Wondering for the scariest horror movies? There are several notable flicks that feature breathtaking scenes. From sprinting zombies to psycho dwarf and the lumbering knifeman to Satan child, there is nothing more blood-pumping than suddenly getting a ghost at your screens. The story either surrounds the unfortunate group of victims or the bloody monsters, we have listed down the 15 scariest horror movies of all the time.

15 The Witch

We are starting off our list of scariest horror movies of all time with “The Witch: A New England Folktale”. It’ the supernatural horror movie was written and directed by Robert Eggers. The story revolves around the Puritan family allegedly encountered the evil forces in the woods. The place is beyond their New England’s Farm. The film has grossed 10 times more than its budget of $4 million.

14 Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is the most famous American found-footage scariest movie. The movie revolves around a suburban house where a couple continuously disturbed with the nightly demonic presence of something. They put CCTV camera to monitor but it captures the intensifying series of haunting activities.

13 A Nightmare on Elm Street

Scariest ever of the 1980s. A Nightmare on Elm Street plays around the simple idea of nightmares. It actually links the psychology of sleep and death and also features the terrifying visions of old Edward. The plot revolves around a total of 4 teenagers who killed in their dreams and unaware of their cause of death.

12 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Next up on our list of scariest horror movies is “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. It’s an American horror film written and co-produced by Kim Henkel while the directional steering grabs by Tobe Hooper. The whole film plot revolves around the group of friends. They become a victim of the cannibals on their way to the old homestead.

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11 Rosemary’s Baby

The psychological horror venture directed by the Roman Polanski that release in 1968. With the budget of $3.2 million, the pregnant women story grossed as much as $33.4 million box office.

10 The Ring

An offbeat horror thriller declares it the great horror flick that worth watching. It features the disturbing videotape that being passed through hands from town. It constituting a series of strange and haunting images. The movie starts with the watch and the series of warning calls telling them the life countdown of a week.

9 The Blair Witch Project

The fictional story of three students enclosed in a videotape who were hiking in the black hills. It’s the documentary of the local legend whose name disclosed as the “The Blair Witch”. The supernatural flick earns around $248 million worldwide.

8 The Conjuring

When it comes to the scariest horror movies, the American supernatural horror movie “The Conjuring” directed by the James Hen. It’s the first installment of the series that goes viral for its prominent cases of haunting.

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7 It Follows

Next up on the list, It Follows. The American supernatural psychologically horror film released in 2014. The plot revolves around a beautiful teenager girl who first persuaded by the supernatural entity and messes up with the sexual encounter. The film enters the Cannes Film Festival for its scaring scenes and the story.

6 The Babadook

The Babadook is a drama thriller written and directed by Jennifer Kent. The Babadook is about a widow mother who faced the violent death of her loving husband. She also battles against the monster lurking fair.

5 Psycho

If you’re the die-hard fan of the scariest horror movies, the 1960s horror movie should be in your collection of watch-list. It was written by Joseph Stefano while the Alfred Hitchcock holds the directional and production helm. Psycho based on a 1959 Novel “Robert Bloch”. The film encounters the secretary and Marion Crane.

4 The Shining

The horror movies feature a great storyline. The film is about the aspiring writer who is in search to find out a calm place to write in peace. He moves his family to a new home and become caretaker. The Danny in the film faced the horrifying vision and the Jack locks himself in the study.

3 IT

IT is the third one on our list of Scariest Horror movies. The dramatic horror thriller is the American supernatural horror film of 2017. The Andy Muschietti movie based the novel of the same name written by “Stephen King”. It tells the story of six children who are terrorized.

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2 The Exorcist

Just missed the top rank. The Exorcist is the super hit American horror movie of the 1970s. The movie surely takes you up from the world of possessions and leads to supernatural thriller.  It’s about the 14-years old girl who exhibits the unusual behavior. Her mother took her to the priest to get back the girl by battling against a demonic enemy.

1 Halloween

The archetypal teenage slasher has snatched the first rank on our list of scariest horror movies of all time. The 1978s American movie directed by the John Carpenter produced in a limited budget of $300,000 that grossed $47 million in box office with its only installment.