Blogging is actually the best way to Pen down a piece of everyday lives. More than that, it’s one of the legitimate ways to earn handsome cash chunks online. It might be a passion when you take a start as blogging allows someone to express feelings towards any situations. Once you start writing, soon it becomes your addiction. In 1999, Blogging spreads globally like a wildfire and now there is quite a large number of individuals who are getting handsome incomes from it.

List of Richest Bloggers in the World

Thousands of individuals adopt it as their way of life and as their job as well. When it comes to the income factor, it clearly becomes visible that why people are making blogging their profession. Today our intent is to specify some of the big names in the blogging world who are known to be the richest bloggers. Let’s check out the list of top 10 richest bloggers in the world.

10 Collis Ta’eed – Monthly Earning: $120,000

richest bloggers 5 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

Let’s get started with Collis Ta’eed. In the richest bloggers line-up, Collis is standing up at the 9th mark. He isn’t only a blogger, but a successful founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the world’s most famous site Envato. In the rapidly growing digital age, Collis is helping visitors with the blogs on graphic designing. Some part of the site consists the online marketing and WordPress solutions. Collis is efficient to track down developers to adorn the best graphics interface for their sites.

9 Timothy Sykes – Monthly Earning: $150,000

richest bloggers 2 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

Timothy Sykes is the self-made millionaire who turned out his small investment in millions with the penny stocks. Yes, Timothy has grossed millions with the trade of penny stocks at the age of 21. Mostly in his blogs, he discussed how other can do in the right way. Through his blogs, he makes sure his readers to get to know the thorough understanding of the process to get enough profit. One can surely do that, as he has done with his abilities.

8 Pat Flynn – Monthly Earning: $153,000

richest bloggers 10 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

With the monthly income of $153,000 from SmartPassiveIncome, Pat Flynn securing the 8th rank on our list of top 10 richest bloggers in the world. When to learn about earning hefty income steadily, there is none better than Pat Flynn who guides how to make your name in the business world. His blogs are mainly divided into five sections namely better blogging, Email Marketing, Podcasting and Power-Up Podcasting and affiliate marketing.

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7 Vitaly Friedman – Monthly Earning: $190,000

richest bloggers 3 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

No doubt, blogging is the more recognizable term to express your experience and situations in your own way. Vitaly Friedman geared up her blogging career with by taking startup with the Smashing Magazine. His valuable blogs are mainly about web designing and online coding.

6 Joshua Micah Marshall – Monthly Earning: $240,000

richest bloggers 6 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

Here we have a big name from American Journalism. Joshua Micah Marshall is an American Journalist who is greatly known for his blogs about ins-and-outs of American Politics. He is also the blogger and the founder of Talking Points Memo. He is keeping the staggering six-figure net worth. All thanks to his blogs which expose the complexity of the politics to readers in the simplest form.

5 Mario Lavandeira Monthly – Earning: $450,000

richest bloggers 8 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

At 5th, Mario Lavandeira is better known for the Perez Hilton. He started his blogging career in 2002. Soon he initiated the largest gossips with rapidly growing salary.

4 Pete Cashmore – Monthly Earning: $600,000

richest bloggers 7 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

Pete Cashmore is the next featured on our list of top 10 richest bloggers in the world. Pete Cashmore is the perfect live example who started writing a blog as a hobby in 2005 but he instantly gains popularity within a year. Cashmore started Mashable as a small blog. Over the years of hard work, it engrosses the massive media coverage due to several topics on technology, culture, business, and science.

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3 Syed Balkhi – Monthly Earning: $700,000

richest bloggers 1 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

No doubt, the man with wild passion. Syed Balkhi is the Pakistani-American Entrepreneur. He is the founder of WP Beginner, Awesome Motive, List25, and Envira Gallery and many other sites. Syed Balkhi is an award-winning Pakistan young entrepreneur who is getting 8-figure income from his blogging business.

2 Michael Arrington – Monthly Earning: $800,000

richest bloggers 9 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

Michael Arrington is one of the most successful bloggers who is getting millions monthly. Michael is the founder of Tech Crunch which mostly filled with the technology-related latest technology developments. It mainly to help the readers to keep updated with the technological achievement and advancements of the global world.

1 Arianna Huffington – Monthly Earning: $2,330,000

richest bloggers 4 - Top 10 Richest Bloggers in the World 2020

With the monthly earning of $2,330,000, Ariana Huffington has grabbed the crown of our list of 10 richest bloggers. Ariana is the American-Greek Author, businesswoman, and the syndicated columnist. She is the co-founder of The Huffington Post and the editorial chief as well.