Jessica Biel Net Worth

Jessica Biel Net Worth – $250 Million
Full name Jessica Claire Biel
Date of Birth March 3, 1982
40 years old
Birth Place Ely, Minnesota, United States
Nationality United States
Work As Singer, Producer, Model, and Actress

As an American singer, producer, model, and actress, Jessica Biel net worth is $250 million in 2023.

Do you know?

Justin Timberlake was her husband and this net worth was the combination of these two. 

However, Justin Timberlake’s net worth had a major contribution to it. Yeah, it was about $200 – $230 million. 

First of all, 

She got famous due to her appearance in “7th Heaven” in which she performed the role of Mary Camden. Apart from it, she had other famous roles in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Blade: Trinity,” “The Illusionist,” and “Total Recall.” 

In 2017, she appeared in “The Sinner” which is non-forgettable to the fans.


She was the winner of multiple awards and hit rank #1 in the list of “100 Sexiest Women.”

Early Life, Career, and Personal Life

1. Early Life of Jessica Biel 

Born on 3rd March 1982, Jessica Biel was a resident of Ely, Minnesota. Her complete name was Jessica Claire Biel.


she was the daughter of Kimberly and her mother was a spiritual healer. Plus, Jonathan was her father and was a business consultant and had a job at General Electric. 

What about siblings? 

Justin is her younger brother who owned BARE. In that company, Jessica had a partnership. She spent her early childhood in Texas, Connecticut, Illinois, and Colorado.

Moreover, soccer and gymnastics were the passing of childhood. At the age of 9, she was part of “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Sound of Music.” 

Let’s dig more. 

At the age of 11, she took part in the International Modeling and Talent Association competition.


She got a scholarship from Young Actor’s Space in Los Angeles.


Pringle’s commercial proved to be the start of her non-stop appearance in ads and commercials.

Of course, she got an education. 

For early education, she joined Fairview High School and Le Lycee Francais De Los Angeles. Later, she spent time at Tufts University.


She preferred an acting career over her studies and left the university.

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2. The career of Jessica Biel

In 1994, she was just 14 when she performed as Mary Camden in “It’s a Digital World,” a short film.

The show had a good span from 1996 to 2006. But, Jessica Biel left the show in 2003. 

In 1997, she made her debut in “Ulee’s Gold.” In this movie, she played the role of granddaughter Peter Fonda. 

The very next year, she was part of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” In 2000, she had a photo shoot for “Gear,” However, the producer of “7th Heaven” sued the magazine. 

Her next journey, 

Later, she participated in “Summer Catch” and “The Rules of Attraction” in 2001 and 2002, respectively.

In the very next year, she worked for “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and earned a big sum of $107 million. 

Her role as a vampire in “Blade: Trinity” is never forgettable and made $150 million worldwide. 


2005 brought her to three different movies that include, “London,” “Stealth,” and “Elizabethtown.”

In 2006, she worked with Paul Giamatti and Edward Norton for “The Illusionist.” Next, she participated in multiple projects including, “Home of the Brave” (2006), “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,” “Easy Virtue,” “Valentine’s Day,”, and “New Year’s Eve.” 

In 2012, she completed multiple projects including, “The Tall Man,” “Hitchcock,” “Total Recall,” and “Playing for Keeps.” 

2017, she worked as Cora Tannetti in “The Sinner.” In this show, her appearance was limited to the first season. Later, she offered her services as a producer. 

That’s not all,

She has contributed to a lot of animated projects including, “Planet 51,” “Johnny Bravo,” “Family Guy,”, and “BoJack Horseman.”

Plus, she appeared in two music videos that are never forgettable these include, “Fly Away from Here” and “Man of the Woods.”

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3. Personal Life of Jessica Biel 

From 1998 to 2001, she remained involved with Adam LaVorgna, her co-star in “7th Heaven” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

After the breakup, she had episodes of a relationship with Chris Evans for six years. Later, she met Justin Timberlake in 2007 at a party.

After their engagement in 2011, they officially married in 2012. 

In the next year, they welcomed their first child, Silas. 

Another fact of her life, 

She is too passionate about charitable acts and developed the Make the Difference Network in 2007.

As a result, in the previous year, she arranged money for Molly Bloom’s medical bills. 

Next, she diverted her attention to the global water crisis in 2010. No one knows but she has supported WomanCare Global, charity: water, and other organizations. 

Jessica Biel’s net worth is $250 million, according to thelistli.

Frequently asked questions 

1- What company does Jessica Biel own? 

Jessica Biel was the co-founder of KinderFarms. 

2- How is Jessica Biel rich? 

Jessica Biel is rich due to her unforgettable service in Illusionist and Total Recall as these have done huge business. 

3- Why is Jessica Biel so famous? 

Mary Camden is famous due to her role of Mary Camden in the TV series 7th Heaven.

4- Who has more money, Jessica Biel or Justin Timberlake? 

The combined net worth of this couple is $250 million in 2023. Justin Timberlake contributes a major share of $200 to $230 million. Therefore, it means the net worth of Jessica Biel alone is $20 to $50 million.

5- Did Jessica Biel leave Justin? 

No, Jessica Biel did not leave Justin. Alternatively, they got separated with mutual understanding.

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