Michael Barrett Net Worth

Michael Barrett’s Net Worth – $10 Million
Full name Michael Barrett
Date of Birth May 28, 1970
Age 52 years old
Birth Place Riverside, California, United States
Nationality American
Work As

Michael Barrett is an American cinematographer.

He is in the limelight due to his work in various outstanding movies as a cinematographer.

The most hit movies loaded with his work include; Bobby, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Ted.

In addition, Michael Barrett’s Net Worth is $10 Million in 2023. 

The random news is that Michael Barrett is getting married to Anna Farris. She has been away for a long time with Barrett. 


His net worth has made him adopt a luxurious lifestyle. In addition, he enjoys fancy cars.

Amazingly, he is the most influential cinematographer in the United States of America.

Early Life, Career, Personal Life, and Awards and Nominations

1. Early life

Born on 28 May 1970, Michael Barrett was a resident of Riverside, California, United States of America.

He has not shared any deep information about his personal life. Yet we know that he attended the University of California-Los Angeles. 

In 1992, he got a Bachelor’s degree from the same university. 


He proceeded with his education at New York City from Columbia University. In 1996, he got a degree of Master of Fine Arts in film.

2. Career

In 1992, Michael met Gabriel Figueroa, a Mexican cinematographer. When he first met with Gabriel, he told about his incredible performance in La Perla, a gift of 1947.

After completing a degree from Columbia University, this famous personality appeared in multiple short movies like; “Face”, “Ticket to Ride”, and “Cookin.” 


He first worked as a cinematographer in 1998. The movie was famous with the title, “Finding North,” a gay-themed movie.

Finally, this movie got a nomination from the International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival for Best Film. 

In fact, this movie was a great hit in his career. After his performance in “Finding North,” he started to get projects in multiple films. 

In addition, 

His other proves of wonderful work include: “Safe Men”, “The Suburbans”, and “The Atlantis Conspiracy.”


his performance in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” is also appreciable. In fact, it was a forensics crime drama series. 

To your amazement, 

This series was the second step that lifted him toward a successful future. This series continued for three years and, finally, ended in late 2015.

At that phase of his career, Michael took part in TV series and movies with an excellent passion. 

Again, he was part of “Ted” in 2012. It was a commercially successful movie. Obviously, his cinematography work attracted a lot of appreciation. 

Following this, 

“Ted 2” was released in 2015 and received a lot of appreciation again. In addition to his work as a cinematographer, he directed the movie “Temple” in 2017.

In the following year, Michael Barrett co-produced “Night Hunter ”. It was a Canadian psychological thriller movie.

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3. Personal life

Michael Barrett got married two times in his life. Natasha Sabrina Sizlo is the first wife of Barrett.

The couple said welcome to their two children. In 2017, he worked with Anna Faris on a project “Overboard”. 

Obviously, it was the time when both got involved with each other and started dating.

As a result, Anna Faris and Michael Barrett appeared as a new couple in September 2017.


In 2019, they engaged officially in a family event. Of course, Allison Janney, his former mom, has exposed their engagement.

Finally, Anna Faris took a step ahead and announced her engagement in the episode of “Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast.”

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4. Awards and nominations

In 2003 and 2004, the American Society of Cinematographers Award nominated Micheal Barrett for his excellent work.

Therefore, we expect that he will be a winner of multiple awards in the near future due to his nicer performance.

Thelistli analysis indicates that Michael Barrett is worth $10 million.

Frequently asked questions 

1- What is the full name of Michael Barrett? 

His full name is Michael Bradley Barrett

2- What is the date of birth of Micheal Barrett? 

Micheal Barrett was born on May 28, 1970. 

3- What is the place of birth of Micheal Barrett? 

The place of birth Micheal Barrett is Riverside, California. 

4- What is the profession of Micheal Barrett? 

Micheal Barrett is a cinematographer by profession. 

5- Name the wife of Micheal Barrett. 

Anna Farris is the second wife of Micheal Barrett and they officially engaged in 2019.

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