Not all brands are equal. As with the modern style watches, fancy homes, and cars, the designer has bombarded the unique varieties. Nowadays, everyone has become more personality conscious. Fashion trends have penetrated deeply. Not only are the women, but the men also in the race. Although the brands have become the part of our society, the Richie Rich’s are searching out the luxury menswear brands.

No doubt, the best menswear brands merges the quality fabric, clever craftsmanship, and the blood-rushing aesthetic beauty. Even the luxury brands charge hefty paychecks but they satisfy you with the quality. Here we list down the 12 luxurious menswear brands in the world.

12 Burberry

luxury menswear brands 1 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Let’s get started with the British Luxury Fashion brand, Burberry. The brand is quite famous among men and women for its innovative quality products. The English brand claims to have invented the trench coat trend and still putting off tech-woods to enhance the men fashion. The company is stretching out its franchises in almost all countries. Yet, the brand is throwing its trademark in more than 150 countries.

11 Giorgio Armani

luxury menswear brands 4 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Surely, you all well-aware with the most popular brand “Armani”. As the brand has divided into sub-franchisees, the Giorgio Armani is the trending name in menswear line-up. The finest Italian brand Giorgio Armani is featuring the collection of shoes, clothing and many other fashion items. The most- respected designer is many huge ablaze for top-notch fashion clothing.

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10 Salvatore Ferragamo

luxury menswear brands 10 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Since 1927, the traditional Italian luxury goods company is throwing out great luxurious items. Either the suits or the boots, Salvatore Ferragamo is running a successful company. The luxury menswear brand has specialized in leather goods, shoes, ready-to-wear dresses, and the Swiss timepieces.

9 Prada

luxury menswear brands 9 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Prada is the brand creating the aesthetic luxury menswear brands for over 100 years. The company made debut in 1913 and described as the Italian fashion king that is amazing both men and women with the top-notch fashion clothes. Prada is the renowned name when we talk about travel accessories, ready-wear item clothes, and the perfumes.

8 Louis Vuitton

luxury menswear brands 6 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Next up on our list of luxury menswear brands is Louis Vuitton. The brand symbol is more famous than the brand name. The fashion company established in 1854 that is the darling of the French Luxury Behemoth.

7 Moncler

luxury menswear brands 7 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Mostly the list containing the Italian fashion brands. Here is another Italian apparel manufacturer. The Moncler founded in 1952 and still maintaining the rank in the luxury menswear brands list. The fashion company is widely known for fine clothing ranges and the collection of jackets.

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6 Dolce & Gabbana

luxury menswear brands 2 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Dolce & Gabbana, I think there is no need for introduction. The Italian luxury fashion brand has unleashed the great collection of menswear goods. Despite have no deep roots, the Dolce & Gabbana has taken the world to sky high with fashion line-ups. One can’t overlook the rich fashion company Dolce & Gabbana while choosing out a luxurious fashion accessory.

5 Dsquared2

luxury menswear brands 3 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Have you surprised with the rank. The Dsquared2 is a Canadian fashion company has been revealing eye-catching best menswear collection since 1996. A twin is the best menswear fashion brand. Dan and Dean landed in the fashion industry with bold colors, add-on clothes, and numerous other branded accessories.

4 Thom Browne

luxury menswear brands 11 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Thom Browne is a renowned luxury American Fashion company. The company goes viral with his designer name “Thom Browne”. He founded the company in the late 90s. The New York City-based designer has made debut in the menswear collection and has a rich source of it. The company has released a huge line-up of clothing and shoe accessories.

3 Neil Barrett

luxury menswear brands 8 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Neil Barrett is on the third rank on our list of luxurious menswear brands. When it comes to the best menswear brands, Neil Barrett graces the list with its appearance. The designer Neil has cut his teeth at Gucci and Prada in 90’s before starting up his business. From unique coats to versatile boots, Neil Barrett has showcased almost every men accessory.

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2 Gucci

luxury menswear brands 5 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Here we have the globally known luxury menswear brand. Although, Gucci has worldwide recognition for luxurious quality menswear products and the brand has snatched the first rank. Nowadays the fashion brand is in a challenging environment as it offers the best menswear branded products.

1 Tom Ford

luxury menswear brands 12 - 12 Luxury Menswear Brands in the World -- Royal Suiting

Tom Ford comes up with a huge collection of luxurious ready-to-wear suits, versatile shoes, gorgeous bags, fragrances, and cosmetics. The American actor is good in great precision. Ford has cut the incredibly amazing accessory by pushing out the Diner jackets and tuxedos. The fashion company has groomed the men by adorning him with luxurious suits, pricey shoes, branded watches, and much more fashion items.