If money is not the problem, then while selecting the college for the children, parents drill down the list of the most expensive colleges. The main considerations are the academic record of the college, the repute of the institution, the mean distance from the house, the availability of transport and many other factors. For those who are worried to choose the best out of academic institutions can take help from the list of most expensive colleges.

List of Most Expensive Colleges in the World 

The trustworthy and dependable colleges for the supreme education are mostly present in America, thus we have compiled the list of American colleges. The colleges have different criteria to charge the students depending on their policies, therefore, we have added the grand total along with the tuition and boarding fees so that you can choose the one that suits your pocket.

1. Johns Hopkins University

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John Hopkins is probably the first research university in America. They deal in nine different divisions including applied sciences as well as engineering. The different programs are offered for different prices but it mostly ranges between $63,750 as the grand total, $49,210 as tuition fees and $14,540 for the boarding facility. The institute is ranked on 12th position according to BI Rank.

2. University of Chicago

Most Expensive Colleges 6 - Most Expensive Colleges all over the WorldGranting the services since 1890, University of Chicago is the best learning institute in the town. The university aims to produce such students that work for the development programs of the country. To be a part of such determined institution you have to pay $64,965. The sum includes $14,772 for the room and board charges and Tuition fees is $50,193.

3. Sarah Lawrence College

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Sarah Lawrence College was founded in 1926 for the best education on arts in town. The college is located in New York, making its stream towards the river of education. This is the most expensive college charging its students $65, 630 including the $14,596 for the boarding amenities and $51,034 for the tuition fees. The college stood on 6th position on BI rank.

4. New York University

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The University of New York is ranked 4th according to BI rank. The New York University offers its programs for the hefty price of $65,860 including the room and board fees to be $17,580 and the tuition fees is $48,280. Get admission and make your study worthy and valuable.

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5. Columbia University

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Ranked at 5th according to BI ranking, Columbia University is 5th in our list. The university is most expensive in New York, constructed in 1754. The college is known to be the King’s college as the royal celebrity King George II got education from here. The fee structure is though hefty but it should be, to maintain the prestige of the college. To study here, you have to pay $66,383, $53,523 for as the tuition fees and $12,860 as the room and board fees.

6. Harvey Mudd College

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Located in California, Harvey Mudd College is topping the list of most expensive colleges. According to BI Rank, it stands of 1st position. The college offers the courses at the hefty cost of $67,255. The boarding and tuition fees are $50,749 and $16,506 respectively. This is the first choice of the parents if they want to make their child an explorer.