Planning your vacations? No wonder, there is nothing more impressive than traveling to the gorgeous destinations. From the whole of incredibly spectacular countries, choosing the perfect match is quite a daunting process. Many peoples love mountains, but there exist some deserts lovers as well. Thus an influential travel guide Rough Guides has jotted down the list of most beautiful countries in the world.

The list has summed up everything from most beautiful natural wonders to most beautiful buildings and stunning tropical landscapes to icy mountains. These all combine to reveal the list of 12 most beautiful countries in the world.

12 Mexico

most beautiful countries 6 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

We are starting off our list of most beautiful countries with Mexico. When it comes to the beauty of North American Country, it has all the breathtaking sits, amazing views, and rich culture. Actually, Mexico is the home to the world’s great civilizations as the country offers the ancient temples and other sights that worth watching.

11 Slovenia

most beautiful countries 9 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

At the 11th rank, the small but mighty Slovenia holds the ground. Slovenia is the charming, prosperous and welcoming place to travel. The country managed the architecture to add more beauty to it. The lush pine-forested countryside, the hiking mountains, and the amazing winter scenes will surely impress you.

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10 Wales

most beautiful countries 12 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

The Western European Country packs a lot more physical beauties in a small range of land. Wales is famous among most of the readers mainly for its stunning mountains, rugged coastlines, and the lush green valleys. However, the old-fashioned markets in numerous towns and the ancient castles are attracting a large number of tourists.


most beautiful countries 11 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

Next up on our list, most beautiful countries feature the United States of America. The USA is an enormous country where it’s impossible to cover all the beautiful places. It has almost all from naked beaches to breathtaking icy mountains and small beautiful towns to modern days most amazing architectural buildings.

8 Iceland

most beautiful countries 3 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

Volcano, black beaches, hot springs, blue lagoon and the mountains combined with the name of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Iceland. No doubt, Iceland is surprisingly beautiful. The country is the place where nature plays a supreme role. Aside from nature, the diminutive towns and the modern cities attract the lot more territories.

7 England

most beautiful countries 2 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

Well, England is the most beautiful country to visit and explore. Whether you are a tourist or the resident of the UK, the country offers the boundless capacity to excite and surprise. The English countryside is greatly self-decorated and the modesty inspires the patriotism. In addition, the charming countryside, the rolling hills, cutting-edge cities, and the coastlines merged all the beauties inside England.

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6 Indonesia

most beautiful countries 4 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

Indonesia ranks at number 6 on the list of most beautiful countries in the world. The country has a large range of natural landscapes is greatly responsible for its rank. However, the Balinese beaches, thousands of islands and the Komodo dragons are the brightest regions of the country.

5 South Africa

most beautiful countries 10 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

Although, it’s the hardest task to measure the comparative beauties of the countries as it can vary person to person. But, for those who love the diverse nature and wildlife, South Africa is incredibly one of the most beautiful countries. The sprawling vineyards, hidden-gem beaches, and wildlife are boosting up the beauty level of the country.

4 Italy

most beautiful countries 5 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

Rich culture, ancient history, and natural beauty. Italy has all the natural beauties to amaze the tourists. Italy is among those countries which receive many accolades for its lovely landscapes and romantic history. It has many regions and all have their own variations in food, language, culture and even lifestyle.

3 New Zealand

most beautiful countries 7 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

Once New Zeeland ranked at the top rank, but with the few advancements, the top country has snatched the rank. It’s most beautiful rolling green hills, majestic fjords, breathtaking mountains, and the diverse landscapes are engrossing enough enthusiasts.

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2 Canada

most beautiful countries 1 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

Canada has just missed the first place with a slight edge. The second most beautiful country in the world is the home to beavers, lumberjacks, maple syrup, heavenly waterfalls, the adventures land, cosmopolitan cities and breathtaking sceneries making it one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s believed that the country has majestic landscapes along with the mixture of raw beauties.

1 Scotland

most beautiful countries 8 - Most Beautiful Countries in the World 2019

The rugged hills, craggy castles, deep lochs, white glens, and the lively cities. Scotland is finally the most beautiful country in the world. Undeniably, the country features the ever beautiful beaches and the perfect mixture of past and present. It’s because of the existence of ancient castles that look amazingly beautiful. However, it’s hard to define the complexity of Scotland as the country has a generous dose of romantic blends. Somehow, the country has the most wonderful sights inside.