Do you want to rate most underrated movies in the world? We see thousands of new movies filmed each year in the world. Most of these movies got serious love from the people and do a wonderful business. As these movies recover billions of dollar in no time. So, it is impossible to keep track of all the movies in the world. This is the reason we always look for a diamond in the rough. We list down all those movies that fairly speak us and make us think, how have I heard of this before?

Most Underrated Movies from the Critics

We have picked up the most underrated movies of all the time in an open thread for our visitors. You can say that these are like hidden gems but in underrated conditions. If you are looking for these gems, then, we have done for you.

Here, we have a list of the top 10 most underrated movies in the world.

1. Goon

Goon was the first pick for our list. The movie tells us the classic undergo story of the misfit. The man lands a spot on a minor league hockey and takes a chance for the glory. As the star cast of the movie includes Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, and many others. The man is a very polite and kind-hearted man. Although it was a beautiful story of a hard-working person not impressed the audience at all and unable to reach its budget as well.

2. A Goofy Movie

People are very fond of animated movies. The movie was an odd choice but it really praised the way film explores the fatherhood. The movie tells us the story of a Goofy who wants to be the part of his son’s life but his teenage son pushing him away and lying to him. Despite, Goofy always try his best to do so. It is pretty easy to see from the Goofy side and tell that Max is not being fair. But being a teenager, everyone understands the importance of independence. Due to this complicated story, it is one of the most underrated movies.

3. Layer Cake

You know the MR. Bond for its action and style. Layer Cake is also a crime drama film which was released in 2004. The story of the movie revolves around a person who is famous with his name XXXX. Daniel Craig played the lead character in the movie. His role was of a cocaine dealer who is in trying to get away from the life of a gangster. His hard get into vain and he sucked himself into the serious conspiracy of drugs.

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4. Brick

Brick is another one of the most underrated movies in our list. It is a 2005 American mystery movie. The lead role in the film was performed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. On the other hand, most of the character of the film are students of high school. It is a story of a teenage sleuth who tried to solve the mystery of his girlfriend’s murder. During this, he sucked into a dangerous world of twists. It is interesting to know that the film also Special Jury Prize in respect to the Originality of the Vision. But still, it is considered one of the most underrated movies in the world.

5. UHF

Do you watch this movie? UHF is an American comedy movie released in 1989. The star cast of the movie includes “Weird Al” Yankovic with many others. It tells the story of a shiftless dreamer who manages a low budget television station. He doesn’t believe because the man got surprising success with the help of his eclectic programming choices. You can say that the man rejuvenates the ailing TV station with his outrageous and wacky sense of humor.

6. Once We Were Warriors

What do you think about this movie? War movies always the struggles of the people. The movie is based on the most-selling novel of the New Zealand author Alan Duff. It tells us the story of a struggling urban Maori family. The family faced many problems including alcoholism, poverty, domestic violence, and many other issues. People don’t respond to this movie very much. So, it is one of the underrated movies in the world.

7. Stranger Than Fiction

It is clear from the name of the movie that it is a fiction based story. This is an American fantasy and comedy-drama movie. The movie includes a star cast of Will Ferrell, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and many others. The movie has done a wonderful job at the box office. The movie tells us the story of a struggling writer who also narrates the life of her main character. He has done this without realizing that the man can hear everything she says. So, he actively trying to avoid death.

8. Pandorum

Pandorum is the first science fiction horror movie in our list. The movie comes with the element of survival adventure and Lovecraftian horror. The movie super failed to impress the audience and proved poor in the box office. The cast of the film includes Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in the lead role. It tells us the story of two astronauts who wake up in spacecraft and they have no idea who they are and how they got there. After that, they realized that they are not alone there. Due to the unimpressive story, it is one of the most underrated movies in the world.

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9. The Rundown

Every person in the world in the real fan of “The Rock”. He has not only performed very well in the ring but also a superstar of the Hollywood Cinema. The Rundown is an action-adventure American film released in 2003. The movie tells us the story of a bounty hunter who goes to Amazon to retrieve the son of a millionaire man. This was the first action movie of the star who fails to impress the audience. Therefore, included in the most underrated movies.

10. The Red Violin

Last but not the least, drama film The Red Violin is the most underrated movie in the world. The cast of the movie includes Carlo Cecchi, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sylvia Chang. The story of the movie spans four and five centuries. Mainly it is a story of a red violin and many owners. The violin was made in the 17th century and came in the hand of the expert in the modern days.

Final Verdict

The cinema in the world is very wide, so it is impossible to cover all the movies. So, in our list, we have tried to cover recent movies. Do you really agree with the list and all movies included as most underrated movies in the world? We hope that you will like this post and found useful material from it. Which one is your choice? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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