There is nothing more comfortable than relaxing in an outdoor pool while admiring the stunning cityscape views. The urban trend has switched to the rooftop bars for decades. But when the competition becomes fiercer, some of the luxurious hotels turn the settings to even more dramatic. They set up rooftop pools to offer a breathtaking view amid swimming.

The rooftop pools are mostly found in densely populated cities that have no beach. However, the oceanfront cities like Brazil’s Rio and others have followed the viral trend. Here we have listed down the top 10 rooftop pools in the world.

10 Athens Ledra Hotel

rooftop pools 2 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

We are starting off our list of top 10 rooftop pools with the Athens Ledra Hotel. The hotel has managed to set up a beautiful pool on its top. The pool is surrounded by the chairs and the tables to enjoy the dinner. Unlike many other hotels, the Athens Ledra Hotel has a 360-degree postcard view of Acropolis. However, during summer nights the rooftop is specially illuminated for parties.

9 Molino Stucky Hilton, Venice

rooftop pools 9 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

No wonder, Venice it the most beautiful city in Italy. Although it’s surrounded entirely by water, there are few beaches as well. Going down for the aquatic pleasure to canals is not yet the good option in Venice. The city offers a stunning rooftop pool of Molino Stucky Hilton’s amazing panoramic views.

8 Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

rooftop pools 3 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

The Grand Hotel Central is the most famous hotel for having a rooftop pool. Barcelona allows their guest to swim above the city’s landmarks. The hotel building combines the old charm with the modern design to amaze their guests. There are numerous beautiful beaches but the city has also the world’s greatest rooftop pools.

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7 Thompson Hotel, Toronto

rooftop pools 1 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

Confused about the country’s weather? No doubt, the Canadian weather does not support the rooftop pools, but to fulfill the guest’s demands the Thompson Hotels built a rooftop pool. It has been offering some of the stunning views of the city since 2010. Thompson Hotel managed to amaze their guest with the pool on 16th floor.

6 SoHo House, New York

rooftop pools 10 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

When it comes to rooftop pools, how the city of lights can compromise on the viral urban trend. The SoHo House is the greatest Big Apple’s pioneer. The House is proudly offering the exclusive rooftop pool service for the years in New York. There are several other hotels with the rooftop pools, the most sought-full sight from SoHo House is still reveling it the best.

5 Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong

rooftop pools 7 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

You’ll surely utter “wow!” with the most beautiful view of Victoria Harbour from the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong. Not only one, the Intercontinental Hotel is actually the collection of three rooftop pools on its terrace. All the rooftop pools of the hotels have controlled the cold, warm and hot temperature to provide extreme leisure to their guests.

4 Hotel Fasano, Rio de Janeiro

rooftop pools 5 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

No doubt, Rio de Janeiro has some of the extraordinarily beautiful beaches, but the city has also welcomed the viral trend. The Philippe Starck has designed a stunning rooftop pool on the terrace of Hotel Fasano as an alternative to Ipanema and Copacabana. The hotel has an exclusively awesome natural spot which is attracting a large number of celebrities like P. Diddy and Madonna.

3 Hotel Unique, São Paulo

rooftop pools 6 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

You’ll be speechless with the rooftop pool on Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo. During the summer days, there is no better than the Hotel Unique rooftop pools. The hotel actually spends more on decorating the surroundings of the pool. It looks more like a part of décor than actually relaxing in the water.

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2 Hotel Arts, Barcelona

rooftop pools 4 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

Are you looking for the luxurious rooftop pools? If you’re the Barcelona’s resident or a tourist, Hotel Art is featuring the most beautiful swimming place. Hotel Arts Barcelona has the pool on 44-story tower against a beachfront. Its striking architecture added it to the world’s top 10 rooftop pools in the world. Moreover, it’s very next to the Frank Gehry sculpture.

1 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

rooftop pools 8 - Top 10 Rooftop Pools in the World

The land of beauty has added more to its beauty. Yes, the Marina Bay Sands hotel stands out the stunning 650 feet in the air and the 55-story floor. If you’re on tour to Singapore, you must have to visit Marian Bay Sand that claims the biggest rooftop pool that stands out on three skyscrapers to hold it up in the air. The Marina Bay Sand Hotel put the restriction that only the hotel guest can enjoy the eye-popping scenes of Singapore.