Steak – a specially selected meat slice which is succulent a lot to fill your mouth with water. The food lovers are crazy to bite the ready steak at once. The steak may be grilled, broiled or pan-fried, the taste is matchless. Generally, the meat used for the steaks are beef, but it may be fish steaks and pork steaks as well. The most expensive steak is grabbing the attention of foodie persons from all over the world. The specially selected meat, cooked with care, is the main item in every hotel nowadays. To change your daily life routine, you must taste one of the most expensive steaks to get your taste buds watery. The list of the most expensive steak having an unmatchable taste are as below

List for the Most Expensive steak

Price List for the Most Expensive steak
#Steak NameWorth of the steak
07Wagyu Kobe Rib Eye Cheesesteak$100
06Wagyu No Sumibiyaki$139
05Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye$144
04Wagyu Sirloin$169
03Special Kobe Filet$246
02Charbroiled Kobe Filet$258
01A5 Kobe Strip Steak$350

1. Wagyu Kobe Rib Eye Cheesesteak

Most Expensive Steak 7 - Most Expensive Steak for the Foodie Person

In Philadelphia, the Barclay Prime is on the major delights to offer the coming guests. To enhance the taste of the Cheesesteak is topped with truffles, caramelized onions, heirloom shaved tomatoes, and cheese. A homemade brioche roll wraps up the stuff and presented with a glass of Dom Perignon 2000. This is one of the most expensive steaks at the price of $100, but believe me, it makes your night delicious.

2. Wagyu No Sumibiyaki

Most Expensive Steak 5 - Most Expensive Steak for the Foodie Person

At the cost of $139, Zuma restaurant in London offers the most expensive steak in the world. The fine dining atmosphere of the restaurant adds taste to the Japanese Sushi barbecue. The ribeyes are grilled on the charcoal before serving and put on the Citrus based daikon ponzu sauce. The restaurant is neither so famous for spacious night dinners, nor for the birthday parties. But the restaurant claims that one who tastes the steak will love to come here again and again.

3. Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye

Most Expensive Steak 3 - Most Expensive Steak for the Foodie Person

At the Beverly Hills Cut restaurant, the Wagyu is the main highlight of the menu. The restaurant is famous for selecting the best quality meat under the supervision of Chef Wolfgang. Other than the quality the meat is so tender that you can easily tear it into pieces with a knife. According to the Forbes magazine “Beverly Hills Cut restaurant” is the best restaurant that deals in steakhouses.

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4. Wagyu Sirloin

Most Expensive Steak 6 - Most Expensive Steak for the Foodie Person

Besides the sensational and mouthwatering taste of the sirloin steak, the restaurant is remarkable. The Al Muntaha Restaurant in Dubai offers this 10.5 ounce of the steak with complementary items. The restaurant is famous in Dubai that offers European cuisine that is present 700 feet above sea level. The attracting sceneries and the cityscape from the side of windows gives a scenic view of the ocean. The environment around augments the flavor of the dish.

5. Special Kobe Filet

Most Expensive Steak 4 - Most Expensive Steak for the Foodie Person

The special Kobe Filet is a really special steak due to the traditional flavors and customary way of preparing it. The comfort factor is that the females are working on the back end of the hotel. The complimentary items with the steak are salad, salmon, and dessert. You will eat the 5.6-ounce piece of the steak like a wrestler if you are out of the worry of the budget. Before grilling, the filet of the meat is wrapped in Japanese paper that makes the steak different from others. The tradition dates back from the Edo era 200 years ago.

6. Charbroiled Kobe Filet

Most Expensive Steak 2 - Most Expensive Steak for the Foodie Person

Served at the Aragawa restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, Charbroiled Kobe Filet is one the most expensive steak in the world. The presentation of the dish in a simple and humble manner reflects the unique hospitality of the hotel. The chefs add the taste to the meat by adding the mustard and pepper on it. The taste of the steak is just matchless and the ingredients are of high-quality. The price of the delicious meal is quite high but the money does not matter in front of the unmatchable taste.

7. A5 Kobe Strip Steak

Most Expensive Steak 1 - Most Expensive Steak for the Foodie Person

The most expensive steak – A5 Kobe Strip steak is the juiciest and tender meat you eat ever. The meat melts on the tongue of the eater. Regardless of the price of the dollar, you will love to eat the steak again and again. The cows are restricted to graze so that fat in their body does not waste. The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York offers the steak at the price of $350 in Big Apple Style.


The most expensive steak in the world is the best taste changer. Enjoy the steak and make your dull and boring life bit delicious and tasty. The price may fluctuate a little bit. Share your experience with us whenever you taste the steak.