Kehlani Net Worth

Net Worth – $6 Million
Full name Kehlani Ashley Parrish
Date of Birth April 24, 1995
Age 27 years old
Birth Place Oakland, California, United States
Nationality American
Work As Singer, Songwriter, Dancer

Belonging to Oakland, Kehlani is a songwriter, singer, and dancer. According to the report of November 2023, kehlani net worth has touched $6 Million

Plus, she got limelight due to her band Poplyfe. 


Her band proudly made placed at position four in the sixth season of ‘America’s Got Talent.

This amazing singer is not only famous but also receives love and appreciation from around the globe.

In addition, she has been nominated for multiple awards. 

Grammy and BET Awards are the expected nominations for Kehlani. 

Wait! Another fact of her life, 

Most loving; Kehlani is also famous on hot social media platforms.

You will be amazed to know that she has 14.3 Million followers on Instagram in October 2022.

Early life, Career, Personal Life, Awards, and Nominations

1. Early life

Kehlani Ashley Parris, known as Kehlani, was born in Oakland, California on 24 April 1995.

A very sad fact, 

She was not from a happy family as both of her parents was not available to pamper her.

Yeah, her mother has to spend time in jail due to abuse and addiction.

While her drug-addicted father passed away. She was just a toddler at that time.

It was a critical time when her aunt adopted her. Seeing more aspects of her life; 

She joined Oakland School for the Arts in her teens. At that spot, she went on to practice ballet and modern dance. Juilliard School trained her as a dancer. 

To her bad luck, 

She got a knee injury and has to quit dancing. Clap for her, as she did not waste her talent and switched to singing.

At a young age, she used to be a crazy listener of R&B, exclusive, and neo-soul music.

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2. Career

She started her career as a key vocalist and member of the band Poplyfe.

She, along with her band, performed in multiple cities until she go for an audition in America’s Got Talent.

Luckily, she made her way to one of the semi-finalists. 

What’s more? 

Kehlani has to say goodbye to her band due to multiple disputes and other reasons.

From 2012 to 2013; the time was not in her favor and she was homeless. 

That’s so sad! 

Therefore, she had to hop from house to house. During that time, she released ANTISUMMERLUV’ on SoundCloud. It was her solo and attracted a lot of appreciation. 

Plus, this success made her go for her first mixtape ‘Cloud 19’. Everyone is witness that this mixtape hold ranked 28 in the‘50 Best Albums of 2014’. 

Apart from it, 

’Till the Morning’ was her very next song in the same year. Amazingly, this song proved to be one of the ‘Emerging Picks of the Week’.

Furthermore, 2015 brought her second mixtape, ‘You Should Be Here. 

Of course, this mixtape made its way to the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

It was the peak of her career. 

Due to her talent, she got a lot of applause from individuals in 2015.

Her success was confirmed when ‘Rolling Stone’ placed her name in ‘Ten New Artists You Need to Know and ‘Fifteen Artists to Watch Out for in 2015’. 

In 2016, she released ‘Wrong’ with the collaboration of singer-songwriter Zayn. For the movie Suicide Squad’, she released the track ‘Gangsta’. 

Do you know? 

This song made its way to the Hot 100 chart at position 41. On Atlantic Records, she released her very first album, ‘SweetSexySavage’.

Yeah, this album made her famous again in 2017. Another gift of 2017 is her song ‘Honey’. 


2019 brought her song ‘Nights Like This’ to put her in limelight again. In addition, she released the album ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’ in 2020.

This was the second album that carries 15 songs. In 2021, she released multiple songs that include; ‘Ur Best Friend’, ‘Beautiful Lies’, ‘Good Thing’, and others. 

Apart from it, 

“Blue Water Road” is the latest album of 2022 that is getting famous day by day.

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3. Personal Life

In 2016, Kehlani was on a date with NBA star Kyrie Irving.

Due to this relationship, the public accused her a lot and she attempted suicide, as a result.

The reason for the behavior was the boyfriend of Kehlani. 

Furthermore, she gave birth to the child of guitarist Javaughn Young-White in 2019.

In the same year, she builds a relationship with rapper YG.

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4. Awards and Nominations

Kehlani has been nominated for multiple awards in different years. The most common include; BET Awards (2020), GLAAD Media Awards (2018), Grammy Awards (2018), iHeartRadio Music Awards (2018), The Queerties (2022), and various others.

According to thelistli study, Kehlani is worth $6 million.

Frequently asked questions 

1- What is the age of Kehlani Ashley Parris in 2022? 

In 2022, Kehlani Ashley Parris is 27 years old. 

2- What is the date of birth of Kehlani Ashley Parris? 

Kehlani was born on Apr 24, 1995. 

3- What is their place of birth Kehlani? 

Oakland, California, USA is the place of birth of Kehlani. 

4- What is the profession of Kehlani Ashley Parris? 

Kehlani Ashley Parris is a singer, songwriter, and dancer by profession. 

5- Name the first child of Kehlani Ashley Parris. 

Kehlani’s first child is a daughter named Adeya.

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