No wonder how much injuries, the top fantasy running back are always ready to beat the rivals. This would be the reason fantasy football league becomes more important than ever. For those who just joined the venture, running back is a position in American and Canadian football. A running back (RB) is the member of the offensive backfield. However, His primary role is to receive handoffs from the quarterback, catch passes to the backfield and to block the offensive.

List of Best Running Backs in the NFL 2021

There is nothing more important than National Football League drafts for running backs. NFL draft picks up different top fantasy football players on the basis of their previous gaming passion, strategy and the most important one the record. Every fantasy football lover already knows the top three positions are reserved for legends that are David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, and LeSean McCoy. No doubt, they are the best running back players in the fantasy league. As you know draft ranking is going to change much time but it gains momentum soon.

However, we have listed down some of the top fantasy running backs those will make you drool in the ground. Additionally, this ranking is based on Week 6 draft.[table id=18 /]

1. Jordan Howard

top fantasy running back 4 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewLet me start the list of top fantasy running back with Jordan Howard. He has just entered in the National Football League last year. He played well for Chicago Bears as a running back football player. It’s always been risky to destroy the strong offense, but never know who going to keep his primary job. Jordan Howard should not have to worry about his position as he has a record of 1,313 yards as a rookie. While his 6-foot height and 222 pounds weight is also a plus point.

2. Mark Ingram Jr.

top fantasy running back 9 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewIf your passion is your job, you can run any offense. Mark Ingram Jr. perfectly lies in this category. He is an American football running back who played for New Orients Saints in the National Football League. During his college days in 2009, Mark bagged the first Heisman Trophy ever awarded to an Alabama Crimson Tide player. However, he is quite a good complete back. His single-season rushing record is 1,658 yards that were recognized by All-Americans.

3. Lamar Miller

top fantasy running back 6 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewLamar Miller is on the 8th rank in the list of top fantasy football running backs. Lamar Miller was selected in National Football League draft of 2012 when he played college football for University of Miami. He first enrolled in the draft of the Miami Dolphins. He has the record of 1,749 yards on 217 carries and 22 touches down. Miller has the excellent workload ability which is the perfect mix of stud fantasy back.

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4. Melvin Gordon

top fantasy running back 10 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewAre you looking for one of the top fantasy running backs for a bat, Melvin Gordon will never disappoint you. He is holding the record of becoming the second all-time single-season rusher in FBS history. The grand total of 2,587 yards and 41 yards falling assembled to prove him best. Melvin got a chance to play for Los Angeles Chargers in 2015 National Football League draft.

5. C.J. Anderson

top fantasy running back 1 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewC.J. Anderson has been ranked as 6th in the Week 6 top fantasy running backs ranking. The 22-years old giant running back will never let anyone resist. He played his college football for California but he was signed by Denver Broncos in 2013 NFL draft. Although he missed nine games in last season for a serious knee injury, he is all set to break the bones.

6. Devonta Freeman

top fantasy running back 3 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewNext, up in our list of top fantasy running backs welcomes Devonta Freeman on the 5th rank. It’s the hardest thing to destroy the offense, but there is nothing like that for Devonta Freeman. The 5.8 foot running back has a strong record. Freeman is an American Football running back who played for Atlanta Falcons after he drafted in the fourth round of National Football League in 2014. However, if you’re looking for fully talented running back, he can do all his duty with ease.

7. David Johnson

top fantasy running back 2 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewIf you skip the name of David Johnson from the list of a top fantasy player, you’ll be the biggest foot of the year. David Johnson is the dangerous weapon of Arizona Cardinals. He was picked in the third round of 2015 National Football League draft. Johnson has the average record of 100 yards in every game. He failed to score well in his last seasons but he is still managing different franchises.

8. Le’Veon Bell

top fantasy running back 8 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewLe’Veon Bell is an American football running back player. Le’Veon Bell’s name considered as the top fantasy running backs. About him, he played college football at Michigan State but gets the chance to play for Pittsburgh Steelers after NFL drafts of 2013. Overall, Bell can give a tougher time to his opponent but he is quite inconsistent as he becomes scoreless in seven of twelve games. However, his record is enough to keep him on the top spot.

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9. Leonard Fournette

top fantasy running back 7 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewIn our list of top fantasy running backs, Leonard Fournette has grabbed the second rank. Leonard Fournette is a famous football running back a player who did well in Jacksonville Jaguars. Within no time, he engrossed global attention by his performance. He drafted in Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017 National Football League draft. He has the unbeatable record of 1,953 rushing yard with 22 touchdowns in only the age of 22. Various fantasy football running back expert regarded as the best player in college football.

10. Kareem Hunt

top fantasy running back 5 - Top Fantasy Running Backs - Complete ReviewThe hardship and consistency will drive up your value to sky high. Kareem Hunt is a perfect inspiration. He is an American football running back and now holding the top rank of top fantasy football running backs too. Hunt played for Kansas City Chiefs after success in NFL draft. He is the rightful owner of top rank as he rushed 2,685 yards with 22 touchdowns as a senior and grabs many eyeballs for 2,519 yards with 39 touchdowns as a junior. Hunt has got the three-star rating by expertise.