When it comes to our pets, there is nothing expensive for pets lovers. Most of us, love to have pets at their homes, but the choice of your pet is totally up to you. Dogs and cats are among those animals that are dominating in the modern world as pets. From a survey, dogs are the most liked pet by boys while the girls interested to have cats.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

While dogs are known for their vast variety there are also dozens of cats breeds, these all have their own unique physical characteristics. With the growth of the cat’s popularity, the demand has also reached the cusp level that makes the price tag of cats hefty. It’s been indicated that most of the beautiful cat’s videos proliferated and has been sharing countless times on the internet which is giving a push to the popularity of the cat as a loyal pet.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World
Serial NoCatsPrice
1Savannah$1,000 – $20,000
2Bengal$1,500 – $5,000
3Maine Coon$950 – $3,500
4Persian$1,800 – $3,000
5Peterbald$1,700 – $3,000
6Russian Blue$500 – $3,000
7Sphynx$900 – $1,900
8British Shorthair$800 – $1,700
9Siberian Forest Cat$1,300 – $1,600
10Scottish Fold$800 – $1,500


No one can deny that the majority of the world’s portion is cat’s lovers so much that they can shell out thousands of dollars for just to get the most expensive cats as pets.

Let’s check out the list of most expensive cats.

10. Scottish Fold – Price: $800 – $1,500

most expensve cats 8 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

While discussing the most expensive cat’s breeds, you can’t skip Scottish Fold as it has a pair of unusual ears. Yes, it has the ear tips that fold all the way forward. Scottish Fold has distinctive hair traits that combine their reputation of unusually loving companions to make the Scottish highly sought pet. It was discovered by William Ross at a farm of Tayside Region of Scotland, Northwest of Dundee in 1961.

9. Siberian Forest Cat – Price: $1,300 – $1,600

most expensve cats 9 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

Ninth Rank is for Siberian Forest Cat. Actually, the Siberian is the home to the variety of domestic cats that are residing for centuries in Russia. If we look back, the Siberian Cats are old breed who displays their dog-like traits. They are very large, fluffy and in charge as well as love to be near to their owners.

8. British Shorthair – Price: $800 – $1,700

most expensve cats 2 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

British Shorthair is the most popular and the most expensive cat breeds that are registered in the United Kingdom. If we believed the Cat Fanciers Association, the British Shorthair is the third most popular cat breed. These handsome mowers have a stable character and known to be very curious, intelligent, affectionate and adaptable. These all are combined to make them perfect for apartment livings.

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7. Sphynx – Price: $900 -$1,900

most expensve cats 10 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

The seventh most expensive cat is Sphynx. Sphynx is also one of the most popular cat breeds. It’s easily distinguishable as it has no hairs, but this most expensive cat breed need special treatment. If you are a sphynx lover and has no problem with her hairs, you also don’t skip to bath daily as Sphynx is carrying the more oily skin which often requires more bathing than others.

6. Russian Blue – Price: $500 – $3,000

most expensve cats 6 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

Next, on our list is Russian Blue cat. If the price is not an issue so far, the Russian Blue cat proves the best pet for you. This cat is known to be very curious and amazingly intelligent but here is another beautiful fact about the Russian Blue cat which attracts a lot.

This cat breed can immediately attract any person for its silvery blue coat and the pair of sparkling green eyes. Russian Blue cats are very sensitive to the mood but loyal towards their masters.

5. Peterbald – Price: $1,700 – $3,000

most expensve cats 5 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

Just like Sphynx, this most expensive cat’s breed has little to no hair, but these are slightly larger in size and more active than the other bald cats. Probably, it’s the hybrid breed of an Oriental Shorthair female World Champion and a Donskoy cat. Peterbald is slim, graceful and more energetic cat breed. Firstly, Peterbald was exported to Europe after 1988.

4. Persian – Price: $1,800 – $3,000

most expensve cats 4 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

The Persian cat is on the fourth rank in our list of most expensive cats. Personally, Persian cat is the sweetest pet for apartment living and will escalate your grace too. There are rumors that Persian cats come from Persia. These suggest that this breed has been around for thousands of years Before Christ. The Persian cats have the luxurious long hairs and open pansy-like face which plays a vital role in driving up the grace. This one is the most identifiable breed that has affectionate nap lovers.

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3. Maine Coon – Price: $950 – $3,500

most expensve cats 3 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

Maine Coon is widely known for its fluffy hair and the most interesting mouse hunting abilities. This is the native feline from New England as well as believed to be the largest and fluffiest breed. If you’re a native of US Northeast region, the Maine Coon will prove sturdiest against the cold and harsh weather. It’s all because of a shaggy coat, fluffy tail, and tufted ears. Maine Coons are famous for their intelligence.

2. Bengal – Price: $1,500 – $5,000

most expensve cats 1 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

Are you looking for something wild, Bengal cats have characteristics like a leopard. Actually, the Bengal Cat is the hybrid form of leopard cat and a domestic cat. Like Leopard cat, it has a high energy level and wild-looking coat while pets like nature due to a domestic cat.

Bengal is an extremely beautiful and attractive breed. After three generations from the original crossing of domestic feline and leopard, this breed usually gained a gentle temperament.

1. Savannah – Price: $1,000- $20,000

most expensve cats 7 - Most Expensive Cats in the World - Valuable Cat Breeds

Our number one – the Savannah Cat, is one of the most popular domestic hybrid cat breed. As far as loyalty is concerned, Savannah compared with dogs due to its loyal nature. Although, this is something even wilder than Bengals as the first generation is around 50% wild, but doesn’t affect its loyalty.