No wonder, human spend a quarter of his life in sleep. A peaceful sleep after a hectic day completely works as the F5 key. So why you want to spend one-fourth of your life on an extravagant bed? That’s why people have been searching a fully-packed comfortable mattress for years to sleep over it. Here is the question. Can you buy better sleep by burning cash? Most expensive mattress manufacturer seems to think so. Each expensive mattress is deeply comfortable in its own way.

However, let’s find out the most expensive mattress in the world, and we’re sure everyone wants to sleep on it. Almost all people will get to know why these mattresses are so expensive. This all will be clear by exploring one of hundred aspects.

Comfort and Durability

Comfort and durability can be attained by deploying the best quality. And the best quality starts with the integrity of the material we have chosen for mattress construction. The practice of high thread-count cotton yield a stronger fabric. The outcome of high thread-count cotton not only extremely soft but exceptionally durable as well.

As far as the sky-high prices are concerned, when you spend a bunch of money for an expensive mattress, it’s hoping for the great quality. Great quality doesn’t only mean the stylish design, in fact, a team of Orthopedics and engineers is combined for the creation of such a demanded item. Just check out our list of the most expensive mattress with a hefty price tag that surely makes you go crazy.

Most Expensive Mattress Price List
SNMattress NamePrice
1Floating Bed$160,000
2Hästens- The Vividus$140,000
3Vispring- the Masterpiece Superb$41,375
4Kluft- The Palais Royal$4,000-$4,500

5 Hypnos

most expensive mattress 3 - Best Expensive Mattress in the World

We’re heading off to the journey of the most expensive mattress with Hypnos. Hypnos, the name of reliability, the manufacturer of Hypnos self-proclaimed most comfortable mattress in the world. We don’t well aware of it but Hypnos is the most reliable name in the world of mattresses. It’s the only manufacturer on the planet to have Royal Warrant since 1929. The UK based company guarantees that each mattress is fully hand-made and packed with an only natural material such as cotton, silk, lamb’s wool, and cashmere. You have to pay as much as $15,000 to get a Hypnos quality mattress.

4 Kluft- The Palais Royal

most expensive mattress 4 - Best Expensive Mattress in the World

Sometimes, the most expensive items are just overpriced and lacking the best quality. Though Kluft — the name itself is suggesting the extreme level of the extravagance of its mattresses. Kluft is the 4 U.S patents holder for specialized, unique and innovative designs indeed. Indeed, the company name marked in the line-up of deep comfort, very luxurious and most expensive mattress. Exclusively, the construction of Kluft mattress finished in usually three days and 100 craftsmen. But its brand Palais Royal is the ever comfortable and durable mattress. It consists of more than 10 layers, filled up with 10 pounds cashmere, silk, mohair, and wool especially imported from New Zeeland. Thousands of springs wrapped in a hand-sewn section while two of its layers filled with horsehairs for extreme comfort and to enhance the rest experience.

3 Vispring- the Masterpiece Superb

most expensive mattress 5 - Best Expensive Mattress in the World

From the attention to detail, Vispring derives from number 6 that established on a rocky coast of Plymouth, England since 1901. If this mattress is to create, the creators took over three days to handcraft this bed and then it filled with natural material including wool, horsetail, silk, cashmere, cotton, and alpaca. Each masterpiece price tag may vary according to their choices of material.

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2 Hästens- The Vividus

most expensive mattress 2 - Best Expensive Mattress in the World

With the huge fan following, the Swedish mattress manufacturer vows to hand over the royal and the most expensive mattress. Hästens believed to be the name of reliability as they have been making mattresses for over 160 years. With the introduction of pocket spring, Hästens become the widely known name not only in Sweden but also in North America. The special brand of this Swedish company is Vividus, having construction time is around 300 hours. Yes, the hand-stitched mattress packed with 440 pounds of layered cotton, mohair, wool, and horsehair. Its corners are specially made from layers of flax. However, fully hand-stitched mattress beautifully decorated with a custom gold plaque.


The representatives of the Hästens revealed that once people experience their mattress. The craze towards it become like the addition towards alcohol. No matter what is the heavy price of this mattress, people love to buy this for their homes in multiple amounts. Just like before, the cost may increase or decrease when you compromise on quality.

1 Floating Bed

most expensive mattress 1 - Best Expensive Mattress in the World

Floating bed topped our list of the most expensive mattress. The crown of innovation of Floating bed best suited on the head of Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars. This is the most expensive and most exclusive mattress in the world. Actually, the mattress is not just a bed, it’s more than that. It’s not wrong to say, a beautiful piece of art. The secret behind its comfort and popularity is the magnetic system that makes you feel the sleep in heaven.


That’s all with the list of the most expensive mattress in the world. As the world is continuously adapting the revolutionary changing in the world, so maybe the demand of these mattresses touches the far huge price or maybe down in future. It’s all dependent on the people’s choice. As far as the mattress is the important accessory of your living room and a luxurious living room is the sign of royal personality. Therefore,  keep in mind the list of the most expensive mattress for the better experience.