Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

Do you intend to explore something above the land? That’s very great! Now, you definitely need advanced helicopters in the world. Yes, we know you are searching for the same at the spot.

Isn’t it?

Well! You are going to explore the top 10 advanced helicopters in the world. Are you happy to know about it?

You have heard of private jets and advanced yachts. Right? Now, there arrives a time in the billionaire’s life to change their perspective.

O what’s that?

After building their own islands and purchasing the world’s most expensive cars, it seems to be difficult to get beautiful views of the world in the same way that people are already doing.

Thus, the advanced helicopter trend has landed on the richest buddies.

What is our motto?

Actually, we want to make these people safe from exploring here and there. Therefore, we have found ten modern helicopters for their sake.

Let us tell you, which helicopters fall on our list.

Most Advanced Helicopters in the World

Having a private jet is a symbol of luxury. But the celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Donald Trump are now considering advanced helicopters more convenient and environment-friendly.

Additionally, the helicopter can reach places where bulky jets can’t.

Do you know it before?

Cheers! We have compiled a list of the top 10 advanced helicopters in the world for billionaires.

Let’s check out.

1. Airbus H225 Super Puma

Airbus Helicopters H225 Super Puma Helimer 401 cropped 1 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

Let’s get started with the Airbus H225 Super Puma which is super in range. Don’t forget to appreciate its dual engines that are integrated to handle 24 travelers and two crews.

Amazingly, its engineers have made a strategy to minimize vibration.

Are you excited to know about that technology?

In fact, the main rotor features five blades that introduce an airfoil shape. Yes, the result is reduced vibration.

In addition, the cabin houses a pair of Turbomeca Makila 2A1 turboshaft engines as power sources.

It is too cold around. How does it work?

Actually, the FADEC system combines anti-icing technology for smooth functioning. Plus, you just have to imagine what you want to do and the Airbus H225 Super Puma will perfectly fit all purposes.

All in all,

It’s the crème de la crème helicopter. Though it’s a little bit slower, yet filled with numerous features that are making it one of the most advanced helicopters in the world.

2. Airbus H215 Super Puma

luxurious helicopters 4 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

When you don’t want to compromise on style and performance, the Airbus H215 Super Puma is the brilliant option. Have you an idea about its old name? Well, it’s formerly known as AS332.

Why do we consider it better?

In fact, it reaches a maximum speed of 252 km/hour and has a wide range of 841 km. Are you impressed with this range and speed?

Plus, you should appreciate its digital autopilot, which is a 4-axis dual duplex.


One of the most interesting technology is the glass cockpit. With a user-friendly interface, it offers a real-time power margin display. You look curious to find out the service of this cockpit.

Keep in the notice, that stability and precision are the key functionalities of this cockpit. Moreover, the same feature ensures optimized crew overload, safety, and efficiency against harsh conditions.

We are impressed!

When measuring its luxury, the helicopter has a lot of space and the amenities like a bathroom, kitchen, lounge, and much in-flight entertainment to make your ride more lavish.

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3. Airbus H155

luxurious helicopters 3 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

For those who are not enough rich, Airbus H155 is an affordable option. Although Airbus H155 is fully packed with countless amenities, this 10 million dollar helicopter will cost you a budgeted ride.

Wow! It’s good to go.

Be thankful for its modern rotor technology that is specialized to neutralize vibration. Plus, the passengers encounter the least sound which ensures a comfortable ride.

Actually, Spheriflex® main rotor is present behind this strategy.

The advancement integrated at the rear…

The covered Fenestron® tail rotor ensures reduced maintenance and sound. In other words, you can say this rear rotor is here to provide safety and yaw control.

Collectively, it has world-class features with a seating arrangement for almost 8 to 12 passengers other than 2 pilots.

Oh! I forgot to tell you what speed says.

As far as the speed is concerned, the Airbus H155 can reach a maximum of 324 km/hour. Plus, it has a maximum range of 857 km.

4. Eurocopter EC145

173989 10251834 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

Next on our list of advanced helicopters in the world features the name of Eurocopter EC145. With the maximum number of seating configurations, EC145 is specially designed to maximize comfort.

We see!

Its main rotor has five blades with hingeless construction. Yes, this weightless blade is here to provide smoothness and comfort during the flight. Best of all, the stress on the crew reduces with improved overall efficiency.

The engineers of Eurocopter EC145 have integrated this innovation in the rotor blade for enhanced maintenance and availability rate.


Get ready to land in limited space with this advanced helicopter. This has become possible with reduced dimension when the rotor turns.

It’s specialized to make your flight more pleasant with its spacious and quiet cabin. Amazingly, it is fully insulated to dampen vibrations.

What’s more?

The other amenities include the interactive map, 30 hours continuous music player, air conditioner, BluRay Player, XM Satellite, and a 10.2 inch LCD that will never make you feel bored on even a long ride.

5. Eurocopter EC135

luxurious helicopters 7 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

Here we have the world-class engineering giant helicopter. It’s not only the most luxurious but also the ever-stylish iconic helicopter for its beauty.

To your surprise,

This helicopter comes with advanced sideways air intake and a weightless rotor for a smooth flight. With an extra payload, it offers outstanding performance. Plus, FADEC equipped engine is here to play its role.

This turboshaft powerplant offers great performance and power sinks.


You can land it in hot conditions. Eurocopter EC135 is the designer version of luxurious helicopters that are assembled with the collaboration of Hermes fabrics, leather, and soft and stylish leather work to maximize its demand.

Even the exterior will make you drool with its aesthetic beauty. Overall, it is the exclusive version of unmatched style in the Eurocopter’s line-up

6. AgustaWestland AW609

luxurious helicopters 2 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

AgustaWestland AW609 ranked 5 on our list. Impressive! It may be the most attractive and the most distinguished helicopter over here.

It’s highly notable for its engineering as it can take off and land vertically with ease.

In addition,

A couple of Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67A engine work as the main power source. Each part of this pair is specialized to run a triple-blade proprietor.

Placed load-bearing pylon at the end of the wing, these engines ensure multiple positions of the promoters.

Okay! But what to say about speed?

When it comes to the speed of this luxury helicopter, it can fly two times faster than the other chopper. Seriously? It can reach a maximum speed of 316 km/hour.

The interior features VIP level comfort and it comes with fully customizable options.

7. AgustaWestland AW101

maxresdefault - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

At 4th on the line, AgustaWestland AW101 looks more like an army helicopter than a luxurious one. It’s the premier executive luxury helicopter that can accommodate over 24 passengers who can even walk in it.

What about advancement?

The cockpit is advanced that features dual flight control. The dual control is of course for pilot and co-pilot. Stop!

Keep in mind, that despite having dual control, only a solo pilot can fly it.

Have you got it?

Avionics system features in this helicopter offer multiple specifications for advancement. With a power of 1491 kW, it is equipped with triple General Electric CT7-6 turboshaft engines. Associated with each engine, three tanks can hold 3,222l of fuel.


You can transfer an extra tank that results in an enhanced range. Moreover, AgustaWestland AW101 is completely resilient to the external environment. Actually, it is specially manufactured keeping in mind the highly technological safety standards.

8. Bell 525

luxurious helicopters 6 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

Engineered with aerodynamic technology, this advanced helicopter has been designed for excellent speed and performance. Plus, designed with metal, the main and tail rotor has five and four blades, respectively.

It comes with LED tail boom technology that ensures hover performance.

What is the secret?

Actually, the tail boom offers an extra 88hp to the key rotors. Apart from anti-icing technology, this amazing helicopter has bird strike-tolerant and airfoil-designed blades for advanced performance.

We are proud to tell you additional information.

Bell 525 is the 3rd most luxurious and advanced helicopter in the world. It’s the part of the medium luxury helicopter which is more commonly known as Relentless.

Bell 525 has a generous amount of space and features tens of routine life amenities while the exterior is super distinctive.

Apart from it, this helicopter can take off carrying 20 passengers in it.

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9. Sikorsky S-92 Executive

luxurious helicopters 10 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

For those who live like a president, Sikorsky S-92 Executive is the roomier luxury helicopter. This multipurpose helicopter comes with an aluminum airframe plus composite components.

A pair of GE CT7-8A turboshaft engines step forward to provide power.

Why do we choose it?

Actually, the main rotor blade is not only wider but also offers an extended radius. Yes, the main rotor has four blades.

Moreover, the vibration sensors get active with the vibration control system. Don’t forget to clap for force generators that ensure enhanced comfort and reduced acoustic level.

What about the capacity?

With a maximum of 10 passenger seats, it has a well-planned closet space, a gallery, and a relatively quiet cabin for the custom job.

Apart from this, it has a built-in advanced monitoring system, satellite phones, and exterior armor. It has great safety features along with luxury amenities.

10. Sikorsky S-76C++

luxurious helicopters 9 - Top 10 Advanced Helicopters in the World

Sikorsky is the most advanced helicopter in the world. Despite its advancement, the owner should have to compromise on style.

It features a line audio system, satellite phones, and snack cabinets along with two turboshaft engines and luxurious seating configurations.

What about rotors?

Designed with a typical configuration, this helicopter has four blades in the main rotor and an anti-torque rotor.


A turboshaft engine is active to offer the necessary power. Yes, these engines are present above the cabin and fixed for passengers.

Overall, it is good to go and one of the most advanced rotors in the world.

Final words

At this point of discussion, you clearly know about the list of the most advanced helicopter in the world.


Finding the latest helicopter is not difficult to find yet confusing. Therefore, we can bet, you are feeling love for this site right now.

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Well! We are getting curious about your choice. Which helicopter are you going to purchase? What are your feelings? Are you feeling excited like us to ride in the most advanced helicopter in the world?

Don’t forget to tell us your choice.

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