mark wahlbereg net worth 5 300x188 - Mark Wahlberg Net WorthAlthough most Americans know Mark Wahlberg as an actor. They forgot about the Mark that he is a man of many talents. He was a singer, songwriter and a rapper in 90’s but switched to acting and business. This leads the Mark Wahlberg net worth to around $225 million. Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is famous by his stage name “Marky Mark”. He started with the musical passion that was later transitioned to acting.

Net Worth – $225 Million
FullnameMark Wahlberg
Date of BirthJune 5, 1971
Birth PlaceDorchester, Massachusetts, U.S.
Work AsActor, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Businessman

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Mark Wahlberg Early Life, Music Career, Filmography, Awards and Nominations

Income Source

Marky Mark gets his name for his early career as frontman for the group “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch”. He released several hit music albums and grossed enough revenue. Later his transition to film industry boosts up his wealth. He recorded his highest-ever payday as $68 million. All thanks to his soaring fees for the hit movies “Daddy’s Home 2” and “Transformers: The Last Knight”. These two grosses $5.3 billion on box office.mark wahlbereg net worth 2 - Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

All his incomes are from his acting through which he is getting handsome chunks. He is a businessman too which is also keeping the Mark Wahlberg net worth high.

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Marky mark born in Boston and the youngest of nine children. His parents were divorced in 1982. So, he divided his time between his parents. He has Roman upbringing and not attended high school. That’s the reason he never graduated nor received high school diploma until June 2013.mark wahlbereg net worth 1 - Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

In the age of 13, Mark Wahlberg addicted to cocaine and other substances of drugs. A civil action was filed against him with racial epithets to African-American children while another illegal street violation filed against him at the age of 16. He was charged with the murder-attempt and sentenced to jail for 45 days. However, he continued with the same behavior for some year and then decided to change himself.

Music Career

The erstwhile rapper begins recording with dancers and rappers because of Donnie Wahlberg. Soon, he established a band and start recording. He started earning with his first hit “Good Vibrations” from his debut album “Music for the people”. His second single was “Wildside” that reached the peak of number five in “Billboard Hot Single’s Sales”. His other hit music diaries include “You Gotta Believe”, “Life in the Streets” and few others.

He released his own video game and start appearing in the brand’s advertisements. He appeared in the series of Calvin Klein underwear ads and “Vanity fair” underwear ad.


mark wahlbereg net worth 4 - Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

In 1993, Mark Wahlberg made his acting debut in the television series “Substitute”. He engrossed critic’s attention with “The Basketball Diaries” in 1995 that was produced alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. Later he earns a lot of positive reviews for “Boogie Nights”, “The Perfect Storm”, “Three Kings”, “Four Brothers” and for the remake of “ Planet of the Apes”.

Mark Wahlberg’s other famous movies contain the name of heist film “The Italian Job 4”, crime drama “The Departed”, action-comedy “The Other Guys”, sports drama “The Fighter”, comedy “Ted”, “Pain & Gain”, “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, “Daddy’s Home” and “Transformers: The Last Knight”.

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Awards and Nominations

mark wahlbereg net worth 3 - Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

Wahlberg is severing HBO as executive producer for the comedy-drama “Entourage”. He has received nominations for “Academy Award for Best Actor”, “Hollywood Walk of fame Award” and “Best Producer”.

mark wahlbereg net worth 6 - Mark Wahlberg Net Worth