’t pay for your diet. For example, you have to raise your children and pay for your home. Of course, we can’t ignore it. But there still exists an exception. Do you want to know? Actually, some of the richest people in the world can’t compromise on their diet. Even, they are ready to pay many cash chunks for one of the most expensive diets in the world.

Don’t be amazed.

This is the key reason that insisted we prepare a list of the most expensive diets in the world. We agree that the price is high, but the results are exactly what you dream of. On the other hand, you can say these diets bring you to the expected physic. Well, it’s time to explore the list of expensive weight loss diets. Are you ready? Come with us to the next section of this article.

List of Most Expensive Diets in the World

No doubt, dieting can be cheaper and more expensive. It’s all about you. If you’re ready to go with the diet plan, you shouldn’t have to pay someone to be your trainer to lose weight. Wow, what a fact. But, what is next?  Simply speaking, you have to buy a dieting plan and the food delivery services will ship your controlled diet to your doorstep.

That’s great!

Let’s check out some of the most expensive diets in the world.

Most Expensive Diets in the World
# Company Price
1 Jenny Craig $137.65
2 NutriSystem $113.52
3 Atkins $100.52
4 Weight Watchers $96.64
5 Zone $92.84
6 Ornish $78.74
7 South Beach $78.61

7. South Beach – Weekly Cost: $78.61

south beach diet chicken salad 732x549 thumbnail - Most Expensive Diets in the World - Effective Weight Loss Diet

We are starting off our list of the most expensive diets featuring the South Beach Dieting plan. This dieting plan had roots in Miami and then became a household name in Florida. Do you want to know this plan in depth? Actually, it’s an online version started by cardiologist Arthur Agatston that emphasizes the consumption of good carbs and good fats.

Have you got it?

Actually, the South Beach Diet suggested eating three low-carb meals plus two snacks a day over the first two weeks. Okay. But the question is who recommends this diet? Keep in mind that Dr. Agatston released this diet mainly for cardiac patients after completing research. Yes, patients with heart problems can have this diet without being conscious.

Clap for this plan.

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6. Ornish – Weekly Cost: $78.74

ornish diet review 1614482020 - Most Expensive Diets in the World - Effective Weight Loss Diet

The next plan on our list is Ornish. Do you know its developing roots and what this plan is? Let me tell you. Actually, the Ornish Diet is somewhat popular for being one of the most expensive diets in the world. Dean Ornish M.D. developed this diet plan for those who are suffering from heart disease.

What are the foundations?

Firstly, the Ornish diet was released in Dean Ornish’s book Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease. Really? Later, this turned into a weight-loss program for having a good diet plan. Yes, it should be. We know you are thinking about the composition of the Ornish diet. Actually, it is completely a vegetarian diet that combines low-fat, legumes, healthy, and high-fiber foods. Yes, the protein and fat lack diet makes your body slim and strong at a time. Not only does your digestion become strong due to the fabric content, but also you lose weight with zero weakness.

5. Zone – Weekly Cost: $92.84

zonediet4 - Most Expensive Diets in the World - Effective Weight Loss Diet

Meet with a Zone diet plan that brings a weekly cost of $92.84. You look surprised. If you’re looking for a somewhat affordable diet, the Zone diet is highly preferred as it’s highly useful for weight loss plans. Just use it and you would agree with our point. Actually, the Zone diet mostly consists of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Okay, but what is the ratio of major food components? Keep in mind that the diet delivered home has a meal ratio of 40% carbs, 30% favorable fats, and 30% proteins.

We see! Are you interested in knowing the purpose of this diet?

It was mainly designed to increase energy, lose weight and maintain insulin levels. Keep in the notice that if you have bought the Zone Diet, you must eat three meals per day along with the two Zone protein-powder snacks.

Do you understand?

Okay. In short, a zone diet plan is excellent if you take it the right way. Are you ready to switch your diet to Zone?

4. Weight Watchers – Weekly Cost: $96.64

672735 Noom vs. Weight Watchers Which Is Best for Weight Loss 732x549 Thumbnail 732x549 1 - Most Expensive Diets in the World - Effective Weight Loss Diet

Weight Watchers has been offering a counseling program since the 1960s. Have you had any idea about it before? Let me tell you about it. Jean Nidetch is the founder of Weight Watchers NYSE which is still offering various dieting products to assist in weight loss as one of the most expensive diets in the world.

Do you know?

It’s not only preferred for losing weight but actually famous for maintaining weight as well. That’s too amazing. The Weight Watcher’s goal is to establish age, height, weight, and much more. Have you noticed? Weight Watchers dieting plan is not only concerned about weight loss, but also about weight, height, and many other physical scenarios. In short, you can say this amazing dieting plan is welcome to use for multiple purposes.

Clap for it!

3. Atkins – Weekly Cost: $100.52

atkins diet 101 732x549 thumbnail - Most Expensive Diets in the World - Effective Weight Loss Diet

Next up on our list of most expensive diets is Atkins. Do you know about Atkins before? Okay. Let me tell you about Atkins in a single line. The Atkins Diet is a weight loss, high protein, and carb-counting approach. Yeah, it’s simple to understand. Moving toward the foundations of Atkins, you will be happy to know that the Atkins Diet was founded by Eric C. Westerman, Stephen D. Phinney, and Jeff S Volek. In addition, the diet plan was released in a book titled “The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Looking Great”.

Oh yes, it’s amazing. But what about the Atkins diet composition?

As far as the diet plan Atkins is concerned, it contains the low carbs bar, high fiber, shakes, and healthy fruits which are necessary to complete the Atkins diet plan. Are you getting an idea of how healthy this diet plan is? Yet it provides weight loss too with a stronger body.

Of course, you can say your digestion is going to be stronger due to its high fiber composition.

2. NutriSystem – Weekly Cost: $113.52 gif maker 1 - Most Expensive Diets in the World - Effective Weight Loss Diet

The NutriSystem nutrition program is holding the rank for being the second most expensive diet in the world. O really? We know you are keen to find out what makes it too amazing and expensive. Actually, the NutriSystem program is mainly designed to provide ease and enough convenience.

Do you like it?

Furthermore, the point is, what NutriSystem is providing? Keep in mind that they are running a pre-packed meal program. Exploring it more, you just have to buy the NutriSystem program once from their website and they will ship your diet to your home within a few hours.

Great, we like it. The service is too fast.

In addition, NutriSystem is offering a one-week free diet for purchasing consecutive four weeks of diets. Hurry! We are going to get it. Oh! We forgot to tell you a fact. Focus that the NutriSystem Diet has changed lives including Dan Marino. When are you going to NutriSystem to have it in your diet? Wow! Your weight is going to lose in the near future.

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1. Jenny Craig – Weekly Cost: $137.65

the jenny craig diet weight loss reviews cost foods and more 722x406 1 - Most Expensive Diets in the World - Effective Weight Loss Diet

Appreciate Jenny Craig Diet Program which is on top for being the most expensive diet in the world. You look curious to find out the expense. Yes, the Premiere-priced nutrition program Jenny Craig is throwing their package at the hefty sum of 137 dollars.

Are you ready to afford Jenny Craig for the cost of 137 dollars?

Furthermore, the Jenny Craig program assists the buyers to eat three Jenny Craig meals a day along with a snack pack, vegetables, supplement fruits, and dairy. Okay. Best of all, the Jenny Craig program teaches its clients how to increase their energy levels by doing simple activities. You look excited to find out its results. Well, use this diet and see how you lose weight within a few months with persistent strength of the body.

Final verdict

This article has made it simple to find out the most expensive diets in the world. You know, diet plays a key role in the overall structure of the body. Missing a balanced diet makes you overweight or obese.

As a result,

There is a strong need to find out diets that can keep you healthy and smart at the same time. We are glad you have explored that list. Now, you can pick the one you want. Can you share the diet plan with us that is going to be your priority? What diet plan would you share with your friends? We would be glad if you share your choice with us.

Good luck!

Have ideal physic and stay healthy.

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